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  • 01 June 2019
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    Edited 32117 to add This book is FREE today everyone Do yourself a favor and check it out scroll down to link below The genre of fiction that I identify as weird tales has always appealed to me though it's hard to describe There are alsoflavors of weird tales they're not always the same even though they may belong to the same genre For instance Thomas Ligotti may be described as an author of weird fiction While I love his style I often find his work too nihilistic for me Laird Barron could be described as an author of weird fiction as well though his style generally leans toward cosmic horror Lastly Robert Aickman is admired as an author of weird fiction but I often find his stories to be ratherunsatisfying Jon Padgett however satisfied ALL of my wants and needs as a reader of dark and weird fiction These stories have a clear beginning and end though some continue on in other stories and are as utterly satisfying as short fiction can be In fact I'd call them brilliant That's right BRILLIANTStarting with the appealing cover what horror fan could resist it? and ending with Little Evie singing in the story Escape to the Mountain which makes me shudder just thinking about it These amazing stories are beyond impressive each and every one of themAfter Origami Dreams I will never look at folded paper in the same way again I will never see the word appendage again and not think of Solomon Kroth and his endless research in the University Library I will not pass the abandoned paper mills in nearby towns without thinking of those ugly paper mill days and the filth they spewed upon the town of Dunnstown I will never again pass a swamp without thinking of the room in Indoor SwampPerhaps there is a room that contains a worn vintage tea party set with frilly dressed dolls but one of those doll's heads gradually rotates completely around going from an expression of knowing smiling perversion to an open mouthed silent O of horror and back againI cannot possibly give this book a higher recommendation As you read it you may feel dizzy at times or maybe even a little sickYou may begin to imagine you hear something that sounds like static or even the roar of an airliner you may feel lightheaded like you are going to pass out Ignore these feelings They are normalThey are a trifle YOU are a trifle If you want to fully understand the meanings of these things you MUST read this book For me it started with the cover It was the cover that made me BUY this book rather than accept the free copy submitted for review to Horror After Dark That's right I bought it You should too Seriously Right NowGo here The Secret of VentrilouismYou can add the audio for only 199 Usually this is where I say I was provided a free copy in exchange for honest feedback However see above I bought this book and this is my honest opinion

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    Do you want to see something strange? Are you certain? Ok First take a look at the cover illustration on this book Study the details You will remember them later Next pay close attention to the details in each consecutive story Be sure to read them in order You will begin to notice recurring images They're so uncanny are they real? The sights on the Indoor Swamp tour are certainly disorienting Is this deja vu? Have you been here before? That city outside is vaguely familiar How many fingers do you have? Humor me Count them again Did you know that houses can dream? Have you practiced the 20 simple steps of ventrilouism animal dummy? The rules may break you but then again they might put you together Have you been brave enough to enter Treasure Forest? Have you seen the skeletons? Their bone structures are mutated Sometimes I can hear them growing Have you been skeletonized? Do you know? Here's the train Can you hear the sweet song of Little Evie? It is cold underneath the overpass We long for Thin Mountain and we surrender to wonderful things To Mr Vox What are you?

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    I cannot think better way to start this 2017 New Year than with a good book And with Jon Padget’s “The Secret of Ventrilouism” which is published by Dunhams Manor Press I have found a real winnerThe book is a collection of Mr Padget’s short stories and a play now packaged all together in a single volume that should be sought out Not only does the book offer a fantastic dust jacket there are also some nice interior illustrations by Dave Felton And for those that do not know the name Jon Padgett he is the founder and administrator of Thomas Ligotti Online website The influence on Mr Padgett of Mr Ligotti is clear in these stories of paranoia and dreadThe book consists of the following013 – Introduction by Matt Cardin019 – “The Mindfulness of Horror Practice”023 – “Murmurs Of A Voice Foreknown”033 – “The Indoor Swamp”037 – “Origami Dreams”061 – “20 Simple Steps to Ventrilouism”103 – “The Infusorium”143 – “Organ Void” 153 – “The Secret of Ventrilouism”193 – “Escape To The Mountain”203 – Notes205 – Acknowledgements207 – About the Author I say again what a great way to start the year I believe that the hardcovers are now sold out however the paperback version is still available from the publisher and well worth seeking out

