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Child's perspective The settings vary widely the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan an attempted coup in Venezuela the American Civil War crisis in the Middle East but the effects are largely the same In war no life is ever left untouched In war lives are shattered From the Hardcover editio Lots of different

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Shattered Stories of Children and War

Ines all of war’s implications for young people from those caught in the line of fire to the children of the veterans of wars long pastCritically acclaimed author Jennifer Armstrong brings together 12 powerful voices in young people's literature to explore the realities of war from a War doesn't care

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As bullets ring and bombs are dropped children watch mostly from the sidelines but occasionally in the direct line of fire Unaware of the political issues or power struggles behind the battle all they know are the human emotional conseuences of this thing called war This collection exam I've said it once

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    Name Kim DenikerAPA Citation Armstrong J 2002 Shattered Stories of children and war New York Dell Laurel LeafGenre Short StoriesLiterary Prizes and Awards include Book Links 312004; Publisher’s Weekly 1212002; Booklist 12152001; School Library Journal 112002; Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 512002; Teacher Librarian 412003; Horn Book 512002; Wilson's Junior High School 192010; Wilson's Senior High School 10302003 and 1012011; Kirkus Reviews 1212001; New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age 2004Format PrintSelection Process ALA Book Picks 2003 2003 chose Shattered Stories of children and war as one of the best short story collection books for young adults and is reuired for school curriculum Common Core State Standards provides this title on their list of approved short story collections Follett Library Resources indicate a Grade 5 8 interest levelReview Gr 7 Up 67 Reading Level This is a young adult story collection by twelve different authors whose theme provided twelve different views or scenarios from various wars or military conflicts from the Civil War the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and World War II the Vietnam Conflict the Cold War war with Afghanistan and the conflict of the Contras in Nicaragua which are all truly thought provoking These individual stories share the realistic experiences about how surviving families and children are forever touched by wars cruel hand in some way In the signature story Shattered the delayed effect of Agent Orange on a Vietnam Vet becomes apparent with the birth defects experienced by his emotionally traumatized children and how they deal with this on a personal level In several of the other stories the children themselves are the young inexperienced soldiers in the war without any basis of politics or understanding of why they are even fighting One story shares how a twelve year old girl named Jacket aids in hiding a friend’s older brother Edward in her Dad’s junkyard while dodging the draft in the 1960’s during the Vietnam Conflict Lois Metzger shares the story that occurred during the McCarthy era and the Cold War in which a young boy’s librarian mother is accused of being a communist supporter in her past life She tried to assert her right to privacy by refusing to answer uestions about her past and ends up in jail Another one of the stories shares the viewpoint from an American businessman’s son and his experience while in Caracas Venezuela when there is an attempted coup These stories are in random order with no particular thought given to historical seuence These diverse stories are fictional but come from very real experiences which provide the sense that with hope they can survive no matter the ethnic background Each story has a line of text at the bottom providing factual and statistical information to set the scene and provide insight for the story itself An example of the text on the bottom of the page and that which sets the context for the book states “on any given day twenty or armed conflicts are being fought around the world most in poor countries In the past decade alone because of war two million children were killed six million were seriously injured or permanently disabled and twelve million children were left homeless It is estimated that between eighty and ninety percent of people who die or are injured in conflicts are civilians mostly children and their mothers” The State of the World’s Children 2001 This collection of stories will invoke sadness anger and tears in young readers and is an emotionally difficult book to read while allowing you to see the true reality of war from a child's perspective It supports the idea that during wartime no one is untouched by these brutal experiences while sharing the conseuences and realities of these conflicts across history The book comes with bibliographical references author notes and resources for additional information Recommend Works CitedALA Book Picks 2003 2003 School Library Journal 493 62 70 Farish T 2004 Children of War School Library Journal 501 38 39Roback D Brown J M Britton J Zaleski J 2002 Shattered Book Publishers Weekly 2493 90 Sieruta P D 2002 Shattered Stories of Children and War Horn Book Magazine 783 323 324The state of the world's children 2001 In UNICEF Retrieved March 3 2013 from

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    I've said it once and I'll say it again there are simply just not enough people who care about people people living every day of their lives as a battle for survivalI don't begrudge everyone; there are also some who are just as hopeless on their own But it's the well off society that doesn't even turn on the news station that infuriates meAnyone that can do at least something should do it My family donates regularly to charities because we have the means to Would your thoughts change if it was your backyard that a bomb dropped on?Sorry about the rant but it's these types of books that bring out the anger as well as the tears tooThe stories in my opinion are perfectly arranged It's like an excerpt from their lives Spending a day in their footstepsEach one is as shattering as the next That brother that didn't come home a librarian falsely accused of being a traitor or entire families fleeing their country in terrorI don't think there will ever come any regret from reading this so be sure to pick it from the library for a night readBest words in the whole book by Jennifer Armstrong The juxtaposition of youth and war haunts me They say war isn't an appropriate subject for young people and you know what? I agree But war doesn't care That's why I decided to put this book togetherIndeed never be under the assumption that war will only effect the people it was meant for and the soldiers who are fighting it It has never discriminated based on color religion nationality language or culture Just like Mother Nature will never care for your social status when she sends an earthuake after you

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    I really wanted to like this but the stories were so badly written I had a very hard time getting into any of them because I had no idea what was really going on The writer should have written a little history on the person before each story like how old they werewhere they live and what war was going on

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    A collection of stories involving various different cultures and war time periods Some have potential to spark middle school discussions related to global citizenship and euality Some are too dark and depressing for whole class use For interested students they may enjoy these mature stories that present them with much to ponder about our humanity

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    War doesn't care Man woman or child; innocent or guilty War affects effects everyone and no one comes out better These stories focus on kids and their experiences and at least one of them had me struggling to turn the page My only wish is that each story was longer

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    A diverse collection of short stories about war and the effects and interpretations kids pull from current events of their time period Between what parents think is best for their children's safety and best for their beliefs children are usually in the middle It was a nice solid collection of stories from both the United States and abroad touching on the most widely known or understood I enjoyed the scrolling statistic at the bottom and read it before reading the selection in order to get grounding in the story Nice touch The lives of all of us are stories If enough of these stories are told then perhaps we will begin to see that our lives are the same story The differences are merely in the details Julius Lester

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    I read this for our book club this month I started reading another one and just couldn't handle it This one grabbed me from the first page Each story is about children and how they face an aspect of war Running a long the bottom of each page is a bold line of text connecting the story to a historical fact about the war I always had to shuffle through all the pages to read the fact before I started the story What a clever idea I really enjoyed this book I read a lot of this book while I was waiting for my husband as he was having fun These stories certainly put war in a different perspective and were food for thought I highly recommend it

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    This book wasn't uite what I expected but it was interesting to read Instead of taking the dramatic stance of all the stories having to do with children directly affected by war like having to fight in it themselves or dealing with actual combat a lot of the stories dealt with the indirect effects of war Most of the stories were actually based in the United States which was not what I expected and one story was even based on a mom who was a librarian who was accused of being a Communist in her town The stories were short with facts about children and war written along the bottom of the pages which was a nice little addition

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    Lots of different stories about war told from a variety of perspectives Some of the authors are writing from ideas they got from family that experiences these wars They don't all have happy endings but they do a great job of showing perspective The author wanted to do this book because she says that people avoid talking about war with children but even though they won't talk about it it still affects children in a serious way

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    They are not children any but their recollections are vivid However there is a lot out there to read now and I think this will not be one that sticks out in my mind as poignant as each testimony is Sad to say with this genre that a great many people also have conned the public in this wave of publishing I'm not saying these people havebut one has to be wary of the sources

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