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Ne the spotlight on her bakery not the unsavory scandal swirling around her personal life But that’s practically impossible with a disturbing visit from the shifty character she once believed was her one and only love a group of bodyguards following her every move and a murder victim in her bedroom Now swapping the crime scene I had to laugh conspiratorially as I opened my review copy of this much awaited


Not even Lake Eden’s nosiest residents suspected Hannah Swensen would go from idealistic newlywed to betrayed wife in a matter of weeks But as a deadly mystery unfolds in town the proof is in the pudding   When The Cookie Jar becomes the setting of a star studded TV special about movies filmed in Minnesota Hannah hopes to shi One of the first few cozy mysteries I began reading almost fifteen years ago wa

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In her condo for her mother Delores’s penthouse Hannah and an old flame team up to solve a case that’s messier than an upended chocolate cream pie As suspects emerge and secrets hit close to home Hannah must serve a hefty helping of justice to an unnamed killer prowling around Lake Eden before someone takes a slice out of h If it weren't for the fact that I got this from NetGalley I most likely would n

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    One of the first few cozy mysteries I began reading almost fifteen years ago was the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke For years I adored the series but then I switched to something else to try and experience a wider variety About two years ago I jumped back into its safety and caught up to the latest one that is until Chocolate Cream Pie Murder was published or will be in the coming weeks I won it via NetGalley and had to devour it today How exciting to catch up in Hannah's life especially after the new about Ross If you haven't read the last few books stop reading here If you have it's okay to continueI loved Ross in the beginning I wanted Hannah to choose him I loved Norman than Mike but they'd gotten old after 20 books I needed something fresh and it appeared Hannah did too since she wouldn't accept either's marriage proposal for years It wasn't that she didn't want to get married She did Just couldn't decide who On a whim tho she said yes to Ross And her troubles began For weeks he was a perfect husband Then he disappeared Then it turned out he was already married LOUSE Fluke ruined a perfectly good character I'll have a hard time forgiving her but that's life and it made for good dramaI enjoyed this book We see the aftermath of Ross's craziness We see Hannah's recovery I love revisiting all the characters in these books because I want to live in Lake Eden Minnesota blizzards and all Can I move there please? Okay that might be going a tad far but this book showed signs of getting back to the norm before we took a downward turn in the late teens of the series That said it's not completely good news on all fronts At the sacrifice of family and friends we adore the supporting characters in this book are some newer ones and some we hadn't known too well I miss the old gang but they'll be back soon I'm sureThe mystery was okay It was a weird setup No one died until 80% into the book We knew who would die but along the way the suspects hadn't built up Or so we thought Ultimately I didn't like the structure in this one but I did like the story itself Fluke will always have a fan in me I hope this means Norman gets his chance now as Mike already had a wife I suppose Norman did too but she was murdered Eh what am I saying I can't decide I'm the male version of HannahJust wait til the end I knew the cliffhanger was coming It had to happen Fluke's as bad as me with ending our books in such a manner But I'm pretty certain it will mean something else when we get to the next one I HOPE SO AT LEAST

