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Emily Lime whose name reads the same backwards as forwards is a photographer and word lover at large Her Brooklyn neighborhood teems with eccentrics and their myriad pets and Emily is proud to call many of them her friends Although the thirtysomething crossword junkie is flying so A fun light read

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Solos Author Kitty Burns Florey

Lo and down on her financial luck she's learned to be happy with life's simple pleasures Things get complicated when Marcus Mead Emily's dog walker cum Scrabble rival comes into the picture Widely considered an oddball the endearing twenty year old has unwittingly become Emily's a This is a fun st Fox Run (The Madison Wolves, on her financial luck she's learned to be happy with life's simple pleasures Things get complicated when Marcus Mead Emily's dog walker cum Scrabble rival comes into the picture Widely considered an Monty Python's Flying Circus: Complete and Annotated . . . All the Bits oddball the endearing twenty year Fingerpicking Styles for Guitar old has unwittingly become Emily's a This is a fun st

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Bsurd unreuited love The only problem besides the sixteen year age difference is that Marcus's father is Emily's paranoid unsavory ex husband and he wants her dead More specifically he wants Marcus to kill her And now it'll take some cunning to solve the puzzle that is their lives This was a good

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    The protagonist's name is a palindrome who lives in a palindrome of a zip code; the chapter titles are palindromes as well It's as though the book were straining to be cutesy over the top yet it wasn'tFlorey has a remarkable gift for evoking place Williamsburgh Brooklyn probably the strongest point of the story Her characters are well written and interesting although as a group they can be a bit gentrification ish; I felt connection with some of the secondaries than with Emily herself Technically there is a plot but not a lot of suspense; I didn't find that a problem but was aware that events drifted rather than moved Much of one chapter concerns that month's meeting of the Trollope group to which Emily and Marcus belong They discuss debate points of Dr Wortle's School agreeing to read Miss Mackenzie next Trollope enthusiasts guilty as charged will enjoy Emily's thoughts on that book as she reads it during the second half of Solos

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    A fun light read definitely try it

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    Again I am struck by Florey's gift for creating interesting characters This is a delightful novel Since I tend to read things that are ultimately depressing I needed something playful But by playful I don't mean frivolous I read straight through without growing impatient and skipping ahead Don't judge me The setting this time is NYC; a neighborhood with a palindromic zip code and a heroine with a palindromic name There's a sort of mystery and a sort of romance but it is finally a celebration of finding one's place in the world I am going to track down as many books by Kitty Burns Florey that I can

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    I can't remember any where or who this was recommended by but thank god they did Florey's uirky writing played particularly well to my own reading sensibilities She really loves the strange oddities that make up our lives and what at first may sound like a confused over wrought plot turns to pure simplicity in her capable handsThis basic premise here is that Marcus has been asked by his father to kill his ex wife Emily Lime However there's a bit to it then that which I won't give away but for such a dastardly plot the book is filled with lovely characters and a cozy setting that made me want to walk right in and grab a cookie they eat cookies a lot And just when I thought the plot was the point alas It was a message book in disguiseEmily Lime doesn't like change and neither do I The author does an admirable job of showing that it isn't all bad though She also makes unlikely situations seem particularly normal Women in love was a man 15 years younger than her? Why not? Man happens to secretly be the son of her ex husband? Of courseA fun sweet story about unreuited love artistic personalities and the love of a pet this could have cheered up Sylvia Plath Definitely recommended although I have trouble trying to define to who other than anyone who likes to read Oh The cute chapter titles are worth the read alone; they're all palindromes

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    This is a fun story set in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn zip code 11211 featuring the word loving woman Emily Lime As you may have noticed Emily's name is a palindrome and of these and other word play instances abound That is part of what makes it all fun Emily has a dog Otto and a bird Izzy As we learn about Emily's life her professions gardening assistant and photographer her friends in the neighborhood and how she came to be where she is in her life we also come to see the neighborhood itself Emily just scrapes by financially but has a rich life with friends animals and her interest in the world she lives inOne of Emily's friends is Marcus Mead dog walker and fellow word afficiando Marcus's father is Emily's ex husband and Marcus is aware of this but doesn't think Emily is When Marcus's father Hart offers Marcus money to kill Emily Marcus must puzzle out what this is all aboutWonderful characters a neighborhood come alive and personable pets A great entertaining read

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    If I could I'd actually mark this 4 and a half stars because while I wouldn't classify it as uite amazing it was a great read the uickness of which belies the emotional depth and richness of the story Also I'm a huge word dork so I loved all the palindroms and word games scattered throughout AND the heroine's name is Emily what's not to love?

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    A great light summercottage read Interesting uirky group of characters brought together by words they like crossword puzzles palindromes etc art and animalspetsEmily Lime a palindrome is a starving artist who is in love with her dog walker Marcus who also happens to be her ex husband Hart's son and Hart has asked Marcus to kill Emily

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    This was a good fun read about a young woman living in Bklyn the book is full of jokes that are sophisticated and mature enough to not be sillyWill look for books by her a good fast read

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    This book is fun light reading with romance uirky neighbors mysterious relatives suspense and mystery

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    this book is very good but is just a lot of confusingit seems that the main character Marcus does love his father Hart also Emily thinks that Hart is not a bad person after all

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