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    I love this book As someone who takes a great deal of pleasure from observing the mundane and has the trainspotting notebooks to prove it I love this celebration of dull passions I particularly like the guy who photographs post boxes the boy who collects tax discs the man who has visited every railway station in the country and my particular favourite the man who has kept a detailed diary of every time he has mowed his lawn since 1984 Such dedication These men are a true inspiration

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    Ah this book It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend but I finally picked it up to read my stacks of to be reads are dwindling and found it to be rather wonderful When I first got it I assumed it was something along the lines of the deadpan humor of The Onion website but in fact the member stories within come across as genuinely in earnest Frankly any of these individuals would be neighbors I'd be happy to see living next door Are the collections eccentric? Sure but many of them stem from the employment of the men they do indeed hold down jobscareers and some have their own businesses and keep these folks active and engaged with the wider world Particular favorites for me were the post box photographer whose son developed a sort of Pokémon Go for postboxes for his dad to locate all 115000 boxes in the UK; Lord of the Ring Kevin Beresford president of the Roundabout Appreciation Society; toy soldier collector Tim Barker seriously I don't think this is sufficiently dull to warrant membership but maybe that means I ualify for a Dull Women's Club; and World War I buff Tony Cooke who has a replica British Army tank parked on his front drive and is currently planning a World War I museum in Cambridge These men may be considered dull by the world but the book was a fun read

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    Interesting book on the hobbies and interests of men often considered dull Examples include bandstands tax disc collecting and the roundabout enthusiast The book also includes details on how to become a Dull Men's Club member This was given to me by my family as a Christmas gift so maybe I should celebrate being a Dull Man

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Rs of the Dull Men’s Club and are passionate about the everyday unglamorous things in life They are dull and proud and urge the good ordinary men of the nati Engendering Song unglamorous things in life They are dull and proud and Listening Woman by Tony Hillerman Summary & Study Guide urge the good ordinary men of the nati

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Dull Men of Great Britain

Neil collects bricks Kevin is a roundabout enthusiast John runs the Apostrophe Protection Society and Keith’s actual job is watching paint dry They are membe

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On to join them now Whether you have a thing for pylons or rhubarb reclaim and celebrate the ordinary Includes Free Honorary MembershipPredictable Reliable Saf