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    In this 24th addition to the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery books we learn the truth about Ross Barton a central character in the last few novels If you're behind in the series this review will contain spoilersSPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT Hannah Swensen owner of 'The Cookie Jar' bakery in Lake Eden Minnesota devotes most of her time to devising new recipes and baking cookiespastriesan activity that provides a creative outlet and helps her relaxAs Valentines Day approaches Hannah with the help of her sister Michelle and bakery partner Lisa is creating new cookies and cakes to sell on the romantic holidayHannah draws on her family friends and customers to be 'taste testers' for the nouveau sweetswhich are usually accompanied by innumerable cups of strong coffee 😊🍰🍪 Unfortunately Hannah won't have a 'honey' to celebrate Valentines Day with because Ross Barton the man Hannah recently married in front of the whole town vanished soon after they wedHannah's best friends Mike Kingston the copand Norman Rhodes the dentist made it their business to track Ross downHannah now knows where Ross wentand that he's not coming back to herEveryone in Lake Eden is furious at Ross for hurting Hannah and ready to throttle him up if he shows his reviled face in town This creates a problem for the detested cad who left a lot of money and a mysterious key behind Thus Ross has started to call Hannah insisting she get him his money and give him the keyOR ELSEFearful about Hannah's safety Mike organizes a protective detail so that Hannah is never aloneMeanwhile Hannah goes about her business running her bakery; creating new confections; making meals for her friends; bringing goodies to her neighbors; chatting with the townsfolk; helping her mom organize a book launch; cuddling her cat Moishe; watching Moishe play with Cuddles Norman's cat; etc One of the strengths of the series is Hannah's interactions with the people in Lake Eden who've become favorite recurring characters for many readersThe reuisite murder doesn't occur until about 80% into the book and Hannah a dedicated amateur sleuth resolves to find out who did it and whyNeither Hannah nor the police do much investigating however and Hannah solves the crime with a flash of intuition Hannah's inner thoughts when the killer shows up about whether to be confrontational or not are odd and off putting and feel like amateur writing at bestIn my opinion Joanne Fluke REALLY jumped the shark with this novel The author's Hannah Swensen books started out as mysteries with a few recipes thrown in As the series progressed the 'story part' of the novels became smaller and smaller and the 'recipe part' of the novels became larger and largerNow Fluke has finally written what can only be categorized as a COOKBOOKThis novel is approximately fifty percent story and fifty percent recipesand the 'story part' is MOSTLY about discussing preparing and eating baked goods with the occasional savory dish thrown in I'm surprised a publisher would let this book be marketed as a mysteryI was already skeptical about continuing with this series but this is the last straw Unless I decide to open a bakery I'm done with these booksFor me this is a two star story but I'm giving the book three stars because of the enormous effort that went into the recipes In her acknowledgements Fluke thanks the people that helped her with the comestibles as followsA big hug to Trudi Nash for her ability to read a recipe and know how it's going to tasteand for marrying a man who doesn't mind all the time we spend on food talkBig thanks to Kathy Allen for the final testing of Hannah's recipes and coming up with her own recipes like the Frozen Sugared Grapes And thanks to Kathy's family and friends for taste testingThank you to my food stylist Lois Brown for her expertise with the launch parties and the TV baking segmentsBig hugs to all the Hannah fans who share their family recipesI think Fluke needed to spend time on the plot and less time on the foodThanks to Netgalley the author Joanne Fluke and the publisher Kensington for a copy of the bookYou can follow my reviews at Since this is a cookbook IMO I'll give examples of some of the goodies Valentine Whippersnapper Cookies Strawberry Bundt Cake Peach Scones Country Egg Bake Chocolate Mint Cookies Frozen Sugared Grapes You have to be careful with these They have an alcohol kick Cheese and Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms Pink Grapefruit Cake White Chocolate Brownies Pub Soup Chocolate Cream Pie Beery Good Beef Brisket Apricot Coffee Cake Pineapple Walnut Muffins Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls These helped Hannah nab the perp

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    I’ll open with saying that I don’t think this book was as bad as the last few in the series Maybe someone is trying to clean up the mess and listen to readers It seems someone on team Joanne may be listening to us readers because this book has the first iteration of Hannah calling Delores Mom and Mommy instead of Mother In the book even Delores is surprised and blurts our that Hannah hasn’t called her Mom or Mommy for years and she actually THANKS Hannah for calling her Mommy Poor Delores even she hates Hannah and Michelle calling her Mother all of the time Other than that revelation a few things stood out such as the author feeling the need to point out that Hannah was going to watch a movie on her “flat screen television” welcome to modern day Hannah Great job updating that old black and white set Weird scenarios are still happening between Michelle and Hannah with a conversation included about what to make for breakfast wherein Michelle thinks for a moment and them remembers the exact location of a pack of shredded cheese in Hannah’s fridge “I think there’s one on the second shelf right next to the sliced ham” great job Michelle This book is mostly about Ross and I think readers who despised him basically all of us will be happy with the outcome But Ross was meant to have gone to school with Hannah which puts them in the same age range However Ross seems to be an elderly man stuck in a young mans body There’s a point where Hannah remembers that Ross has “velveteen lounge suits with the initials RB on them” what the heck is going on Ross? Oddly specific fact included in the book award this time goes to Hannah Sally and Mike fir conversing about how much alcohol is leftover in beer cheddar soup after cooking Mike can’t have any alcohol while on duty and is sad to miss out on the soup Never fear Hannah and Sally are here to tell him how the soup is made on the stove in a large pot wow so some of the alcohol evaporates Hannah wonders exactly how much of the alcohol evaporates Sally retorts with “twenty two percent of the alcohol is fine in twenty minutes If the soup is heated to one hundred eighty degrees” great job Dr Sally Mike is convinced by her stats and eats the soup He survives Second prize for this goes to Hannah for regaling Norman with the story of why buffalo plaid is called buffalo plaid Norman is captivated Wtf moment of the book award goes to Delores for asking Hannah “Will you have fresh cookies ready for me to taste for breakfast tomorrow morning?” To which Hannah who lets not forget works in a cookie shops that bakes cookies daily replies “Yes we will we always have fresh cookies at The Cookie Jar” that’s great to know Hannah Maybe Delores would have known that by now seeing as how her daughter has owned the cookie shop for years Perhaps once Delores got a stale day old cookie and has been secretly resentful since? Who knows There’s a part where Hannah wakes up in a king sized bed confused because her bed is ueen sized but in other books dear god why do I know this it’s referenced that Hannah’s own bed is a huge king sized monstrosity Even in this book it is referenced that Moishe steals Hannah’s king sized pillow Go figure Guys attention to detail is everything here It can make or break a fun series Once I have to moan about Michelle and Hannah treating each other so formally as sisters It’s so odd that they greet each other daily in the kitchen of Hannah’s condo with “good morning Hannah” and “good morning Michelle” surely if you are the only two in the room no names are needed A nice hey good morning will suffice I’m not sure I’ve ever called my siblings by name in morning greetings My two favorite book moments are as follows Firstly Hannah being amused and wanting to giggle when Mike calls her a “good girl” in the same tone of voice he would praise a dog Now we all know what kind of man Hannah needs in her life right? Clearly a canine trainer Secondly Grandma Knudsen being upset that no one suspects her of the murder and says “What a pity I’d like to think that I might be capable of a bold action like that” You’re right grandma Murder is indeed a bold action Guys this book was fun again even though it was peppered with “recipes” that reuire a Betty Crocker cake mix instead of you know actually baking a cake from scratch Is Hannah just Sandra Lee in disguise?The plot was amusing However there is a disturbing cliff hanger that if true will ruin any future book potential If you read this feel free to pm me how you feel about that cliff hanger

