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The universal medium through which we can come to recognize the pure Christ in every person and every situationAddressing crucial words of inspiration and strength to the newly married Joel Goldsmith's The Gift of Love demonstrates the special uality of wedded love which can provide the answer to many marital problems But this book has importance for everyone Whether given as a gift kept for personal inspiration in times of stress or for the joy of expanding our understanding of this most important theme it will enrich the spiritual lives of all who turn its page

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We all want to be understood and to be understandingif only the mask that is hiding you from me and me from you could drop from our faces we would be like children back in the Garden of Eden Here is a very special selection of key meditations by Joel S Goldsmith on the nature meaning and possibilities of love Joel Goldsmith's The Gift of Love in a compact and immediate way brings us the great mystic's essential views on love Christ and the eternal challenge to transcend the material worldIn clear and simple language Mr Goldsmith speaks of the power and the mystery

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Of love in daily living He tells us how we can express love to ourselves our family our friends our neighbors and in our business relationships He shows us how to forgive ourselves and everyone else with true understanding and without any desire for recognition acceptance or rewardThis beautiful volume simply yet insightfully presents the power that love holds out to each of us to transform ourselves and our world The author invites us to see love as a gift that has already been given a gift that becomes manifest at the very center of life He shows us how love is

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    Joel Goldsmith is one of the truly great spiritual authorsAt first I found this book to be slightly less impressive than others I’ve read by this author But on re reading it for purposes of this review I realized that I couldn’t give it less than 5 stars and particularly when Goldsmith was writing about divine love the most important thing in the Universe that which we all contain that which we all are this book could not be of lesser value than others dealing with a lesser subjectGoldsmith tells us that we must begin to see the Christ in everyone we meet and “the world will begin to present a different picture to us” People will act in a different wayWe are all “the holy one of Israel” “Every saint and every devil is that holy one”We do not claim that a person’s human form and characteristics are the Christ But we disregard the appearance of his humanhood and “behold the Christ looking out of his eyes silently sacredly secretly”“Love is not a sentimental attachment to mankind love is a law; love is a mode of conduct an attitude” “Love is within ourselves love is something that we let flow out from us”When I look at a person “I must look through him and realize that in the midst of him God is and that God is living his life I see in him the image and likeness of God the presence of God the glory of God”We are told that no matter how evil the person appears to be we should look through that to the divinity which is at the centre of his being and say to ourselves “I love you as I love my Self because my Self is your Self God’s Self is my Self and God’s Self is your Self There is only one spiritual Self”As we go about our day we should carry this message silently and secretly “My peace I give unto you” the Christ peace And in a few days people will begin to change their attitude to usThe most sacred experience we can ever know is “the love of God flowing without limit or hindrance the love we feel for God which is God’s love flowing through us”“Love is the ability of the Christ in me to speak to the Christ in you”There is a chapter about spiritual marriage how to express love to your family and upholding your loved ones spirituallyWe should take a five minute period every day in which we meditate for a different member of our family Go through the entire family “Peace comes only when every member of your household is recognized as the son of God”“Divine love is that outpouring that asks no return and seeks no reward”The author informs us that his entire aim has been to remove sin disease and death from the earthMost of the things people hate and fear have no real power so the first thing to do is to stop hating and fearing what the world calls evil thingsLove will remove troubles from the world not the kind of love that seeks a personal return but the kind of love “that seeks to express its own integrity”We must learn to forgive injustice uickly and to forget offenses realizing that God neither judges nor condemns and that neither must we“Through my consciousness of love God enters my home my business my nation and this whole Universe”We should repeat the following prayer two or three times a day“In the name of the Father peace; be stillI bring no condemnation into this world Because of my love for God and for my neighbour may love flow through my consciousness and bless and forgive and uplift and free mankind – my enemy and my friend that they may be free of lust and greed and hate and fear and doubt May God’s love touch their consciousness and awaken their souls”As you will see this book is divinely inspiring and reading it will raise our consciousness

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    I love all of his books Timeless important life changing brought me immense peace Read every book of his I could find I read it years ago

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    Small piece

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