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    Over the past few years I have been tantalized by and read several overhyped debut collections In the somewhat incestuous seeming segregated and cliuish horror and weird fiction communities writers publishers and reviewers were bending over backwards to heap praise and accolades upon newer writers who uite frankly still had a long way to go to hone their craft Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I didn't get anything out of reading these fledgeling collections or that there was no merit to be found within the pages of these books What I am saying is that I learned to take overly glowing reviews and blurbs with a grain of salt There may just be a gem or two within these collections of tales I was going to eventually get around to reading but I knew that I had to hone my expectations I began reading Jon Padgett's THE SECRET OF VENTRILOUISM with these resevervations in mind All the reviews I had read of this collection were full of the praise and accolades I was somewhat wary of Granted I had read a few of these stories in their first appearances in anthologies and as chapbooks and I knew that they were in fact uite good However I was not prepared to have my mind blown so completely and thoroughly Here again finally is a book that lives up to all the hype; if anything perhaps it has not been hyped uite enough This collection is a dark marvel of unsettling sharp prose that cuts its way deep into the marrow of the psyche I haven't read a book that affected me this way since I first discovered Ligotti imbued with that bleak grayness that underlies reality no matter how shiny and pretty its surface might seemAs I have stated I have read several of these pieces before and thought they were uite good But read together as a continuum they are beyond good; they are stupendous and mindblowing Because of my poor memory when reading the pieces several months if not years apart I did not notice the common threads and themes that ran throughout them Having devoured this collection over the past couple of days I can only marvel at the sheet brilliance of how all these disparate themes and common imagery come together a true example of synergy; the sum truly is greater than all of its parts and the greatness of this sum is truly staggering My mind will be teeming with sinister disembodied voices static smog and sheer nothingness for some time to come There is than just pessimism here though; there are several moments of absurd humour which had me laughing out loud at their bizarre hilarity; there are segments of poetic prose that are heart wrenchingly beautiful; there are profound philosophicalspiritual insights that had me uestioning my own views of reality; and there are truly terrifying moments and images that I'm sure will permeate my nightmares far into the forseeable future I wish I had the type of mind that could analyze the stories and write a piece by piece criticism that was worthy of this book Sadly I experience any form of art subjectively and find it very difficult to provide objective viewpoints in writing This perhaps overly emotional gushing will just have to suffice then Matt Cardin expounds uite effectively in his introduction about how Jon Padgett has developed his own distinct authorial voice and I must concur wholeheartedly It's a voice that I hope to hear much from in the future even if it's through my own trembling mouth that is not a mouth and is indeed nothing like the voice I once recognized as my own projected and willed by the Ultimate Ventrilouist

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    Why the long face? Life got you down? What’s eating you? Aw you say it’s Horror Week and you have nothing to read? Well fret not my friend for there’s a simple solution What if I could show you how all of life’s troubles are but trifles Now doesn’t that sound appealing? And no it’s not Chicken Soup for the Soul merely 20 Simple Steps to Ventrilouism Sounds crazy right? Well stick with it and I can promise you in no time at all you’ll feel right as rain The first eight steps lay the groundwork for working with a dummy Here the entire process is detailed in this book The Secret of Ventrilouism take my copy Practice makes perfect so follow the directions to the letter and come back when you’re ready to carry on Back so soon? Good good Now our real work can begin Okay by now you should now be well adept at manipulating your dummy so now it’s time to elevate yourself above the sheep—above all the people in your daily life and the distractions they bring They’re all dummies Unburden your mind—take all of those worries doubts and fears that have been holding you back and cast them asunder Static It’s all static Wipe the slate clean—gather up everything that’s good in your life and grind it to dust This will help me put you together Now imagine a world of infinite possibilities—all of your dreams or nightmares fleshed out into reality Thanks to your tremendous powers of Greater Ventrilouism you can do almost anything Keep an open mind and don’t get discouraged because suffering and exhaustion are both key to your future mastery of Greater Ventrilouism Soon all will be revealeduickly now we’ve reached the final step without a moment to lose The drone of an airplane engine approaches Lift your arms up to the sky close your eyes and reach out with your mind Let it begin I don’t often dabble in weird fiction and here’s why Although this was a superbly written piece of dark fiction which evoked hauntingly vivid disturbing imagery much of the narrative was shrouded in a haze which left me feeling confused and out of my depth Also there was little to no resolution of the overarching storyline There was clearly a connection between all the stories with characters and locations often overlapping so I falsely assumed that all those divergent threads were slowing being woven together towards some epic mind fuck of a conclusion But alas that wasn’t to be the case And while I’m typically A okay with ambiguous endings here I was hoping to resolve some of my earlier confusion Therefore I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with how things were left Nevertheless this was a remarkable short story collection—worthy of adulation Individually I’d rate most of the stories somewhere between 3 to 4 stars but the crème de la crème was the story of the Infusorium which easily rates 5 stars in my book

