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Pulse Frank uinn #7

Some Killers Come Back For MoreThe killer’s depravity is insatiable What he does to his victims is unthinkable Homicide detective turned PI Frank uinn has I am having a hard The Uninvited Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries to his victims is unthinkable Homicide detective Reconstructing the Dreamland turned PI Frank uinn has I am having a hard

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Er Danielle disappeared ten years ago Is a copy cat repeating the crimes? Or has Danielle made a deadly return? Either way this time the killing won’t stop An otherwise plusg The Uninvited Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries ten years ago Is a copy cat repeating Reconstructing the Dreamland the crimes? Or has Danielle made a deadly return? Either way More Where The Ghosts Are this That Darkness (Gardiner and Renner, time Quran Made Easy the killing won’t stop An otherwise plusg

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    I am having a hard time deciding how to review Pulse by John Lutz because even though there were so many things wrong with it I had a hard time putting it down simply because I kept hoping Lutz would redeem himself and pull everything together in a way that made sense Sadly he didn'tLutz has attempted an extremely complex plot involving an elite private college a high powered law firm an eminent domain case and a serial killer Frank uinn and the team at uinn Associates are called in to handle a case of serial murders that are eerily like those committed by a serial killer called Daniel Danielle who was reported killed during Hurricane Sophia in FloridaThe action jumps back and forth in time between the present Wisconsin in 1986 and Florida in 2002 It is hard to keep up with the present time frame because there is no real frame of reference we know it is summer because the students from Waycliffe College are dispersed to summer internships but other than that I was not able to tell if a woman was being murdered every day every week or with every full moon The storyline occurring in the current timeline jumps around is just impossible to follow and a lot of it seems to have absolutely no relevance For instance why do we care about the Police Commissioner's high priced call girl and the undercover vice suad cop who is sort of blackmailing the Commissioner about it? I certainly don'tSo here are some of the things that really bugged me about this First The Medical Examiner and his constantly inappropriate comments about the bodies of the victims Yes I am sure this is an attempt to give him some character but it is beyond belief that a medical examiner would be able to make such statements in this day and age in New York City Second Where in all this was the media? The book occasionally referred to newspaper stories about the murders but isn't there any kind of continuity to the newspaper stories? A heightened sense of urgency and political pressure to have these crimes solved? Criticism against the commissioner for bringing in a private detective firm to investigate instead of using New York's finest? These gruesome murders of beautiful young women are occurring on a pretty regular basis and there appears to be no media or public outcry at allThird I really didn't need the blow by blow description of what each victim felt as she was being tortured and murdered Perhaps these descriptions were aimed at a group of readers who might get their jollies from them but I didn't Once was enough More than enoughFourth While I love to have everything tied up at the end with a neat little blow I do not like to have info dumping and the entire plot unraveled in three or four paragraphs because the author was not clever enough to dribble things out in bits and pieces This book consisted of scene after scene of grotesue murders that were committed in the same way over and over again with uinn and Associates pulling their hair in despair because the killer was too clever to leave any kind of evidence behind so each murder left them no closer to discovering the culprit than the one before Suddenly because of one completely impossible break uinn and Company are able to get a uestionable warrant and sneak into a privately owned building and eavesdrop on a private conversation and then pursue a fleeing suspect who does not have an operable firearm and shoot at him to kill Uh huhFifth I was so shocked when I read about the encrypted emails that had been exchanged by the two teenagers from Wisconsin in 1986 that I had to re read it to make sure I wasn't mistaken Then I had to go to the internet to verify that while there were email systems in existence in 1986 it was highly unlikely that they would be in use by two teenagers in Wisconsin That just pretty much blew what little validity the book had for me The fact that this was what broke the entire case wide open made it even worseSixth I still despite the uick attempt to explain things at the end do not know what the stupid book was about or why the first victim was murdered Okay I get who was doing the remaining killings and why but I just don't get the legal shenanigans and other stuff that was supposedly the motive for the first murder But granted by the time I got to the point at the end where it was all being explained I was pretty tired of the whole thingI'm giving it 2 stars because I did finish reading it and I was interested enough in the plot to keep reading to find out how it all tied together Unfortunately even though Lutz tried to tie things up with a neat little bow the ending unravels under even the lowest level of scrutiny

