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Eyewitness Eagles Birds of Prey

Get a bird's eye view of the amazing world of raptors from the majestic falcon hawk and eagle to the stealthy owl and the formidable


Niues for stalking catching and killing their uarry  Also discussed is the importance of the protection raptors in todays world ?

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Vulture This fascinating overview examines the development anatomy mating and nesting habits of birds of prey as well as their tech

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    Lots of good information and pictures

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    I know these are made for younger readers but I enjoy them very much Great pictures and layout make them a joy to read I always learn something new from them This volume had a reference to a lost chapter in the Bible in the book of Daniel called Susanna and the Elders Highly recommended

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    I think this book would go well with a field trip to the wild life refuge I will use this in my content area literacy center

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