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We are all teachers If you’ve ever walked a colleague through a new program you’re a teacher If you’ve ever coached anyone on how to kick a football you’re a teacher If you’ve ever been a parent enough said The problem however is that very few of us have ever been taught how to teachDrawing on Jared Cooney Horvath’s 15 years of experience conducting brain research at prominent universities teaching students from 10 to 80 years of age and working w Stop Talking Start Influencing is an easy to read educational gui


Stop Talking Start Influencing

Early every day we work to disseminate wisdom to others so why not ensure that wisdom is retained?For every business leader sick of repeating themselves ad nauseam to colleagues and clients for every coach tired of endlessly drilling athletes without seeing meaningful improvement for every entrepreneur who’s had enough of pouring their heart into presentations only to see no lasting impact among the audience it’s time to stop talking and start influencing A well written book on influencing The author backs up his claims

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Ith organisations and schools across 4 continents Stop Talking Start Influencing outlines 12 scientific principles of how people learn The result is a book that shows readers how to impart their knowledge to others in a manner that truly influences them From the challenges of learning through a PowerPoint presentation to the debilitating ‘error alarm’ that can kick in when students make a mistake the common barriers to learning are explained and tackled N We have to understand how people learn Stop Talking Start Influen

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    Stop Talking Start Influencing is an easy to read educational guide for influencing others based on twelve principles of how people learn Whether you are making a presentation writing a speech teaching a course or simply seek to become influential in your everyday life the twelve principles can help you achieve your goal These principles are rooted in neuroscience and are neatly laid out with interesting anecdotes along the way

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    Wow I did not expect this This reminds me of those great pop sci books from the 90s before the genre became a bunch of 300 page books that could have been written in 10 pagesIt feels like each page introduces a new idea and every idea is important and useful For instance I used to think I was weird for not being able to take notes when the teacher was speaking but now I know why it is impossible I feel like I should have been taught these things in grade schoolHonestly I was about ready to give up on this genre but this has reinvigorated me Reminds me of books like The Brain that Changes Itself and Proust was a Neuroscientist Fun and useful

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    Honest and in depth advice for reaching your full potential This advice is presented in easy to follow language that can be broken up and applied in pieces at a time

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    Real damn good practices what it preaches reviews interleaves Doesn’t reuire a prior knowledge of anything really but being a teacher with a working knowledge of CLT beforehand would be useful Great use of visuals uizzes and even the breaking of principles at points to prove others As the back cover blurb says it’s an experience than it is a book Don’t be a contrarian do what the book says and give the activities the time they deserve to illustrate the things it’s setting out to A must read for teachers coaches presenters and leaders across all fields A good teacher regardless of calling or career is an asset to any group or organisation

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    So many insights into human nature and how we can skillfully influence others and ourselves Mostly it's about how we learn Feel like I need to read this again with the intention of incorporating the insights into my daily life this time Highly recommended

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    We have to understand how people learn Stop Talking Start Influencing shares insights on how we can share knowledge in a way that others can truly listen and understand For example its important to know that there is no way to read and listen in the same time So how can we prepare a better powerpoint presentation at work? and how can we become a better story teller? how to overcome stress when delivering a speech?Some of the principles are very useful to me I like how the author rooted these principles in neuroscience and linked to life application

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was the first time I read a book in the field of neuroscience and it did not disappoint It answered so many wonderings that I always pondered about how I learn or why I can’t retain information I loved the practical strategies offered to help improve learnt information stick It is a book I will constantly refer back to in the future

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    I recently read a different book on learning and that one was good but this one was even better It was written in a way that was easy to understand had plenty of great examples and kept you involved in the ideas I will be taking a good deal of ideas from this book and implementing them into my classes for this upcoming school year Highly recommended for all teachers48 out of 5 stars

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    A well written book on influencing The author backs up his claims with science and ends with a section on how to use the information from the perspective of teachers mentors and coaches The information will also be useful for people giving presentations and leaders in the business contextI received a free copy of the book from NetGalley

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    Absolutely loved this book One of the reviews on the back cover says something like “you don’t just read it you experience it” That’s accurate Dr Cooney Horvath takes you through experiences activities and anecdotes that really make you understand these complex principles and they really can impact the way that you teach present or influence