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    Extremely helpful Content is too the point Illustrations are funny and appropriate for topics I will be making good use of WD40 for my car and looking at websites for airport lounges Highly recommended

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    This is a short little book with lively cartoons on some pages We learn tips for using lemons petroleum jelly and vinegar instead of buying costly products We're told that using half the washing powder or dishwasher powder works as well don't we all do that? My favourite tips include adding a little olive oil to an empty mustard jar and shaking well to produce a tasty salad dressing Also which printer fonts use the least ink I would add that the main problem with printer ink is that the font heads and ink dry up if you don't use them every day which is hugely wasteful and annoying; it's far cheaper to use a laser printer as the toner doesn't go offFreecycling and other sources of cheap or free items are mentioned briefly I'd have gone a lot further in some areas The book could have covered a lot than how to remove stains and the rest of the household items Still everyone will find something to suit them And if you want to give it as a present to somone moving into a flat it'll be welcome If you're a real meanie or impoverished find this book in the library the author still gets a benefit

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Tips for Meanies is an irreverent guide to thrift the perfect present for the Meanies in your life that will euip them with new versatile weapons for their armoury Discover

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Tips for Meanies

The penny pinching potential of everyday miracle products from toothpaste and vinegar to barbecue briuettes Find cunning ways to curb household shopping and energy bills Avo

characters Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Jane Thynne

Id pricey trips to the chemist by channelling the healing powers of cheap and easy home remedies everything Meanies need to keep their household clean green – and very mea