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Part political thriller part meditation on the nature of desire and betrayal Seven Lies tells the story of Stefan Vogel a young East German whose yearnin Another unreliable Monty Python's Flying Circus: Complete and Annotated . . . All the Bits on the nature Fingerpicking Styles for Guitar of desire and betrayal Seven Lies tells the story Foundations of Security Analysis and Design VII of Stefan Vogel a young East German whose yearnin Another unreliable

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Fantasy come true his past seemingly locked behind the Berlin Wall and a new life of unbounded bliss ahead of him But then his world begins to fall apart I was living in Mu Foundations of Security Analysis and Design VII of unbounded bliss ahead Candidiasis, tu amiga del alma: Nueva información sobre la enfermedad que afecta a muchas personas sin saberlo (Alternativas) of him But then his world begins to fall apart I was living in Mu

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    I found this to be a disappointing read all in all Lasdun writes beautifully but on occasion he has too fine a temperament to sustain the reader's interest for anything longer than a long short story But in my opinion a novel reuires than just endless psychological reflection; it needs at some point the drama of an intensely active life The novel opens with the narrator having a glass of wine thrown in his face at a cocktail party in New York in 2003 or so The novel is about why this happened but given Stefan's past as a dissident poet in the former East Germany it is not too difficult to guess The first revelation is therefore not much of a surprise The problem is that the exact nature of his betrayal is never truly made clear and it is later revealed by someone other than Stefan that everyone else was doing it anyway This lowers the gravity of Stefan's crime such as it was in my opinion There is a second revelation right at the end but for the life of me I could not see how this materially changed the novel's outcome A surprise in order to be one should not only take the reader unawares but change the texture of the novel in some significant way I felt that the second revelation did not do this if everyone was a traitor even those Stefan himself never suspected no one really was Perhaps that is ultimately Lasdun's message do not betray too easily because it may turn out to be unnecessary But I think this message initiated by a merely inconvenient splash of red wine in the face is not enough to sustain a 200 odd page novel

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    A short uncomfortable novel that relates the story of Stefan Vogel who left East Germany with his wife in 1986 to go live in the United States The story starts in 2003 or so then goes back to his childhood up to the time leading up to his departure describing the circumstances that led up to it The characters aren't very likeable not even in a love to hate way throughout I just felt a kind of contemptuous pity They are all unfortunately the products of living under an oppressive regime Still the book had an interesting structure and was uite powerful I think it may be one that would reward rereading and I will definitely look out for Lasdun's other novel The Horned Man

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    Another unreliable narrator but this time one who admits his lies but then how do we know these aren't lies as well Dissident poet in East Germany who never wrote or read anything

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    Stefan Vogel the main character in Lasdun's novel is a vaguely likeable character who drifts through life getting himself into alarming difficulty through no apparent effort of his own In fact when something bad befalls him he dismisses it even as he watches it happen as something unavoidable because in a sense it has already occurredIn this fashion he manages to become a poet or at least a sham poet to drift into the Bohemian scene in the old East Berlin fall in love with someone who appears from the start not to really love him and contrive to elope with her to the West where his life inevitably falls apart Impending disaster is the novel's theme but rather imprecisely expressed so that not only is there a pervading sense of drift in Vogel's life but in the story itself It moves backwards and forwards sometimes confusingly between East and West and between different timeframes and doesn't so much conclude but peter outIf this gives the impression that the novel is not enjoyable that is wrong Lasdun deploys powerful descriptions of people places and moods that pull you along when the story seems to be losing its way Of the various East West novels I've read I found this to be one that captures the tensions that people felt of being pulled in two directions simultaneously very well

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    attracted by the book title i bought it at a second hand bookstore in taiwan i thought the book will be a detective or ethical book but it’s different from what i thought it is uite boring to a point where it left me on a major slump i don’t understand what is the author trying to express from this book

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    Seven Lies is not the easiest book to read While many I'm sure myself occasionally included will trip from time to time over the vocabulary used to write this book I find what makes the book hardest to read it the attitude of the main character whose perspective the story is told from In parts of this book he seems to be just alive not diminishing not improving not happy nor sad just there and in his period of just existing I find myself easily distracted still reading but off in my head somewhere else and I'll be two or three paragraphs ahead before I realize I'm not really reading the book but instead thinking of things I should do today or that I need to get something in particular done at work today And that may not seem uncommon to some but when I read I forget the entire world and everything in it and all that exists is the words written on the pages so for me to be easily distracted while reading is rare with the exception of reading textbooks for classes I'm not in love with Yet despite the struggle to continue to read and focus that comes every so often in this book I find I still enjoyed it This book is what it was meant to be and if written any different would not portray what I feel it was meant to portray I feel this is one of those books that the times you read it the you see understand and are able to take from it I also feel that with multiple reads I will enjoy it and will have to improve my rating of it I recommend this book to people looking for something different If you buy all of your books from the shelves of a book section in a supermarketand there is nothing wrong with that then this is not the book for you If you read nothing but high action and adventure books fantasy or paranormal this book is not for you Now if you enjoy a specific genre of books but still read bits of other things and are open minded to different types of books then I think you should give this book a shot I would love to tell you that if you like book A and B then you should read this book but I have yet to read a book uite like this one

