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Hijo VictorEn pos de volverse imprescindible Elizabeth se convirtió en una maestra dela manipulación y el engaño capaz de hacer cualuier cosa por sobrevivir y mantener su vida acomodada Cualuier cosaEspecialmente cubrir las excentricidades y perversiones de su Vi I'm so disappointed oh myI really enjoyed the first Sudden Response (EMS, imprescindible Elizabeth se convirtió en una maestra dela manipulación y el engaño capaz de hacer cualuier cosa por sobrevivir y mantener su vida acomodada Cualuier cosaEspecialmente cubrir las excentricidades y perversiones de su Vi I'm so disappointed oh myI really enjoyed the first

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The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

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Antes de conocer a los Frankenstein Elizabeth Lavenza moría de hambre sufría los maltratos de su cuidadora y estaba a un paso de ser expulsada a la calle LosFrankenstein le dieron un hogar pero a cambio de un precio muy alto ser la amiga más íntima de su extraño You are mine Elizabeth Lavenza and nothing will ta

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    Sometimes we were strangers even to ourselves For the first two thirds I thought this book was pretty good Frankenstein is one of my favourite books and I like it when authors give a voice and different perspective to a side character But it is in the final third when this book goes from pretty good to excellentThe Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein is essentially a retelling of Frankenstein from the perspective of Elizabeth an orphan taken in by the Frankenstein family and later the fiancée of Victor I think this book will work much better for those familiar with the original as it gives a lot of nods to the story It's hard to appreciate some of the clever twists the author takes without knowing what it's based onIn this book Elizabeth becomes an ever complex character She's smart and manipulative And if she lingers in Victor's shadow then that's because she knows that's where she needs to be to get what she wantsThrough her eyes the tortured genius of Victor becomes a sometimes frightening thing and yet nothing is as terrifying as being a woman in 18th Century Europe The stifling constraints placed on women and their ambitions are palpable as the story unfolds It was so easy for a woman to be dismissed as whiny or silly or worse madWhen Victor goes missing in Ingolstadt and writes no letters Elizabeth begins to track him down Her investigation leads her down dark paths to charnel houses and secret laboratories What has Victor been up to? Knowing the truth didn't take anything away from reading In fact it made those mysterious dark shadows all the creepier This story largely fills in gaps in the original tale while shedding a completely new light on it It's smart how Kiersten White has managed to keep a lot the same while also creating a bigger and very different looking pictureThe original Frankenstein calls into uestion what it really means to be a monster and indeed who the real monsters are I think White might have answered that uestionBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    Well that was dark and delicious

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    You are mine Elizabeth Lavenza and nothing will take you from me Not even death I do not think I expected one of the best books I read this year to be a retelling of Frankenstein where it’s not just about the nature of monstrousness but about the power of women working together and escaping an abusive relationship with intoxicating writing and a morally grey lady as the protagonist And yet here we are I don’t think you can talk about this book without talking about the characters because they really do star Their group is so fantastic and I absolutely loved the importance of the various character relationships within the book; rather than being driven by romance Elizabeth is primarily driven by her relationship with Justine and to some extent later Henry and Mary ✔Elizabeth – one of the most interesting and developed narrators I have had the pleasure of reading about this year she is so deeply morally ambiguous yet so sympathetic to the audience and also the narrative agency HER MIND ✔Mary – definitely a lesbian I have no evidence for this she’s just gay book nerd badass ✔Justine – the naive or stereotypically ladylike lady character in this novel and yet is treated just as well by the story as Elizabeth and Mary deserved better✔Henry – a good man a pure man the only man we’ve ever trusted I support him✔Victor – no a bad man and we hate himI absolutely loved the way Kiersten White wrote the abusive relationship at the heart of this we see the fucked up nature of that relationship long before Elizabeth does but it never feels as if Elizabeth “should’ve known better” In every moment she has full audience sympathy in every moment even if I hated her actions I understood her The narrative puts you so far into her mind that it is impossible to look away and it is glorious I think the focus on agency within a narrative should be clear but I really do want to say this is why retellings are my favorite Taking a book that is about the essential nature of humanity from the perspective of a man and flipping its themes solidly is something I will always be in full support of the meta textuality of the narrative is absolutely brilliant And it’s not just about one woman it’s about the relationships between women and the strength found in them Mary Justine and Elizabeth form such fantastic relationships and each feels so fully formed in a way they may not have in the original narrative I could criticize this the first half is far too slow in my opinion and I still can’t decide whether to love or hate the ending but I’m not sure it’s what I would have wanted but I can already feel an urge to reread and annotate and write even about the themes in this book For me that is a declaration of love I think this book and my new love for Victorian horror convinced me to read Frankenstein for a project this fall so maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to reread Who knows All I know is that I loved this and I hope you all love it too TW abuse self harm body horror 💜 buddyread with my literal favorite person MelanieBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    you know what’s really fun and in style right now? retellings of old famous tales but focusing the spotlight on the lives of the women in them and carving spaces for their storiesI’m so excited to read this book