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    I had to laugh conspiratorially as I opened my review copy of this much awaited book and saw at the bottom of the the author's acknowledgements You've been asking for this book and here it isYes I did Yes we did Yeswe ALL did Thank you Joanne I have been reading the Hannah Swensen series since book 1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery came out in 2001 Almost 19 years invested in these characters Lots of recipes and baking Lots of dead peoplecozily murdered of course Culinary cozy mysteries are all over the place nowbut Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swensen series is one of the firstif not THE first Then there wasThe Event A misstep by a main character that threw all of us Hannah fans into chaos What? She did WHAT? With Who? And thenHE did WHAT???? Rabble rabble rabble Get a rope We all wanted to KILL he who shall not be named R The great jerk Every single one of us volunteered to pop in to do it too And not cozily I had to wait for a year to get my hands on this book The minute my review copy downloaded to my IPad I informed my family I was retreating in to my lair I didn't wash the supper dishesI didn't do any of my normal routine I had to read this book Immediately I made hot tea put on my PJs hours earlier than usual and dived into this book I binged the whole thing Finished at 1 am and was incredibly tired this morning when I got up at 530 to a sink full of last night's dishes but completely happy in my choices I have a few mixed emotions about this newest book On one hand I am elated at some of the plot points even though there was no murder or investigation until almost the very end of the book On the other hand I felt the story was very much padded by overly lengthy recipe sections and long discussions of food by the characters BUTafter several books where the writing was to be blunt bad and the plots just not up to Hannah standardsthis book was BETTER No klunky bad dialogue or extreme over telling by characters It seems Hannah is coming back to old times I can handle some obvious padding recipes are an intrinsic part of this series and always have beenso I'm ok with it Plus YUM there are some really good ones this time around because it is obvious that our reviews and constructive criticism were read and taken to heart Editing much better this time I am chuffedMy biggest mixed emotion moment is about the end The last sentence is a bombshell And once again Joanne Fluke has me waiting a year to find out what happens next Well played Joanne Well played Eagerly awaiting the next book Chocolate Cream Pie Murder is the 24th book in the Hannah Swensen series Normally it isn't really necessary to read the series in orderbut this time it's probably a good idea to have read at least the last few books in the series to fully understand the plot This series is a fun light hearted culinary cozy mystery series The plots are lightand recipes are included at the end of most chapters No spurting blood No cursing No graphic sex Definitely cozy After 19 years I am committed to this series I read each book as soon as it comes outand I will until the very last one Andbecause this one was better and I feel that the opinions of reviewers and readers were heard and valuedI'm giving this full stars Is it a literary masterpiece? Noit's a fun cozy mystery that I stayed up half the night reading And I feel this author connects with her readers That deserves a perfect score from me And I'm happily waiting for the next Hannah book I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own

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    There was barely a story in this one It was all recipes or people discussing the recipes On the occasions that there was talk not centered around the recipes it all felt like it came from a sitcom with a laugh track This book was ridiculous I’m finally done with this series The characters aren’t even uirky and cute any; they’re just annoying and predictable

