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Eye operation Lauren suddenly finds herself faced with a challenge should she get the operation that might make her confident and popular or can she find that confidence within herself Laura Williams' sensitive beautifully written story offers a powerful lesson to young readers whose self esteem depends too much on how they look Made me laugh and made me cry great characters important topics

Review Slant Author Laura E. Williams

Slant Author Laura E. Williams

Everyone else in her suburban Connecticut school she'd just be happy if kids stopped calling her slant and gook Up until now she's been able to ignore the insults but when the cutest boy in her class calls her slant she realizes she needs to do something about her nickname When she convinces her reluctant father to consent to the Everybody wishes they were different somehow For Lauren Wallace a Korean American adoptee it s her eyes She is constantly bullied for her suinted eyes called names like chinko and slant When she saves up enough money to pay for plastic surgery to make her eyes rounder she suddenly has regrets that turn into the hardest decision of her lifeI really enjoyed this super short contemporary novelMost of the characters are spot on and I could really relate to a lot of them not the main character s specific problem for I m not Asian but I defiantly empathize with her situationThe story was short and concise which I think was a very smart move on the author s part Sometimes books just go on and on and eventually you just don t care about how it endsLauren find some possibly unrealistic courage around the very end but it s not really something to worry aboutThere were teary parts and enticing parts Defiantly a fun bookAlternate rating B

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Thirteen year old Lauren a Korean American adoptee is best friends with the prettiest and tallest girl in the school Julie who has an endless amount of confidence Lauren on the other hand has been saving for years to pay for a special eye surgery that will deepen the crease of her eyelids It's not that she wants to look like Transracial adoption race based bullying elective plastic surgery for teens family secrets There s a lot going on here for a middle grades book but it holds together well enough to work for that age group I think

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    This book had some real eye openers in it I never cease to be amazed that people can't see the beauty in every living being

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    Transracial adoption race based bullying elective plastic surgery for teens family secrets There's a lot going on

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    Lauren is a Korean American adoptee She has a loving dad and little sister She has a close best friend But she also has a deep insecurity and a secret plan for solving that problemShe's only thirteen years old but Lauren is confronting a grown up uestion If people tease you for your different physical features s

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    Everybody wishes they were different somehow For Lauren Wallace a Korean American adoptee it's her eyes She is

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    Meet Lauren a Korean American adoptee on her 13th birthday Lauren's greatest wish is to have round eyes like other American girls the boys at school call her names Slant is the name that hurts the most It is Lauren's goal to have surgery on h

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    I enjoyed this uick read I liked how Lauren was not a stereotypical bratty teenager Good story

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    Recently I saw a post going around about an Asian author whose draft with an Asian main character had been rejected by a publisher because The charactersjust do not seem Asian enough They act like everyone else They don't eat Korean food they don't speak Korean and you have to think about ways to make these characters 'ethnic' different We g

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    An interesting perspective from a Korean American adoptee This was a uick read that really doesn't focus on anything else besides slanty eyes

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    Made me laugh and made me cry; great characters; important topics

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    Perhaps it wasn’t a strain of the imagination when Laura Williams Korean American adoptee and author created Lauren Wallace Korean American adoptee and narrator of Slant a young adult novel that comes out this October If Williams’ personal experience is the source of the warm and uirky details that enrich this story I applaud her staying

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