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Imagine you've been invited to a formal dinner party filled with the city's most attractive and available women Now imagine that you've accidentally come dressed as Batman Do you leave the party Do you ask the hostess for a This is the third time I ve read this book all reads this year I don t know there s just something about this book that pulls me back time after time There are many paths that can be taken but then this is a choose your own adventure for adults type book But that wasn t what I was getting at but the part where the individual paths make such satisfying reads on their own terms as if beginning middle end I was reading one book each time I open the book and it s not the same book Most of the beginningsmiddlesends make damn fine books a few surprisingly make damn fine erotic romances while another few make damn fine erotic flings the nature of the story shows that you won t actually end up with that specific individual or you do that s the pathways you chose Last month I read a path that I thought I d already gone down but everything seemed new especially the sex scene I d remembered it as a tease a tease that got interrupted But it wasn t interrupted this time Which is both confusing and vaguely alarming in an am I losing my mind kind of alarming I had just followed the natural flow like I d thought I had before I hadn t taken any detours or moves that would have lead me to some other conclusion but weirdly I found myself on a path that I had thought I d traveled before but hadn t really But that was last month And last month s read would have made a damn fine standalone erotic short story But we are talking about this month well I wasn t but I should beIt s not really a reread if you just go down one path or is it and yes I did go down than one path last month and this month But the path I went down this time the memorable path at least was one I do not believe I traveled down before Which is odd since I thought I d travelled down all paths the first time I read the book is updating the book behind my back or am I in fact going insane This specific path started off the same as all paths in the book do Since all paths start with me in a batman costume it is a choose your own path not a choose sally s path so yes me in a batman costume not some random woman at the entrance to a rich house waiting for my estranged girlfriend And realizing with horror that while it is in fact a fancy dress party fancy dress did not mean as I apparently thought a costume party Or in case others have the similar confusion the party involved formal clothing nice dresses and tuxes while I m there in a rather expensive looking outfit but it s still a Batman costume That s how all the paths start I m caught in the costume I talk with a few people my estranged girlfriend turns up and paths diverge here do I brush off girlfriend and immediately leave or try to explain to her why I m there dressed as Batman or in other words do I leave or do I go into the party dressed as Batman Well on this specific occasion I brushed off the estranged girlfriend in a kind of fit of embarrassment at being caught in a Batman costume and fled Stopped at a fast food place because my stomach s making noises weirdly get only fries and a drink eh whatever Then immediately head across the street to a sex toy shop Still dressed as Batman Because hey why not No choices were allowed me by the way between leaving the party and arriving in the sex toy shop as BatmanI m not going to continue down this path of telling what happened to me no I ll allow others to enjoy or not One of the paths this time led me to diving into a rather riveting romance with someone I lusted for and perhaps loved for many years but she s straight by the way one of the benefits of a choose your own adventure for this specific story line is the part where I ve read this type of story line many times and most of the time it bloody annoys me because I know the two are the designated couple and the I must not make a move three hundred pages go by while both pine for the other but don t say anything suddenly a look a kiss A the words The End NOOOO but here in a choose your own adventure there is not designated couple I don t have to end up or get to or So it added an extra layer An extra insight into the situation that oddly made it seem both real and realistic Because in real life you can pin away for a friend straight or otherwise and never make a move or make a move and have things turn awkward for a little while or make a move and have everything blow up and now you have no friends because oops apparently all of your many friends were actually friends with that other person who is now grossed out or other words similar by you making a fool of yourself real life s a bitch not a romance novel And most of the paths in this book don t find you with the love of your life view spoilermost of the paths find you restarting your relationship with your estranged girlfriend with or without sex with others along the way allowed sex with others hide spoiler

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Nhibitions but at this party you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself And with so many women and no shortage of sex toys you might not ever want to leave It's time to choose your party favor Who will you pickGenre Romance Erotica Choose your own adventure erotica style This was a fun weekend read

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Change of clothes Or are you brave enough to stick it out as a superhero Fortunately every choice you make tonight leads to a different satisfying outcome You might not always be on top and you might have to let go of some i This book is different I ll get saying that out of the way first I ll start off by mentioning that it s written in second person Many people won t even know what that means but I m here to let you know First person is when the narrator tells the story from an I perspective I did this I said that Third person is when the narrator tells you about what he or she did She kissed a girl He sat down Second person is when it s all about you The narrator is telling you that you stood up You left the room You got in your car Trippy huh And I ll admit that it was difficult to adjust to at first I ve barely gotten used to people saying I did stuff and now the narrator is telling me what I did while not being the narrator But there s a reason for this point of view And that is the fact that this book is a throwback to those old choose your own adventure books that were really popular way back when I was a kid Only not popular with me See I tried some of these books back in grade school and I was sorely disappointed with the adventures that I chose I either ended up lost or falling off a cliff to my untimely death And then when I tried to go back and choose a different path I ended up lost or eaten by lions Yeah not a good way to engender adventure Luckily for me this book didn t have any cliffs or lions in it Instead as I made my decisions based on the whims of my mental state at the time I found myself in erotic situation after erotic situation The best part Well the best part other than the erotic situations It was extremely easy for me to go back and make a different choice ending up in a totally new you guessed it erotic situation Actually based on the choices I made in this book I can confidently say that I am either a stud or a player Luckily for me my wife understands that none of this could possibly ever happen to me in real life But it was a lot of fun while it lasted Yes a fun little book with hot sexy vignettes that definitely left me amused and satisfied A clever and interesting read that everyone who likes erotica should take a look at

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    3 12 Stars This is totally different than anything I have read in the erotic lesbian genre Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adve

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    Really cool concept so that gets major points Unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of inserting myself into stories especially if the scenarios wouldn't suit me at all I did a couple storylines though And I was surprised by the view spoilerfisting

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    This is the third time I've read this book all reads this year I don't know there's just something about this book that pulls me back time after time There are many paths that can be taken but then this is a choose your o

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    This book is different I'll get saying that out of the way first I'll start off by mentioning that it's written in second pe

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    An interesting approach but I struggled to put myself in the role of the protagonist Too much physical and personality differences My first path lasted a couple of hours The second and third one hour Because of the characte

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    As a child of the 80’s and a voracious reader I spent a lot of time with my favourite series like The Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High Every so often I’d take a break from them to pick up a Choose Your Own Adventure book intrigued by the idea that there were so many possibilities all in one binding You can imagine my surprise and delight to find a lesbian erotic CYOA style book and even better that I enjoyed

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    This is a uniue book and Jaime Clevenger really makes it work and for that I 'm giving it 5 stars While I have marked it 'finished' I am definitely going to read it again to see what I've missed

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    Great concept you can go back to the book than once and choose to follow a different path every time I think there are at least a dozen possible outcomes so I will be picking up this book again once I have forgotten a little bit of the main story Well written I really enjoyed reading it A very bold choice to write in secon

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    Choose your own adventure erotica style This was a fun weekend read

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    Detailed score 45 but deserves the round upChoose Your Own Adventure books were some of my absolute favourite as a childAnd it turns out they're still my favourites as an adult particularly when combined with sexy time adventuresThis