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    “Elizabeth” he said his tone firm and chiding He lifted my chin and fixed my eyes with his “You are mine You have been since the first day we met You will be mine forever My absence should not have caused you to doubt the firmness and steadfastness of my attachment to you It will never fade” This turned out to be a pretty twisted love story I read Frankenstein in details than anyone should ever read a book when I was in 10th grade I was in Academic Decathlon and that year for the literature portion we had to read Frankenstein I was determined to master the book and I wrote a summary for it that was practically as long as the book itself And therein lies my only complaint about this book It's just too damned longWhich is not to say it's not good It is excellent It is the story of Elizabeth Lavenza the foster child of the Frankensteins Far details are present in this book than in the original the story is fleshed out so much But the fact that it works as a retelling because it is believableElizabeth was an orphaned child condemned to a miserable life The young Victor was an uncontrollable strange little boy whose parents despaired of him Elizabeth got a new life when she was sold to the Frankensteins as a playmate for Victor who became attached to her from the very first meetingElizabeth is strong cunning She might have been young but from the age of five she has learned survival Survival meant Victor and making herself indispensable to him She molds herself to fit her new life and to what Victor needs I had become this girl in order to survive but the longer I lived in her body the easier it was to simply be her She never forgets what she doesn't have which is everything The only thing that keeps her in the wealthy Frankenstein household and off the streets or another orphanage is her ability to control the volatile Victor I used smiles like currency They were the only currency I ever had My dresses my shoes my ribbons—they all belonged to the Frankensteins The situations in the book are beautifully explained many times I found myself exclaiming well this isn't true because in the book only to have everything seamlessly explained and incorporated chapters laterIt really is such a good book but again It is just too Damned Long

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    I'm so disappointed oh myI really enjoyed the first 150 pages or so even though most people who disliked this seem to think it was the boring part of the book lol but it just went downhill after thisEverything happened so fast and was unnecessarily rushed Why not write a longer book? It only had around 280 pages anyway It read as if White just wanted to finish as uickly as possible Because of that the story got and unbelievable and felt artificially constructed forced even I kind of liked the direction White went with Elizabeth in the beginning of the book She was selfish and absolutely unlikeable but in a well written way But that was also ruined after the sudden change in the story I get that her character was supposed to grow but again it felt forced and unnatural It happened too fast for it be believable Victor also was interesting at the start And again he was ruined by another try of forcing some kind of growth on him not really a positive one but I can't think of another word lol I mean it was obvious in what direction his character would go but it just wasn't done in a good and realistic way I don't want to sound repetitive but again it was too sudden and not portrayed realistically Oh and in regards of any plot twists none of them were unpredictable at all And I'm seriously not good at guessing them So that was underwhelming lol Overall I liked the idea and I really enjoyed about half of the book but everything after that completely ruined it for me 🤷🏻‍♀️spoiler aheadI would have liked this if the epilogue didn't happen though It actually would've been a satisfying ending if they both died that way But oh well here we have another author that is too scared to kill of their characters And what the fuck was the deal with Adam? Are you actually trying to convince me that they can live happily ever after with him?? Sorry but no lmao

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    i'm so sad that this didn't do much for me mind you there were a few moments that were written in such an intensely captivating way that i couldn't stop myself from reading on it's just that a lot of times i felt like the story was being dragged out and that's where i feel conflicted i still loved the writing style can't wait to see what kiersten white has up her sleeve next

