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Once there lived a lovelorn prince whose mother decreed that he must marry by the end of the summer So began the search to find the prince’s perfect match and lo and beholdhis name was LeeYou are cordially invited to join the merriest mos After reading this book I was honestly a little disappointe The Book of Revelation reading this book I was honestly a little disappointe

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Reader uiz available InsideOut Book Club selection Lambda Literary Award Honorable mention in the “Most Unusual Book of the Year” category for Publishers Weekly’s 2002 “Off the Cuff” Awards or “Cuffies” selected by booksellers I read this book because it is a very freuently challenged Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) read this book because it is a very freuently challenged

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T unexpected wedding of the year KING KING is a contemporary tale about finding true love and living happily ever after sure to woo readers of any age A great giftExuberant artwork full of visual play calls for repeated readingsAccelerated I discovered this book on a display of 'Banned Books' at ou さくら荘のペットな彼女 9 readers of any age A great giftExuberant artwork full of visual play calls for The Art of Not Breathing repeated As Bees in Honey Drown readingsAccelerated I discovered this book on a display of 'Banned Books' at ou

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    Yay now my kids can read MM romance with me DI love that this story is just the classic fairytale plot line but with two princes at the end I think not changing it up from the typical Disney HEA makes it much easier for younger kids to understand the normality of gay relationships Unfortunately the pictures didn't appeal to my kids or me very much so they weren't completely engaged

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    King King tells the story of a young prince whose mother the elderly ueen would like to retire and demands he marry in order to take the throne whut??? The ueen sends letters to all the local princesses to get them to come and basically audition to become ueen Apparently the Prince is gay however as he falls in love with the Prince that accompanies his sister to audition There's a happy weddingBLAH BLAH This is a pro gay book in one of the most misogynistic ways possible and as gay rights are interlinked with dismantling sexism as well as racism and homophobia it pretty much fails at being pro gay The prince is actively rude while many of the women are shamed by the writing itself There's also racism in how certain characters of color are treated And of course there's the uestion of why the hell the ueen needs him to marry before he becomes king she is apparently a single parent and seems to be running the kingdom just fine All in all I was actually pretty disgusted by this book

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    After reading this book I was honestly a little disappointed The premise seemed so fantastic that I really wanted to like it And the artwork is fantastical which made me want to like it even But the thing I am reminding myself of is that as we get and lgbt themed children's literature some of it is bound to be just okay And this book was okay It's nice that their is the premise that a Prince could like and fall in love with another price But I would have a liked a little attention to King King after they meet but before they marry especially after a multitude of pages about the different women he decided not to marry They see each other and they marry Why not give them even a page to fall in love? Also why does the princess from India get a name which seems to be a mockery of Indian names? Dolly got a traditional ? Texansoutherncountry name Aria got a name which reflected her singing Madeleine got a real name for no reason other than the fact that she appears to be pretty and I would guess we are supposed to assume that he would like her And then the Indian princess gets Rahjmashputtin? Perhaps I am harping on details but details are important particularly in children's literature where we are laying the foundation for the adults they will grow into On that same note platform shoes? Is he gay? Is he a cross dresser? Is he both? Any of those are fine but just tossing platform shoes on him to indicate his gay ness doesn't sit right with meWhile the collage aspect of the illustrations is an admirable artistic feat it makes this story less likely to be a suitable read aloud It would however be fun for parents and children to read together and track what the crazy cat is up to in each scene

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    I didn't especially care for the art but that isn't really the point I encouraged the local library to lay it in after a local teacher was fired for reading it aloud to his class Of course this was before the Supremes handed down their decision which permitted all consenting adults to choose whomever they want to marry I have no sympathy with bigots pushing their discrimination in public schools and I hope that teacher earns a really hefty settlement from the state for wrongful firingI will now resume posting books without reviews because timeLibrary copy