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    It is best not to think about what must come next It might be too dismissive to call The Secret of Ventrilouism merely a short story collection It's much than that It's than just the sum of it's parts and as you experience each story layers are built onto the themes location and characters and you'll realize that the stories form one cohesive whole It's similar to what Laird Barron also did last year with Swift To Chase The book opens fittingly with a guided meditation on horror called The Mindfulness of Horror Practice It's a perfect primer that sets the disturbing tone and seems designed to put you in the right mindset to tackle the rest of the book And from there you will journey into a strange dimension that is all Jon Padgett's creation A place where reality is fickle and a trifle and the line between dreams and what's real is constantly blurred In my lucid moments I know that this life such as it is will not last much longer The man I once was would consider that a mercy but I no longer even believe in the release of death It is only a transition into yet another borrowed reality I'm not sure who Jon Padgett is or where he came from but he definitely left an impression with this one and I'll be on the lookout from now on for of his work There is a level of creativity and bravery here that I personally rarely see in story collections Every story has an undeniably uniue voice and perspective and each one is impressive in the way that the tension and unease builds and carries over to the next There are things in this book that I'm almost positive that I recognize from my own nightmares In that way Padgett's work really is pretty unsettling and I would go so far to say that it's a masterpiece of horror and weird fiction and will probably end up on my favorites list at the end of the year Any fans of dark work should decide if they are ready to gain the knowledge of Greater Ventrilouism And if that is case tune out the Static buy this book read it slow and let it soak and while doing so don't forget to count the fingers on your right hand Oh and don't worry Being sick to your stomach now is perfectly normal

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    45 starsTHE SECRET OF VENTRILOUISM by Jon Padgett is a collection of stories ingeniously interconnected to each other This is one book that you really need to read the stories in the order presented to get the full effect of just how powerful this book as a whole isEven the cover I own the paperback version has bearing on the stories contained withinPadgett gives a great deal of credit to Thomas Ligotti for the inspiration of this collection Right from the beginning in the selection titled The Mindfulness of Horror Practice the stage is being set for the reader to alter their awareness The following stories all build upon this; some using overtly recognizable pieces from previous stories others ambiguous ones such as the fog or a dreamlike sensation while looking in a mirrorAlthough I enjoyed all of these stories my personal favorites were The Infusorium The Indoor Swamp Murmurs of a Voice Foreknown and Origami Dreams Now ventrilouist dummies are creepy to begin with but after reading these stories you may find yourself looking at them with a newfound horror altogether It is best not to think about what comes next A great new voice in horror that I will be anticipating from in the futureHighly recommended

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    A dark and brooding collection of Ligotti inspired shorts Make no mistake about it though the superb writing and brooding atmosphere is all Padgett Plus everybody knows ventrilouist dummies are fucking creepy Ligotti would be proud

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    That's my favourite doll on the cover

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    After a few recent lackluster experiences with story collections I approached Jon Padgett’s The Secret of Ventrilouism with wary anticipation Certainly it’s been rated highly by many readers including trusted friends but so had the aforementioned collections So I was pleased to discover how much I enjoyed these interconnected stories The fact that they were interconnected made me inclined to like the collection as I find this uality in a collection always helps me stay engaged probably because in most cases I’d prefer to be reading a novel Not only do characters and settings recur here but also words phrases themes and concepts Padgett clearly put a lot of time into building an underlying structure several of these pieces were originally published elsewhere and he left it vague enough to stimulate reader curiosity about what is left untold I find this type of skeletal or skeletonized world building to be irresistible as a reader I never want it all spelled out and yet there is always a fine line between telling too much and not telling enough Padgett gets it right here and it makes me want to read stories set in this uniue environment of a decaying town in the American South In the meantime these tales are lingering in my mind already demanding to be rereadWhile I enjoyed all of the stories I will note just a few favorites‘Origami Dreams’ – this includes many of the ideal characteristics I enjoy in a weird tale a hazy border between dream and waking life; a circuitous Moebius strip like narrative; and a light metafictional flourish ‘Organ Void’ – what begins as a rather disgusting body horror piece evolves into a compelling and disorienting body transformation scenario Elements of this reminded me of Simon Strantzas’ story ‘A Shadow in God’s Eye’ the first story in Beneath the Surface which is one of my favorite stories of his‘Escape to Thin Mountain’ – the final story—a response to the short Thomas Ligotti piece ‘Ten Steps to Thin Mountain’ I reckon Padgett upstaged Ligotti with this long haunting prose poem which also serves as an elegant finish to the collection

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Rd sign An aspiring ventrilouist spends a little too much time looking at himself in a mirror And a presence speaks through them all Contents Introduction by Matt Cardin The Mindfulness of Horror Practice Murmurs of a Voice Foreknown The Indoor Swamp Origami Dreams 20 Simple Steps to Ventrilouism Infusorium Organ Void The Secret of VentrilouismEscape to Thin Mountai That's my favour


Y means by which someone might achieve salvation from both A bullied child seeks vengeance within a bed's hollow box spring A lucid dreamer is haunted by an impossible house A dummy reveals its own anatomy in 20 simple steps A stuttering librarian holds the key to a mill town's unspeakable secrets A commuter's worldview is shattered by two words printed on a cardboa It is best not

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Jon Padgett's The Secret of Ventrilouism named the Best Fiction Book of 2016 by Rue Morgue Magazine heralds the arrival of a significant new literary talent With themes reminiscent of Shirley Jackson Thomas Ligotti and Bruno Schulz but with a strikingly uniue vision Padgett's work explores the mystery of human suffering the agony of personal existence and the ghastl Edited 32117 to

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