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N time to watch her in her starring role?This hilarious and heartbreaking new story from the bestselling award winning Jacueline Wilson follows her most popular character through ups and downs laughs and tears Fifteen years on from her first appearance on the page Tracy Beaker is as vibrant and entertaining as ev My favourite from Jacueline Wilson Tracy Beaker was the girl that everyone at that age wanted to be Believing In Faeries popular character through ups and downs laughs and tears Fifteen years on from her first appearance on the Buddho page Tracy Beaker is as vibrant and entertaining as ev My favourite from Jacueline Wilson Tracy Beaker was the girl that everyone at that age wanted to be

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Starring Tracy Beaker

Difficult and sulky enough to play Ebeneezer Scrooge? Well she does have a bit of help on that front from Justine Pain In The Bum Littlewood As Tracy prepares for her big moment Cam is the one helping her learn her lines But all Tracy really wants to know is if her film star mum will make it back from Hollywood i Cheeky Tracy is still up to her usual mischief of getting into trouble but also having fun as she i

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Tracy Beaker is back and she's just desperate for a role in her school play They're performing A Christmas Carol and for one extremely worrying moment the irrepressible Tracy thinks she might not even get to play one of the unnamed street urchins But then she is cast in the main role Can she manage to act grumpy Jacueline Wilson named the Children’s Laureate 2005 – 2007 continues her string of successful c

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    Who else liked readingwatching Tracy Beaker every single day after school? This girlStarring Tracy Beaker is my favourite book in the series It follows Tracy who learns that her school is putting on a Christmas production of A Christmas Carol She is determined to get a part as she wants to show her famous Mum that she can act When she gets the lead role of Scrooge things start to get a little out of control as her behaviour drastically changes I loved the original Dickens classic Tracy was a fun character but I liked the connection to her and Cam the most Towards the end I was a little teary for nostalgic reasons This is fast paced with great illustrations throughout It was lovely to dive back into an old childhood favourite

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    I re read this book recently because I love Jacueline Wilson and I thought I'd re read all of my old books whilst awaiting some new books to arrive Jacueline was my idol and I adored every single one of her books growing up so I knew that I would enjoy thisTracy Beaker is the most famous character in Jacueline Wilson's books She has a movie adaptation a series and even an ongoing spinoff set of series' just from Tracy's story Tracy is loud aggressive and most of all she lives in care She is known for her lies and her stories she tells whenever her mum is mentioned Tracy claims she is an actress and with people like Justine Littlewood around her arch enemy Tracy has to find herself believing in her mums acting career to keep her going Starring Tracy Beaker may be the third novel in the collection of Tracy's life however this book is actually set before the book The Dare Game It was slightly confusing to me but I still went with it as you can read them in any order you like Tracy is still in the care home and she has potential foster mother Cam set up However Tracy still longs and hopes that her mum would adore her and desire for her as much as Tracy does for her mum The book is set at the festive time of Christmas and Tracy is picked to perform in the school play and she is determined that her mum will come to admire her acting skills and whisk her away However like all good Jacueline Wilson books nothing ever goes to plan and Tracy is left on this path of finding herself and rediscovering her true traits before being faced with the heartbreaking truth The characters in this book are the same characters we all love Tracy hasn't changedmuch She is slightly grown up and goes through phases of caring and when the truth hits her she is a lot grown up and understanding She takes it rather then hiding it with a warped imaginative story Cam Jenny Mike Louise Peter and Justine are thoroughly mentioned as they are part of Tracy's growing life and all of them are portrayed beautifully so that you can accept and love each character to your own will There are a few new characters in this book however they are mostly teachers and it begins to highlight how some children are treated in their school life however they are not overly impactive on Tracy's experience in the book apart from one small time Personally the structure of the book was a little bit all over the place for me I like to read books with chapters because I use chapters for bookmarked areas where I put the book down This book did not have chapters Not a massive problem as I still enjoyed the book And of course there could be reasons for Jacueline to have set her book like this It could be Tracy's conscious stream of thought or even a semi journal thing that isn't a diary so it doesn't have to be sectioned off However I like the first person perspective and the whole idea of telling a story as this can be engaging for a younger reader and help them create empathetic feelings towards individual charactersI think Jacueline has managed to successfully highlight the life of a care home living child She has managed to highlight how a child who feels abandoned would act out and how children homes may not be nasty places but they are a haunting memory for children who have lived there Also she successfully touches on the harsh truth of a parent not wanting a child and she does it in such a subtle way that you almost feel towards the character instead of processing the thought of the horrid parent leaving their child behind A really lovely book that I think a younger reader would thoroughly enjoy Although I am not the target audience any I still enjoyed the book