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    What a delightful Valentine’s Day themed cozy mystery read Blizzards and snowplows and all sorts of yummy Valentine’s Day food strawberry cake white chocolate fudge and pink grapefruit glaze with candy hearts I love reading all these delicious recipes And Joanne Fluke puts you right in the thick of snowy Minnesota with its freezing temperatures and icicles and winter storm warnings Hannah is having a big of a rough time since view spoiler Ross who she just married has been discovered to actually be married to someone else I read these all out of order in order to stay seasonal since I love reading a good Valentine’s day book in February so this was a bit of a surprise for me Now Ross that dirt bag is creeping around and up to no good and it’s up to the residents of Lake Eden to protect Hannah hide spoiler

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    Having heard of Joanne Fluke and her Hannah Swanson series I was mighty excited when I got approved for this book My friend and author James J Cudney the fourth took time from his writing to explain the entire series to get me up to date with the story so far With all the details in my brain I stepped up enthusiastically into the pages of the book and I was shockedThe writing though perfect in English did not attract me at all There were a lot of characters all Hannah's friends who were supposed to be warm and friendly yet the warmth did not seep through the pages There was a distance between them maybe it was the formal way of writing I let that go since I had started reading late in the seriesBut it were the dialogues which took my breath away They were so weak that I almost cringed the dialogues told me the scenes instead of showing it to me Nothing unfolded everything was told to me The story dealt with the bigamist husband Ross's reappearance into Hannah's life to get his dirty paws on the money The was a mystery and a murder which occurred at 80% of the book followed by Hannah's investigation and deduction And the book was doneI love animals and recipes in a cozy series But this book overdid it with both Everything felt disjointed in this book Maybe that was the writing style don't know and now don't care tooAs an amateur sleuth Hannah was weak and this would be my first and last Joanne Fluke book I finished it in 1 hour flat as there was nothing which pulled me in

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    If it weren't for the fact that I got this from NetGalley I most likely would not have bought this book I thought the last book about Ross really bit the big one see my review of Banana Cream Pie MurderI see that a lot of people really love this book so while it's not my glass of wine it may be yoursThis book tries to explain in depth why Ross took off shortly after the wedding to Hannah keyword tries And it does sort ofOkay pros and cons of this bookProsIt is a cozy and simple book nothing complicated about it at allIt has cats in itIt has cool Minnesotan phraseology in itIt has great snowy weather in itIt has the usual character's in itIt has food in it a LOT of foodIt shows Ross as a real nutcase InterestingThere is no swearingThere are no exchanges whatsoever of any kinds of body fluids No sex not even kissingThere is an interesting sort of cliff hanger It has a lot of foodrecipes in it and this time not all the foods are cookies or barsConsThe discussions of food can put you in a real food coma literally How the heck do they eat so much and how the heck do they NEVER make a new cookiemuffinbaregg dish that never comes out crappy or burns or people just don't plain like it? It would be a little realisticThe police work is so simple that I would think that this is taking place on an Amish farm somewhere And of course Hannah doesn't listen to the cop when finally a murder at 80% happensThe recipes take up at least 50 pages of the Kindle version my estimation since this is an ARC I'm going from So while you are paying for 300 pages of mystery that is not what you are getting and it showsThe minutia is enough to drive one crazyThere is a cliff hanger of courseNo new character growthSorry but you are going to have to make up your own mind on this one

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    The public finally gets what it wantsAfter apologizing to her church for lying to them about the Ross situation the whole town rallies around her and Ross is definitely persona non grata Between baking sessions Ross calls Hannah alternately whining begging and demanding she give him the money he left in her bank account Like a dolt she put it all back in Ross's account He even threatens herThis goes on for most of the book Then guess who winds up dead in Hannah's condo?There's a pacing problem and several dangling plot lines that To Be Continued Possibly recipes than the law allowsStill better than her last couple of books if only because Ross is brutally murdered

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    The 24th book in the Hannah Swensen series by Joanna Fluke I haven't read all of the books in this series I've read six or seven books and hopped around in the order I do plan to go back and read the entire series Anyway this book is best read after reading the others in the seriesHannah's personal life is front and center as the truth about her marriage to Ross is revealed As her scoundrel of a fake husband makes a reappearance Hannah is trying to get on with her lifeThese books usually start with Hannah finding a dead body within the first couple of chapters then going on to play amateur sleuth to solve the murder mystery In this book the murder doesn't happen to really late in the book So late I was beginning to think one would never happen I know these books are mostly formulaic but I like them and was disappointed in how this book was going So this one is focused on Hannah's personal life than a murder mysteryWhile I didn't find this one as enjoyable as others in the series it was nice to see Hannah getting back on track Since this is a series these books sometimes end on a cliffhanger and this one is a doozy Hopefully the next one goes in a good directionThis is a good series for fans of cozy mysteries and food The main character own a bakery and recipes are included throughout the book Honestly I skip over the recipes because I'm not much of a cook but this one seemed to include dinner recipes than dessert recipesA uick light read for cozy mystery fans Delightful and entertaining I received a free eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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