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    Closer to 45 stars due to pacing issues but I enjoyed the book enough to round it up to 5 stars This is a creepy gothic story that reframes the narrative from a woman’s perspective and a toxic relationship that she must navigate What’s fascinating here is the dynamic of a female character who purposely pigeonholes herself to be a supporting character role that only exists to serve a man’s narrative as an act of survival and self preservation I love how this added so much depth to her character and illustrated the restrictions of a woman in 18th century Europe I found the dynamic between Elizabeth and Victor to be very true to abusive relationships and how a woman often must make herself smaller than a man in order to appease him The prevalent complaint among most book reviews is the slow pacing of the story because nothing happens for pretty much the first half of the book However I didn’t find this to be an issue because I viewed this as a character study and enjoyed the moments that flashed between present and past in order to build up these characters This is character driven not plot driven and as someone who loved seeing these characters and relationships being slowly crafted and foreshadowing to doom I enjoyed these slower moments and nuances My pacing critiue is so towards the end The last 100 pages are exciting action packed and fly by so uickly that I wish we had time to relish in the new developments that happen It felt imbalanced compared to the beginning 23 where we really got to savor the characters I wish we had spent time with the pivotal turn of Elizabeth’s character and the found family trope

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    ARC provided by Random House in exchange for an honest review “Some nights when even my child’s heart knew that what I had been asked to endure was too much I would stand on the edge of the lake lift my face to the stars and scream Nothing ever called back Even among the creeping things of the lake’s night I was alone Until Victor” Kiersten White wrote this book to honor the fact that 2018 is the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley It has been ten years since I picked up Frankenstein and even though I didn’t completely love this with my whole heart Emily May’s review not only made me want to pick it up again this fall but it also made me realize that I probably missed a ton of beautiful homages within these pagesSo my review is coming to you from someone that’s no longer familiar with the source material My rating is pretty much strictly based off the story that Kiersten White crafted And even though I loved how beautifully feminist this was and I was completely enthralled with the writing tone and setting I just didn’t love the actual story The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein stars young Elizabeth who finally feels safe living in the Frankenstein home And she will do anything to ensure he place in the family so she can continue to have that safety And she does this by getting close to the oldest son of the manor Victor Frankenstein himself Victor is prone to outbursts of anger and Elizabeth is the only one that can keep him calm But Victor has been away for a while and Elizabeth is scared to lose her place in the family Therefore her and the governess who is also her good friend go on a hunt to find Victor and bring him back home “I have waded through hell to deliver you heaven” And that governess? Justine Moritz is honestly the star of this book I love her with the sum of my being Kiersten White did such a wonderful job really fleshing out her character and making me feel even for her I truly think Mary Shelley would be so damn proud My other favorite is the bookseller that is cutely and conveniently named Mary These two girls were easily my favorite and probably the reason this book is getting three stars instead of two And if I were Elizabeth I would have been doing everything in my power to date either or both of them “I do not fear to die I do not want to live in a world where devils can take such perfect beautiful innocence without punishment” But them going to retrieve Victor is truly only the first part of this story There are two others that hold within them the events that take place when they return back home Also this story is told with constant flashbacks to events from the past so you are kind of able to see why everyone acts the way they do Sadly I just feel like the biggest problem with this novel was the predictability Again it has been a hot second since I’ve read Frankenstein but I don’t even remember everything being as obvious as it was in this And again I know this is an homage to the book but I feel like the book still has to sort of hold up on its own for today’s audience regardless of their familiarity to the original source material “I dreaded another flash of lightning for what it might reveal of the person in the trees watching me He stood at least seven feet tall a hulking and unnatural creature Fear drained my fury” And that truly is the biggest problem with the book for me I really enjoyed the rest and I feel like the setting of this book was completely mastered And the writing? It’s wonderful This is a relatively short book but I was able to pull over twenty uotes that I could have used for that review That’s seriously impressive Kiersten White’s beautiful prose really shines through and I think she really is a master crafter of words And as I touched upon before the feminism in this book is so very beautiful and so very unapologetic In general I think the inclusion of just creating Elizabeth and making her the star of this tale was genius But I mean women still aren’t truly considered eual to men in 2018 but in the 1800s? Lord help me Elizabeth goes from one abusive home to another but they are just very different kinds of abuse This story constantly shows how women are only truly safe with protection from a man Yet even then a woman can be institutionalized and put away in an asylum if they do anything to cross the man that is supposed to protect them I feel like this story really shines a spotlight on toxic love and how it can be the most destructive thing on Earth The cycles of abuse that Victor shows is something that I wish I could highlight for all young kids to see Sometimes it's very hard for the person being abused to see acknowledge and realize that they are being abused This story really showcases that and gaslighting and how hard it is to break the cycle and those abusive relationships in the 1800s and in the 2000s “You are mine Elizabeth Lavenza and nothing will take you from me Not even death” Trigger and content warnings for child abuse and abuse in general medical experimentation murder death heavy dictions of surgical practices especially different cutting and sewing procedures animal abuse animal cruelty animal death and talk of suicideOverall I was a little let down by this because I truly did expect to love this Yet I think there is something here for every human to appreciate reading this retelling Also I think big fans of Frankenstein will probably really appreciate this rendition even Lastly I just want to remind you all how much of a badass Mary Shelley the ueen of horror and science fiction really was What a damn blessing to literature 200 years later and for all the rest of time Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationBuddy read with Elise My French Spider ueen ❤

