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Istanbul The Imperial City

Daily life as well as court ceremonial and intrigue The book also includes a comprehensive gazetteer of all major monuments and museums An in depth st Not that good it's like a long list of names of who got murdered for control of the city with the occasional anecdote and the ''he build this'' and she build that with a long index of monuments at the end that seems copy pasted from wikipedia

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Udy of this legendary city through its many different ages from its earliest foundation to the present day the perfect traveller's companion and guide This book about ByzantiumConstantinopleIstanbul by the American teacher John Freely is a curious read It purports to be a chronological history of the city yet is in fact mostly a string of anecdotes about the doings of its sometime rulers interspersed with the odd undigested gobbet of political history It has none of the contextual depth or atmospherics reuired to really understand the place in the way for example that you can almost walk the streets of Victorian London in Desmond and Moore’s incredible biography of Darwin So the first 300 odd pages skate unsatisfyingly over the surface of their subject – and then the final 60 odd footnotes to the main text consist of detailed architectural descriptions with sketches of the remaining monuments of the Byzantine and Ottoman eras which would no doubt be illuminating if you were examining those places with the book in your hand but are really just annoying when you have to flick back and forthPerhaps I’ll pack it next time I go – it might change my mind

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Istanbul's history is a catalogue of change not least of name yet it has managed to retain its own uniue identity John Freely captures the flavour of Somehow managed to have at least a seven year gap between starting and finishing thisWriting a history of a city that has been an imperial hub for what 1700 years is always going to be difficult in that the history of the empires and the history of the city blend into one another The Byzantine Empire was saved countless times by the fact Constantinople was unconuerable Eually during the Ottoman period the empire's highs and lows played out in Janissary riots across the city Therefore what we often get when reading is a history of a war which ended at its gates rather than what was happening the other side of those gates during those yearsThe middle ground of a history that truly covers the city while explaining the fortunes of the empires that revolve around it wasn't found in this book Entire chapters cover lives of sultans and the only context in how it affected Kostantiniyye was that these sultans lived there Worse than that the real expansion of the city over the centuries isn't really discussed That's the euivalent of a history of London discussing kings or ueens moving from Windsor to Buckingham Palace while neglecting to mention that London had expanded from the City well into what in previous chapters was being called countrysideA book that diverts regularly into discussing frontier imperial politics somehow fails to mention the Armenian genocide which altered Istanbul's character and even if this was too controversial doesn't mention infamous documented official Greek pogroms over decades eitherThat balance in storytelling is seldom found in books on the topic the flipside is that histories of the Byzantine empire often read as histories of Constantinople for example and the issue is a lack of sources with most focussing on the court That is forgiven in the book until it reaches a period of mass sources and continues the trend at which point it looks unimaginative from the authorUltimately this is a very safe but lacking history to be picked up a few weeks before a trip to Istanbul to add some flavour and depth to sights It's a history of the power that resided in the city and tails off as soon as the capital is moved to Ankara A true history of the city as a city this is not

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John Freely was born in in Brooklyn New York to Irish immigrant parents and spent half of his early childhood in Ireland He dropped out of high school when he was to join Istanbul The PDF \ the U S Navy serving for two years including combat duty with a commando unit in the Pacific India Burma and China during the last year of World War II After the war he went to college on the G I Bill and eve.

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