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    Jacueline Wilson named the Children’s Laureate 2005 – 2007 continues her string of successful children’s books by introducing one about a young girl called Tracy Beaker ‘Starring Tracy Beaker’ is not the first book written by Wilson that stars this young character Tracy Beaker has become a popular story book series worldwide and has also become a successful hit TV show Tracy Beaker while still living in the care home for looked after children as she calls it the ‘dumping ground’ decides she wants to take part in the school play Excitingly the school play this term is ‘A Christmas Carol’ Tracy is desperate to get a starring role in the play so that her mum can hopefully come and watch and be proud of her daughter To her amazement Tracy gets the role of Ebenezer Scrooge She is ecstatic All she longs for now is for her mum to be able to come and watch her perform Will she turn up? During rehearsals Tracy gets in to trouble by having an altercation with another student who picks on her for not having a mum at home It now becomes an issue if she will even be allowed to star in the play or not ‘Starring Tracy Beaker’ is a fantastically written children’s book I particularly enjoyed the way that Wilson portrayed this young girl in a way that can relate to other young girls at this age The way this book has been written is as if we were looking through the eyes of this young girl on her journey through life Further I found the nicknames the teachers and the fellow classmates were given humorous one nickname was Justine Dog Breath Snake Tongue Baboon Bottom Littlewood The little addition of hand drawn images also helped it relate to the story as it felt as if I was reading Tracy’s diary and she was doodling on the page as she wrote The way this was done made me care for the little girl and want everything to work out for herThis is definitely one for the girls In particular I would say for the age range of 7 11 For the older students they would understand the little tongue in cheek remarks that are made throughout the story In addition they could pick out the clever use of adjectives and metaphors used throughout and hopefully incorporate them in their own writing As for the younger girls they can start to develop ways of empathising with a character in a story and understand the hardships that face this young character and suggest what they would do if they were in her situationEven when times are hard and you feel you have nobody there is always someone looking out for you be that at home or at school‘Starring Tracy Beaker’ is definitely one for independent reading This story would also benefit PSHE lessons dealing with issues surrounding bullying friendship and working as a team

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    “Cam was still browsing in the fiction her nose in a book her whole expression one of yearning I knew she couldn’t afford all the books she wanted She saids he often spent ten or twenty minutes in the shop reading a book before putting it back reluctantly Once she’d even marked her place with a bus ticket so she could sidle back the next day – and the next and the next and the next – until she’d finished the whole story”SYNOPSISTracy is back and is just the same Wild free argumentative and deeply kind Tracy is battling stardom; having won the lead role in the A Christmas Carol she has to fight to learn her lines maintain her temper and hope above all else that her mum will come through for her this time REVIEWI loved Tracy Beaker as a child and I adore her even as an adult I love that I grew up watching the show and so now when I read it I can imagine the characters as I read I think it’s important to remember when reading these books that us adults aren’t the target audiences so voting them low because you don’t like them as adults isn’t really a true reflection of the book That said I absolutely loved it so it’s five stars for meI think as a child I didn’t really understand the complex emotions that Tracy would be feeling; she’s been abandoned by her mum and dumped in a care home and constantly gets let down by her Honestly my heart just goes out to Tracy whenever I read a book about her; she’s brumming with anger but is also so thoughtful and kind she just buries that deep This was a lovely easy read Dipping back into my childhood nostalgia is always fun and it always makes me happy Watching Tracy being angry with Louise for finding a new best friend hating Justine for having that relationship with her dad and bonding with Cam ♡ is honestly just everything I love the relationship between Tracy and Cam; Tracy so desperately wants to be part of a proper family but is also terrified of being hurt – so she holds Cam at arms length OHH and the relationship between Tracy and Peter is just adorable I LOVE that he is the one to start the petition and he is the one to round everyone up and get them to help Tracy clean Honestly adore it I wish we had of this on the show I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about this story; I want to collect all of the Tracy Beaker books and stack them on my shelf The illustrations in this book are perfect and just perfectly encapsulate the story The story is well paced and for me there was never a dull moment Wilson is amazing at writing books for the children; she introduces important life lessons but not in a patronising way I loved her as a child and I love her now

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    Tracy Beaker books have a tendency to make me cry and this one did it again great book with a lot of heart 3

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    Cheeky Tracy is still up to her usual mischief of getting into trouble but also having fun as she is set to play Scrooge in her schools play With her heart set on her mum coming and seeing her perform she practises with Cam and even goes Christmas shopping for gifts for her mumOnly at school when wound up by Justine she finds herself in a fight and getting axed from the playAs Tracy is so upset we see how she comes with her punishment for misbehaving whilst also finding the error of her ways and setting about doing her punishment which just may get her her dream role back of she works hard enoughWe see how her and Cam spend Christmas and also how they get up to typical winter activities like shopping ice skating and eating lots of yummy foodThis is a fun filled book showing just how Tracy is in school and how she's settled into life with Cam whilst still hoping for her mum to come back too Many foster children would keep up hope especially at Christmas and it's great to see Tracy find a passion in her acting in the play

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    Dame Jacueline Wilson a very deserved title is in my opinion the best contemporary children's writer She writes perfectly in content theme style and accessibility for children from aged 6 to 13 ish of course this varies among children She writes flawlessly for children I could not find a single faultShe is never patronizing and introduces young people to important life issues such as love poverty friendship adolescence separated parents illnesses and so much in a manner that is accessible and completely appropriate for young people Children challenge themselves with their reading skills as the lexis and syntax are by no means 'easy' but are happy to do so as the plots and characters are so engagingA fantastic writer whom I am sure instilled my love of reading and fiction from a young age

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    Very Good Some points were a bit confusing but I would encourage you too read it

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    My favourite from Jacueline Wilson Tracy Beaker was the girl that everyone at that age wanted to befriend She's stubby funny and cute This book is my childhood wrapped up in a bundle of pages

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    Olivia has enjoyed this Tracey Beaker book after discovering the Tv version xx

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