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Do you want to know where the ghosts are? See them for yourself? Just as Hans Holzer has shown in his previous bestselling Where the Ghosts Are in this seuel the author takes the incredulous and believers alike on a tour of sites inhabited by spirits that mani

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More Where the Ghosts Are

Fest in a variety of fascinating ways Readers will meet and marvel at ghosts found in sites as diverse as the battlefield in Gettysburg Pennsylvania a sorority house at the University of Charleston in South Carolina the little known resort of Aetna Springs Cal

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Ifornia reportedly inhabited by the spirits of unhappy monks and the house in Washington DC where President Woodrow Wilson once lived Included are photographs and illustrations showing evidence of the existence of many of the spirits encountered in these pages

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    Though the stories are interesting much so if you're inclined to believe in ghosts the writing is horrible I've wasted too much time reading several of Hans Holzer's books and I read this only because one of my kids got it for me knowing I'm curious about the topic The author often cites without giving specific dates strangely hides names of people involved a Mrs S who owns the Winchester House in San Jose CA is obviously Sarah Winchester omits important facts Winchester was said to be haunted by those killed by Winchester firearms her late husband's business and easily accepts as truth phenomena that is widely considered pseudoscience Holzer also often references his past work although his PhD has not been verified Annoyingly photographs are fuzzy black and white I could go on but just skip this book It is a uick read though

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