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Of a wife exploring her body with two men while her watches onSign up to Karly’s mailing list to download the free Epilogues to The Hotwife Adventure and Hotwife TrainingThis word scorching hot novel featuring wife watching MFM menage wife sharing and a husband watching the love of his life slowly transforming into an insatiable hotwife

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Hotwife In The Spotlight

Nick and Kendra are eager to explore their fantasies further deeply in love but constantly looking for ways to increase the heat between the sheetsWhen Kendra learns that private photos of her have been sent to two of Nick’s closest Hotwife In MOBI #180 friends both Nick and Kendra find their intimate lives taking a turn for the unexpec

Read & Download â eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú Karly Violet

TedIt happened so uickly and so suddenlyAnd when Nick watches a streaming video of two of his closest friends with his wife in the showerHe knows his marriage will be taking a one way trip A journey that both him and his wife knows there will be no turning back fromCan a strong and committed marriage handle the roller coaster of emotions