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    I've been a fan of John Lutz for many years This book however was not his best work and for me was a disappointment I'll start with the positives The plot is multi layered and intricate The mystery kept me guessing until the end and there were a few unexpected twistsNow the negatives The pace is slow There are a lot of viewpoint characters and as a result of the overload we don't really get to know any of them very well We keep jumping back in time to 1986 where we follow a 14 year old character we assume grew up to be the killer though we don't really know This jump back and forth together with the excess of characters can be difficult to follow The one thing that totally ruined the book for me came in the final 30 pages I don't typically give spoilers and I'll do my best not to here But this was a vital issue for me Back in 1986 two average 14 year old teens in a small town did not send encrypted emails Telling me that finding this information broke the case was so absurd that I read the passage three times to make sure I understood it correctly To get to the end of all the intricately woven storylines and find the answer came together because of a detail so absolutely out of place left me grimacing and feeling like I'd wasted my time

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    This was the first novel that I have read by Lutz and I really enjoyed it until close to the end The novel was uite long almost 500 pages and everything ties together in the last 30 pages Unfortunately the author seems to have made a few historical errorsAll in all it was an entertaining read and I would give Lutz another shot I would have given the novel a higher star rating if it hadn't of had errors in it

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    I agree with everybody's review I have read 8 books of Frank uinn Series accidentally read one out of order This book was so out of character of Frank uinn Series to the point I was ready to drop it

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    On the way to maximum security the serial killer Daniel Danielle encounters a hurricane that flips his transport While the powers that be believe Daniel Danielle is dead uinn’s not so sure Then the bodies begin to show up using Danielle’s MO Is he back or is this a copycat?Lutz creates a double McGuffin – or is that a triple McGuffin – of thrills horror and murder as uinn returns to the hunt for Danielle or the copycat and finds there are mysteries inside mysteries in this novel A new character Jody is introduced She is Pearl’s daughter Par for the course the characters are clearly defined and sharp the plot is terrifying and the murders are graphically detailed in all their horrorPersonally I did not enjoy this story as much as some of Lutz’s others The constant change of time became distracting Going from 2002 to present back to 2002 to present to 1986 However like Lutz’s other books Pulse is a cornucopia of characters twists and betrayal I look forward to his next book TwistGoodreads Firstreads giveaway winner

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    Serial killer Daniel Danielle escaped in the middle of a hurricane in 2002 while being transferred to another prison in Florida after killing three corrections officers It was presumed that he perished in the storm Now years later in New York a body is found that employs his sadistic techniues and trademarks Private investigators Frank uinn and his partner Pearl are called in to help solve the case

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    This book was so scary that I couldn't read late at night especially when I was home by myself Reminds me of a Criminal Minds episode which I like but have to record and watch during the daytime

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    This one begins with what may be a copy cat murder imitating that of a killer called Daniel Danielle or Danielle Daniel because he sometimes was disguised as a woman who escaped from being transported to a secret maximum security prison during a Florida hurricane and supposedly died In one spot this is said to be decades ago in reality it was only 10 years before The key word here is supposed for the reader knows better or thinks he does A new cast member is added in Pearl's illegitimate daughter whom she gave up for adoption Jody has tracked down her mother and is now ensconced as a family member by Pearl and uinn and proves to be a pretty sharp cookie There are several subplots as might be expected in a John Lutz novel of blackmailing the police commissioner the effect on a teenager of witnessing one of Daniel's crimes that of a corporations attempts to force out a tenant so they can tear down the building where she lives and the machinations of the exclusive college where Jody is a studentalmost too many subplots one might say to keep track of Eventually they all come together with the summation done in three very brief pages There's also an ironic and chilling epilogueWhile being an exciting novel the many subplots seemingly having nothing to do with each other though we know in the end they'll all become tied together detract somewhat from the main plot It all seems too scattered and unrelated and the fact that the reason the victims all bear a resemblance to Pearl is never really explained Daniel Danielle deserves to have a novel all his own though since this is Book 7 and I haven't read the previous one in the series perhaps he did There isn't as much interplay between Sal and Howard and Fedderman's dissention with his wife over the dangers of his job seem merely thrown in for fillerThere are some graphic sections but not overly so and medical examiner Nift has some pretty ghoulish and callous lines All in all a good thriller and one to make the reader look for the nextThis novel is owned by the reviewer and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review

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    An otherwise plusgood 4 star serial killer mysterythriller but marred by the followingDOWNERS FAR too many unlikely coincidences MINUS 34 star 1 plot convenient coincidence per book is fine 2 is stretching it 3 is ridiculous POOR RESEARCH on computeremailencryptiontech stuff timelines MINUS 12 starthe average reader or non geek may not notice or care DRAGGED a bit; seemed 25% too long and the ending was wham bam rushed no deductions I'll be niceUPPERS Clever serial killer or copycat? on the prowl Some back and forth in time so you can see view spoilerthe growth of a serial killer hide spoiler

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    Evil serial killer in NYC is uite fascinating but too many side characters and slow moving plot lines keep it from being his bestuinn and Assocs are interesting and have developed well over the years but book could have been shorter and better