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Em pleased to find Flora and her very pregnant cat on their doorstep Flora knows almost nothing about antiues but with her London apartment rented out her cat about to burst with kittens and a mysterious man warning her about Annabelle Flora has little choice but to accept her cousin's offer to A brilliant witty

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When Flora Stanza's uncle dies unexpectedly leaving her a 51 percent share in the family antiues business it gives her the perfect chance to leave her glamorous but less than happy London life for the uieter life of the country Unfortunately her cousin Charles and his fiancée Annabelle don't se kept being distra

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Stay in their abandoned holiday cottage miles from anything remotely like what Flora considers civilization Soon though Flora is fighting off dinner invitations from the devastatingly handsome Henry and hiding her eco friendly lodger William Could it be that country life isn't so dull after all? When I want some The Rebellion eco friendly lodger William Could it be that country life isn't so dull after all? When I want some

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    Not only is this novel terribly predictable it commits the worst offense it isn't terribly interesting either Fforde's style seems to be to tell rather than show so all too often the characters are flat and are not engaging Most disturbing was the conclusion of the novel by which Flora and her distant cousin are coupled Distant or not they are still related and the phrase There were advantages to keeping it in the family should never ever be applied to sex and marriage

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    kept being distracted by the fact that the two lovers are cousins? in this day and age? no thanks

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    it's so hard to put this book down once i'm into it i felt like i'm watching tv series which i felt like i have to continue on watching to know what happened next it gave different view each time different things interesting things happened each time and it's not boring at all the characters are all likeable even the mean Annabelle which at first i despised for her lack of friendliness towards Flora but then i like her for being mean i mean her lack of sensitivity towards others showed me that there is someone out there who's like this it completes this story i think and the thing she had with William is so predictable she's just can't stop talking about William not even thinking how Charles might think about it and the naked painting? oh god so titanic ish loland i love Flora and Charles they are so cute together and the last gesture Charles did to her is so unpredictable so romantic well one stuffy guy can turns out to be sweet when he's in love right? reading this reminds me of the tv series Hart of Dixie where she has to leave the city life to the country life to inherit a medical practice while in this book is about Flora who inherit some shares on the auctioneer business it pretty much the same the crush on someone's fiancee the difficulty to adapt to the country life this book is totally a fun to read especially in the summer and it has a very perfect ending there's no uestion to it there's just it everything just perfect and i can't stop smiling thinking how cute Charles and Flora gonna be together raising the kittens and Imelda totally recommend this

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    This was the first Katie Fforde book I have read I chose it as I really liked the premise behind 'Bidding for Love'A young city slicker woman Flora inherits a 51% share of an ailing country antiues business from an uncle She arrives in the town pregnant cat in tow to find her distant cousin Charles and his awful fiance Annabelle are none too pleased to see herThere are a few problems with this book that stopped me from really liking it SPOILER ALERTThe whole INCEST THEME Yep that's what I said You see half way through the book after doing nothing but argue and fight with Charles she decides she has actually fallen in love with him yuk and then of course they end up in bed together Urgh I'm sorry I don't care how distant a cousin he is the whole being related thing is frankly wrong I spent most of the book desperately hoping that there would be a plot twist revealing one of them was adopted But alas no such luckThe central character was a little annoying She spends most of the time trying to convince people she isn't a pretty blonde bimbo and then acts like a pretty blonde bimbo who does little than drink wine and take baths which got monotonous and argue with her stuffy cousin I wondered if there was really any personality beind herThe writing seemed a tad sloppy By that I mean characters were too superficial relationships weren't developed enough and the book seemed rushed We learn almost nothing about the characters pasts or personalities However that said the writer's style is easy to read and it is a bit of escapist chick lit

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    it was like a challenge to myself to finish it didn't like main character especially resented allusions to Pride and Prejudice it was like being reminded how bad Fforde's writing is compared to Austen

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    A brilliant witty and fun read Fforde is a writer I keep going back to Thoroughly enjoyed this book

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    When I want some light reading I like to read Katie Fforde's books This ione is a good story Flora Stanza inherits 51% of an auction service and house Her distant cousin Charles owns the other 48% She decides to check out what she has inherited and see if she can make it a successful business Shen meets her cousin Charles and his stick in the mud finacee Annabelle At first the really don't want much to do with Flora although Annabelle would like to buy 3% of Flora's part of the business so Charles owns the majority Flora will not sell so they take her on as a sort of partner Flora has some pretty good business sense and helps them get the business going better than it had been Along the way she does a makeover of Annabelle changing her from frumpy to stylish She meets some interesting people along the way William a sort of gypsy the ladies man Henry and all the members of the town choir including George and Edie She always has Imelda the cat for company along with Imelda's 4 kittensThere are several neat twists and turns that keep the reader guessing Annabelle doesn't end up with Charles William ends up with someone the reader would never dream of and Henry doen't end up with Flora I enjoyed this book a lot I was able to read it in a day

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    Ok so after a grueling semester of young adult literature I was pretty much done with angsty teen novels So I went back to my comfort zone in chick lit I picked the first pink book with the urban go getter girl on the cover It was this one It had the added benefit of being a British novel and I happen to love British chick lit Bridget Jones Basically this one fit the mold without any brilliant writing but the love interest is her cousin Yes her cousin Ok once or twice Fforde uses the phrase distant cousin but I was totally turned off by the idea that they were related No matter how many times she said how handsome and charming he was he was still Her Cousin Other than that totally good standard chick lit with a cute story But c'mon your cousin? There aren't any other cute available men out there?

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    I always love reading anything by FfordeI am trying to catch up on all the books that I haven't read from her and Flora's Lot was the exceptionI love Flora she is very stubborn and selfish and is a girl you could be genuinely surprised about I also love her cat Imelda and it has also made me think of getting one myself I am not much of a fan of the Antiues Roadshow and this book explores that life It's one of the reasons why I love Fforde's book she researches the jobs and gets a taster of it herself to give a better understanding portrayal in her writing Really loved this book

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    a light easy read A young womenFlora surprisingly inherits 51% of an antiue auction houseShe packs up her pregant cat and decides to head to the country to learn about the buisness The remainder of the assests are owned by a distant cousinCharles who is far from welcoming when Flora arrives in townHe is also terribly stuffy and engaged to a chilly fiancee who wants Charles to sell the auction house to make a profit It is a fun read though terribly predictable