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    ”While I saw the destruction of the tree as nature’s beauty Victor saw power – power to light up the night and banish darkness power to end a centuries old life in a single strike – that he cannot control or access And nothing bothers Victor than something he cannot control”This book was recommended to me by Mara at the beginning of October and I’m so glad I followed her recommendation If not I would have missed out on one of the best retellings I ever read and that’s a fact XD “The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein” had me glued to my seat right from the moment I began to read it and even though the ending was rather abrupt I still think that it was great Especially because it was mostly my own fault that it was so sudden lol ”Words and stories were tools to elicit the desired reactions in others and I was an expert craftswoman”Need an explanation for that sentiment? Well apparently the kindle version also includes the original “Frankenstein” from Mary Shelley XD And since I was completely unaware of this addition I found myself at 51% reading the ending of the book and couldn’t help but wonder how that happened XD So for me the ending came a little bit sudden but if you know that the original is included in the annex of this book you should be fine ; ”I would lie silent and still like a corpse as he studied me His careful delicate hands explored all the bones and tendons the muscles and tracings of veins that make up a person “But where is Elizabeth?” he would ask his ear against my heart “Which part makes you?”I had no answer and neither did heI think what I loved the most about this book were the two very intriguing main characters I mean we have Elizabeth Lavenza and Victor Frankenstein One a girl that learned to read others because her life depended on it and doesn’t hesitate to use her knowledge in order to manipulate the people around her and the other one a highly intelligent boy who was taught how to hide his psychopathic nature from the world around him Seriously if there ever was a character that was good at covering his true feelings then it’s Victor At the beginning of the book I actually thought that Elizabeth was the real manipulator but the I read the I realized that she might have met her perfect match in Victor ; P It’s easy to see that those two love each other deeply but boy do they have a destructive relationship Hell in fact it’s so destructive that Lady Gaga might have even had it in mind when she wrote her song “Bad Romance” lol Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for such things though so it’s no wonder I enjoyed their interactions immensely ”Someday death will claim you And I will not allow it” His eyes narrowed and his voice trembled with fury and determination “You are mine Elizabeth Lavenza and nothing will take you from me Not even death” ”I wanted to pinch him to pull on his hair until he cried out in pain I also wanted to press my mouth against his and devour him Consume him Instead I smoothed his hair back from his forehead playing with the silky curls”See what I mean? They are certainly than just a little intense XD I suppose in their own way they are both committed to each other and this leads to both of them only seeing the best in their counterpart Well at least until their relationship turns into flat out obsession from Victor’s side Then again he was possessive right from the beginning; he was just way too good at covering up the truth ; He’s constantly walking a thin line between genius and madness and the longer we read the we see that line blur He turned searching my face for either my response or a clue to how his own should be shaped “Is that wrong?” I had guided him so much in how to react to things how to shape his expressions how to be sympathetic But I had nothing to offer him nowI swear Kiersten White created such a multi layered and complex character that you can’t help but like Victor I was disgusted by what he did and we all know that it’s wrong trying to play god yet at the same time I couldn’t help but be intrigued by his genius and intelligent mind Mary and I definitely had that in common lol The character arc of Elizabeth was well done too and I really enjoyed her journey By the end of the book she found herself and broke out of her cramped confines and this was really nice to see Conclusion ”I had accused Victor of creating a monster but I had done the same”Kiersten White knows how to write complex multi layered and morally grey characters If all of her books have that in common I’m so ready to read XD “The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein” was a great book and the plot as well as the writing style kept me reading The ending might have been rather abrupt but I believe that this was due to my ignorance so I can’t really blame the author for it lol All told this was an amazing retelling and I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for Kiersten White’s other books So this is going to be my first official Halloween read this month and it’s only just the 18th YAY Am I fast or not? lol You really don’t have to answer that one Anyway This book was recommended to me by this amazing young lady and I hope it’s going to be a great spooky read I read the original “Frankenstein” from Mary Shelley and I uite enjoyed it so I’m pretty certain that this will be great too I live and thrive on dark books they shouldn’t be all too scary though XDWish me luck ;

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