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    Though the cover blurb about knuckle whitening tension of a thriller is overblown Lasdun does confirm a chilling insight repressive regimes often succeed by recruiting their own citizens to do their dirty work for them This was especially true in the former East Germany Instead of crafting startling plot twists the narrator's lie is fairly predictable Lasdun focuses on portraying the pervasive corruption of a society in which even those on the lowest levels have the power to withhold or grant favors not for the sake of currying favor with the State but solely to gratify their own debased appetites His first person narrator describes his life in this world with the acute perception of a Henry James character For example this encounter with a lecherous informant the door man in his apartment building As we walked in silence down the service stairway I had the sense that he was moving there through the same miasma of dimly apprehended horror as I was and as he groped and grappled lugubriously together in the near blackness of the storage room a pair of lobsters in a murky tank he had the weary air of someone undergoing a peculiarly burdensome penance Such observations a mixture of depression and generosity took my breath away At times though Lasdun applies this heightened perception and language to minor incidents that don't warrant them The result at times is a plodding pace that made such a short novel seem longer than it should have been But then again such obsessive recollection fits a narrator compelled to acknowledge his own slow descent into corruption Overall the tone of this novel reminded me of a line from the Talmud For the informer there is no hope A fine literary complement to the movie The Lives of Others

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    I was living in Munich when the old Stasi East German secret police files were opened It was a wrenching experience for many and fought against for many years People went and looked at their files and discovered which of their friends and even family members had informed on them Many others didn't want to know still others watched their lives collapse as it was revealed that they'd been Stasi informers The numbers were staggering and it seemed as if half of the DDR had been carefully watching the other half Seven Lies by James Lasdun takes place first in East Berlin in the seventies and then in New York in the early nineties Stefan Vogel grew up in the family of man rising through the diplomatic service There begin to be whispers that he and his family will be sent to New York Stefan's mother is proud and ambitious and her husband's rise justifies her feeling that they are a cut above everybody else Then a small error derails everything and Stefan's family falls from the higher reaches of the political elite The father grows passive his mother becomes ambitious now for her sons and Stefan now an outcast at school will do what he needs to do to fall in with her vision of him as a poetThe book begins with Stefan's attendance at a party in New York where a young woman approaches him and throws a glass of wine in his face From that moment Stefan is unmoored from his pleasant uiet life in New York state with his wife Inge and forced to come to terms with his childhood and what happened that allowed him and his wife to leave East Germany so many years earlier

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    Deeply unsatisfying as a whole the individual vignettes comprising ' The Life and Lies of Stefan Vogel' were taut and well rendered From the early and mostly inexplicable seediness of the narrating Stefan to a jarring show of author insertion as Stefan becomes still further detached placed again inexplicably into third person mode with his future wife Inge the parts which make up this whole linger resonantly when the book is closedThis is a credit to James Lasdun's considerable chops as a short story writer painting richly vivid portraits with words character insights and in situ environmentsThe book succeeds less as a novel in my opinion where the tying together of numerous disparate elements the psychology root cause behind a treadmill of half truths; a familial balancing act between failure and privilege; the love story of a young pair of émigré dissidents and an art scene y high society thriller with political subtext is essential for any novel to workWith a rushed and contrived seeming ending at least in the Advanced Reader's Edition that I have Seven Lies as a whole didn't work for me at all

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    Not in a horror flick gone wild kind of way rather in a chilling suicky fashion The story is like a particularly horrible yet riveting car crash Something verging on obscene yet radiating a twisted human essenceThere's East Germany post Stalin With all it's recursive layers of surveillanceThere's the protagonist Stefan Vogel So explanatory So lacking intent So very uick to do the unthinkable for reasons warped ly almost understandableThere's Stefan's brother and father and mother Each grabbing control when they can and slinking away when they mustThere's Katje and Kitty and IngeThere's America shining in the distanceAnd of course the glass of wine splashLet's just say it's starts out ending badly and you read on because you have to know why