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    This beautifully illustrated story is about a young prince whose mother is fed up of him and wants him to get married The ueen brought forward many princesses from far and wide but here was absolutely nothing and nobody that sparked any attraction between them and the young prince One day a young princess comes along to meet the prince with her brother “the prince felt a stir in his heart It was love at first sight The princess of course looks confused The story tells of a whirlwind romance between the two princes and at last illustrates the wedding between the two pronouncing them ‘King King’ To make sure that this has been realised by all readers the final picture shows the pair sharing a kiss making this point very clear I must admit this story did shock me when I read it out loud to a class of year one children through my work as a teaching assistant It was handed to me by the teacher so I just thought it was a normal story about a young King little did I know it was going to spark up some controversial conversation between myself and the class thirty children I thought this was a wonderful story outlining some of the truths of today that young children know about these topics to help avoid any sort of prejudice they may formulate through their peers at an older age I find that the minds of children in KS1 are uite innocent so this was the perfect age group to introduce this sort of story If any younger they wouldn’t have really understood what was happening at this age they could understand it and see that there are people that have different kinds of relationships be in heterosexual bisexual or homosexual Regardless of whichever one it is it is a part of our everyday livesIt was obvious that most of the children did think that the idea of a boy falling in love with another boy was disgusting but some of the other children did listen and think about what the story was telling us This did bring up a great discussion and many uestions which did make everybody think about the world we live inAs I mentioned before this is definitely a controversial story as some people and parents may not feel comfortable of happy with knowing that their children were learning about such topics at such a young age

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    I discovered this book on a display of 'Banned Books' at our local library The LGBT theme and same sex marriage is the trigger for the reuest to ban the book and I am sad that books like this are still considered controversial The narrative is fun and humorous and the mixed media illustrations are colorful and whimsical if a bit rudimentary I was charmed by Princess Dolly of course and loved how she danced with crown kitty in the church aisle during the wedding even if she did not capture the prince's affection Overall it was an entertaining take on the classic story of the prince searching for his true love Not nearly as good as I'd hoped but well worth a read Our oldest commented that she wasn't a fan of the ueen who puts her son down comparing him to all the other princes and insisting that he marry right away I understand her concern but this kind of plotdialogue is a traditional part of this kind of 'the prince must marry' tale

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    I loved the way this started out especially the voice of the ueen But I found the presentation of the princesses rather off putting the first three were deliberately made to seem unattractive and the fourth—the princess from Mumbai—was mocked for her long arms which actually seemed kind of offensive I love the idea of the prince falling in love with another prince but I think making the princesses so unappealing undercuts the concept somewhat It’s also slightly disappointing that it was love at first sight—I understand there’s not a ton of room for long drawn out romances in picture books but it would have been nice if we got to feel there was some reason he fell in love with the prince other than just the fact that he’s male

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    My personal reaction to this book was I thought King and King was a great information book for young children For example showing that having two kings is okay really highlight how everyone can love someone different and they do not have to look or be a certain way The purpose of the book would be for read aloud enriching purposes This would be suitable for first gradeI think this would be a good book to read when we are talking about family or how every family can be different Kind and King outlines how the world is changing and becoming dynamic After the book talk about real world and how it relates This book is from a diverse perspective and enhance the meaning of difference Then create a family tree with children

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    I read this book because it is a very freuently challenged children's book The story is about a ueen who decides to retire so she tells her son the Prince that it's time for him to get married and take over as King She calls princesses from all around the world to come meet the Prince but he doesn't like any of them Instead he falls in love with Prince Lee so they get married and rule the kingdom together as King and King so the ueen can enjoy her retirementObviously this book gets challenged because it depicts a loving gay relationship People are the worst This book was the best Any parents who want to incorporate positive LGBT stories into their reading for their kids should get this title

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    I felt mix feelings over this book but overall I liked the message behind it As you can tell by the title it was going to be about two kings and as the book goes on you find out that the prince marries another male One thing I liked about it was how the prince came to realization that he liked the same sex and eventually ended up being happy with it and marrying him I liked this because a lot of the times kids don't know why they don't feel attracted to the opposite sex because they aren't educated about being LGBT If they were introduced at a younger age that it is okay to be who they are they would maybe come to turns sooner so I'm glad Haan wrote this children's book