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There’s a wraith lurking in the shadows He’s determined to hunt Bea down and erase her trespassing spirit from existence Desperate for peace Bea enlists Peyton’s reluctant help in solving the mystery of her murder than half a century ago As answers creep to the surface Bea starts to wonder whether she truly wants to abandon her new life and the people inside it Or if she even has a choice

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Beatrice Betwixt

Fifty years ago Beatrice Trent was on her way home from babysitting when she was crushed to death by a careening car Ignominiously pancaked between a fender and a streetlamp Bea’s been fixed to the same sorry streetlamp ever since miserable undead and unable to move on Unbelievably Bea gets a second chance when a strung out young girl smashes a car into her lamppost With one touch Bea wakes up

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In a hospital bed to people calling her Lindsay Bea’s breaking dozens of ghostly rules by staying but until she can find a way out she’s determined to fit into her new life Too bad living as a charlatan comes with a few caveats a worried family a uirky best friend and gulp Peyton Lindsay’s attentive and very attractive boyfriend Unraveling the mysteries of modern culture are hard enough but

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    Unusual and clever plotFantastic idea for the storyline Well written with fantastic characters The sort of writing which cr

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