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Published story The Prisoner's Release whose characters subseuently filled three novels and two short story anthologiesFull story list Auifers In Between Secrets Don't Blink Jacks to Open Race to the Moon Drifting How to Get Through the Day and The Prisoner's Release REALLY great introduction to Kyell Gold I can t wait to get some of these in paperback Auifers45 stars In Between5 st

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Here are nine stories spanning Kyell Gold's career to date including four Ursa Major Award winning short stories and one story nominated for a WSFA Small Press Science Fiction award Three of the stories originally appeared as stand alone stories online and were later i OverallFurries aren t really my thing I feel like I ve said that before but I ve heard good reviews about this author

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Ncorporated into the award winning novels Waterways and Out of PositionThis collection serves as an excellent introduction to the many worlds he has explored in the last decade and includes his popular online stories Auifers and In Between Also present is Kyell's first An anthology of MM romances and one fable featuring furry characters This is my first foray into the genre and whilst

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about upcoming travel plans upcoming books and news general writing principles gay rights and whatever else seems interesting And I co host a podcast called Unsheathed where we talk about the craft of writing and the furry fandom sometimes at the same timeIf you have a uestion about any of the books check the FA on my website and then ask away.

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    Auifers45 stars Awesome YA story dealing with race class religion sexuality and family matters but it never got

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    15 StarsThis was a compilation of furry mm stories Let me repeat Furry mm Hmmm okay first the positives I think that the author did a good job

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    OverallFurries aren't really my thing I feel like I've said that before but I've heard good reviews about this author from other people who didn't really think they'd like a novel centered around furries Furries the anthropomorphic animals not the humans who dress up like animals and have sex just to clarify I w

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    An anthology of MM romances and one fable featuring furry characters This is my first foray into the genre and whilst it

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    When I was a kid here in Sweden there was a very popular TV show called I fablernas varld when it was broadcaseted in the UK it was called The Daily Fable Anyway this was a series about different animals living together in a community in mostly harmony They had human style clothes human style jobs went to school they all spoke the same language in short they might as well have been humans but they weren'tThis is the case with the

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    This anthology has a little bit of everything You have first love college jock super hero's some funny and some angst I thought about rating each story seperately because a couple were definitely the favorites for me but I

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    REALLY great introduction to Kyell Gold I can't wait to get some of these in paperback Auifers45 stars In Between5 stars omg I can't wait to finally read Out Of Position Secrets5 stars Don't Blink3 stars Took a while for me to get into I enjoyed where it ended upJacks to Open4 starsRace to the Moon35 stars cuteDrifting5 stars um wow that was just depressing How to Get Through the Day3 starsThe Prisoner's Release35 star

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    These short stories are populated by endearing characters and relatable factors The characters may be non humans with their own perceptions of scent light etc but they're also very ordinary people who need to explore their sexual identities or otherwise change their lives Lots of gay sex scenes which may not be everyone's cup of tea but th

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    Was in the free romances through kindle Decided saying no to something completely different would be silly Besides the roleplays I write in I have never read any furry fics So this was different The sex in the stories was worked in w

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    Kyell never seems to disappointWhile not the skilled wordsmith that Kyell is I'll try to do this review justice He's always had a way with makin

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