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Pebbles of Perception

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    If you're a fan of Shane Parrish Tim Ferriss James Altucher or similar authorsbroadcasters this book is for you It's a short best of from much larger volumes like Charlie Munger's Almanack While that means that much of Pebbles of Perception isn't new content it's a great Cliff's Notes of some highly regarded workPebbles closes with recommendations for seven specific books If you've read them you'll be familiar with much of Pebbles itselfA New Earth by Eckhart TolleInfluence by Robert CialdiniMan's Emerging Mind by N J BerrillPoor Charlie's Almanack by Charles T MungerRelationship Relationship Relationship by Tony Humphreys and Helen RuddleThe Promise by Graham W PriceThinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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    We all must have come across a story about a young inexperienced manwoman who has suffered in life and therefore climbs to the top of a mountain to seek advice from THE wise man And I'm uite certain we've all been through those moments when we were desperately in need of such wisdom Too soon old Too late wise Lucky for us all we don't have to labor up any mountain to acuire it because many books exist for this very reason Open Pebbles of Perception and we can touch wisdom

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    I see this book as a perfect college graduation gift I will encourage each of my kids to read it in due time Great wisdom in short simple chapters Add this to the list of books I wish I'd read in my 20's

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    Good read Crisp summary of many good books mixed with personal reflections makes it a worthwhile read

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    This is a great and uick read of things that matters in life Definitely a good read 👍

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    Snippets of wisdom from modern masters Ray Dalio Charlie Munger etc

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    Good uick ReadThis is a Nicely written short book on what is important in our lives It is an easy read that anyone can take away some words to live by I know I always need to remind myself what is important in my life and that winter never lasts forever spring will make its way Be grateful

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    I really enjoyed this book It is comprised of a number of small chapters with each having its own topic I've heard a lot of the advice before but found some interesting information

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    Not so much a book as the authors notes on other books 2 stars makes it seem like it is bad which it isn’t but if you have read the books he mentions then he has nothing new to add

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    Enjoyable and easy to read A lot of wisdom from many sources concentrated in one pancake Wise head on young shoulders