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Get away from it alland have it all Journalist Jennifer Dale is on assignment pretending that miserable isolation in upstate New York is the greatest thing ever The only bright spot? The wickedly sexy recluse across the lake who swims in the This was a fun uirky little book I first heard about it from autho

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Buff Now there's some wildlife a gal can enjoy watching over and over and overWhen Jennifer suffers a slight boating mishap Hot Swimming Guy comes to her rescue Turns out Aaron Barksdale is hot enough to switch her damsel's distress into a da I really enjoyed the banter between Jennifer and Aaron Or maybe I

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Msel undressed But Aaron is than a hot summer night between the sheets he's also an award winning author who disappeared from the public eye years ago Revealing all could be the scoop of the century but only if Jennifer's willing to risk it a I just couldn't get into this book It didn't seem to be developing

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    Finding a book for the “Seasons” prompt was easy enough I just scanned my shelves and pulled out Long Summer Nights because it had a season right there in the title Trying to decide what I thought of this one was another story This book a Blaze title from 2010 was something of an unusual read Unlike many category romance books I’ve read it’s actually rather unsentimental and filled with awkward moments and sharp edges by design Many readers will likely find it unlikable and yet there’s just something about it Its tone just fits the characters and story perfectly even as it might fall outside what some readers would consider a comfortable readThe basic setup involves a heroine and hero kept in isolation Jennifer Dale has landed a job at her dream paper but she’s been sent from the city to upstate New York to stay in a rundown cabin at an isolated lake There’s not much going on except for her reclusive people hating neighbor and his grouchy one eyed catThough the reader knows his real name right away Aaron Barksdale initially hides his real identity from Jennifer When they meet she thinks he’s just a difficult recluse who writes She doesn’t know that he’s actually a well known writer living in exile The two end up falling into a grouchy yet passionate affair that’s far from the usual emotional arc I’m accustomed to seeing in romance On the one hand I felt like I shouldn’t be liking this book because Aaron really is a cold hearted jackass much of the time and yet I couldn’t stop readingIf you need for your leads in a romance to be sunny and likable this probably won’t be your book Aaron can be off puttingly cold and Jennifer is sometimes painfully unsure of herself and lacking in direction Neither of them may be what traditional readers would consider an ideal person but there is something deeply compelling about them particularly when they are togetherThis is a partial review You can find the complete text here

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    This was a fun uirky little book I first heard about it from author Ruthie Knox's comments on My favorite wonky hero is Aaron Barksdale the hero of Kathleen O’Reilly’s Long Summer Nights Aaron is a very crabby snobby not at all romantic novelist who lives in a cabin in the north woods and hates people After he meets the heroine the only sign that she’s getting to him is that he keeps killing the female character in his novel over and over again And then the heroine goes home to NYC and the hero follows her and moves into the apartment above hers but doesn’t tell her though of course she immediately figures it out I know it sounds like he’s horrible but I promise he’s great This one is really wonky and really funAs we know grumpy fucked up heroes who resist their feelings but fall hard for their heroines anyway are my kryptonite so I knew I'd love this It did take a while to get going and I put it down several times in the beginning but once it hit about 60% things got pretty magical The heroine was also great; she was a strong person and went after what she wanted and was patient and kind with stubborn Aaron And I loved all the little ways Aaron would show that he cared even though he didn't want to The writing was verylyrical I think is the right word and though there were a lot of typos or usage of the wrong word florid instead of floral naval instead of navel it wasn't too bothersome Despite a few imperfections and a somewhat slow beginning this was a fun and cute story Would definitely recommend sticking it out through the first few chapters to get to the good stuff

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    So I'm cruising the e book library desperately hoping for a cute little story to occupy my insomnia filled night and I hit on a collection of Harleuin romances I don't usually read contemporaries but there must be one book in there I can spend a few hours on right? I started and uickly passed on a few then in honor of my own Long Summer Night I tried this one And I was bowled overKathleen O'Reilly should be writing literary fiction No Kathleen O'Reilly is writing literary fiction disguised as 200 pages of genre romance Which means among other things the reader is guaranteed a HEA Her characters are interesting somewhat angst ridden but very likable The writing is sharp the dialogue witty in a modern way and the little nods to classic literature fun and not overdone She was his albatross his white whale his magnificent obsession could get old fast but a bit of it fit Aaron's personality and background and made me smile What could have been sappy or silly instead was well executed and engrossing I've never read anything else by this author I have no idea if she's always this good But this particular book impressed me a lot and that's not easy to do Especially at 3 AM when all I really want to do is sleep

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    Kathleen O'Reilly is going on my 'buy list' The hero in this book was in such need of a heroine someone to prove that relationships are worth the risk Because Long Summer Nights is a Blaze it's very very hot but the heart strings really pull and if you took all the 'hot' out of this book you'd still have one amazing read Well done Kathleen

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    An excellent book that doesn't pull any punches I adored the hero he was so dark tortured and Byronic Definitely a book worth reading if you are into romances I was not expecting anything this good and I was blown away by their relationship and the indept character analysis This is what a romance should be I do hope Blaze publishes like this instead of some of the mediocre tripe they generally put out

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    I really enjoyed the banter between Jennifer and Aaron Or maybe I am just a sucker for a man that had a broken childhood and is slightly obsessive with his writing who is hot lol She has a nice sunny personality and doesn't try to change him just figure him out Harmony Springs is the type of small town I would enjoy visiting but maybe not stay at the cottages she was at A uick enjoyable read

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    The second half of this book is so good I almost gave up on it because the first half was so pedestrian and I didn't even really like the characters but I'm so glad I stuck with itI loved Didi I kept hearing Edna Mode's voice in my head

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    I just couldn't get into this book It didn't seem to be developing much of a plot Mostly the characters were thinking about their situation or projecting what could be I gave up and didn't finish Journalist Jennifer takes a cabin at the same place as writer Aaron

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    Best contemporary series romance I've read in ages Dialogue and characterization just blew me away

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    See my review of this book Long Summer Nights Australian edition

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