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    Leticia by Lindsay Anne KendalUpdated review after the book has been reworked4 StarsLeticia is a lone werewolf forced into isolation by her ex boyfriends inability to come to terms with her lineage and his determination to rid the world of `her type' She spends eight years in her wolf form having very little contact with humans until the loneliness becomes unbearable leaving her with no choice but to face the world and people again It soon becomes clear to Leticia that not much has changed someone is still hunting her so refusing to spend the rest of her life on the run Leticia decides to stay and face her enemies With the help of some new found supernatural friends and an inner strength she didn't realised she had they stand together and fight backThe novel is set in an area of England close to where I personally live and visit often so it was surreal to read about it in a book I was able to visualise the places easily as I know them so well Clearly Lindsay has researched the area and has included a lot of historical facts that I was unaware ofJackson and his sister Nancy are shape shifters they live together with Nancy's vampire boyfriend Tristan and all have the same moral code `we look after our own' `our own' being any and all supernatural beings When they happen across Leticia who is obviously having some problems they have to help and after her home is burned to the ground in one of the many attacks on her she moves into their house with them This doesn't help Leticia is followed and now all four of them have become targets The plot has some unforeseen developments and unexpected turns of events that had me guessing at the outcome and held my interestSince Lindsay first wrote Leticia it is clear that she has learned some new writing skills and has applied them to the rewrite of this work Where initially I found the opening chapters very simply written it now has a better flow and a experienced feel to the writing as a whole We are able to connect with the characters they have a depth to them that was not there originally and the emotional feel given in the latter part of the original write is consistent throughout the whole book nowCopy supplied for review

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    First can I say thanks to the author for sending me this book for an honest review Leticia had spent years in isolation wondering the hills throughout the Northern Peak District and The Yorkshire moors Finally she has returned to normality However it seems Leticia will not be allowed to lead the nice peaceful life she craves so muchThis book was a real page turner You never seemed to know what was going to come next I was gobsmacked with one of the chapters I couldn’t believe that even though all through the book I had expected him to be the arsehole he was innocent The characters are well developed I would just like to have a bit background info on Tristan Jackson was a complete dickhead at first but awwww how I love him now Nancy well I felt really sorry for her at first She seems such a nice girl and just wanted a girlie friend I’m not surprised when she’s lived with two guys for god knows how many decades As for Leticia I have so much respect for her She knows herself and her limits She is in control of her own mind and is not easily led She has respect for all living creatures and is doing her best to avoid a bloodbath Sadly though it seems this is something she will have to endure I’m not giving anything else away what I will say is that if you want a page turner with likeable characters beautiful settings as I see someone else on Goodreads has mentioned and twists and turns to keep you guessing this is the one for you

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    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review I thought this was a different take on werewolves and other supernaturals and I liked it a cool story if survival love and loyalty Leticia was a great character she had found ways to survive over the years and even after being dealt a crushing blow of betrayal she manages to find an odd way to survive and then deal with the aftermath She discovered who she was and who she wanted to be and even after everything she wants to believe there is a good in everyone Sometimes I wanted her to let her guard down and trust Nancy and Tristan cause I did right away but I understood her hesitation Jackson oh Jackson be still my beating heart the handsome brooding man ready to lay down his life for his family and Leticia There were moments when I thought he was being a bit childish I know he was the way he was fir a reason but after everything he had seen from Leticia I couldn't understand why he would continue to act as he did didn't stop me from rooting for him and thinking he was a cutie At some points I found his dialog a bit cheesy and I laughed in a good way if I was meant to swoon I did not but I did not hate it The last half had me on the edge of my seat I thought I had all the answers and then the curve ball that I did not see coming The ending was a huge WTF moment for me that cliffhanger had me reeling I found this series to have lots of the things I enjoy action friendship and mystery and I would like to continue on and find out what happens next

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    This book sucked me in from the very beginning I couldn't put it down I had it read in just a few hours The characters are amazing Leticia is the type of strong bad a female characters I love to read and Jackson is the perfect stand offish and gorgeous hero turns boyfriend After being tortured and left for dead by who she thinks is her current love Leticia finds herself leaving civilization for her wolf self and wandering alone in wolf form for 8 years After being alone for so long she's back living amongst the humans again and soon finds herself being targeted stalked and attacked Her rescuer comes along and eventually she meets his sister Nancy and friend Tristan There's a bit of attitude at first but then they're close friends and after her home is destroyed become inseparable after she moves in with them The attacks continue and after so much they finally find who they think is behind them only to be left broken and confused There's a major cliffhanger at the end I knew as I got to only 10 pages left to read there was definitely not enough room for all that needed to happen I'll be watching for the next in this seriesI did find one thing in the story that kind of bugged but after a while I got used to it and it was easier to ignore so many run on sentences Literally 3 or 4 sentences bunched into one sometimes separated by commas and a few possessives where a plural was meant Nothing major but as I stated it took me a few chapters for them to not bother me Review by Kendra of wwwFaeBookscouk

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    Another praiseworthy shape shifter story of this year that I can bet readers will enjoy The book starts with a lone wolf Letcia who was pretty much successful in hiding her true identity until she was followed by some unknown people with secret motives and started to receive threading phone calls from a stranger A group of three supernatural folks including two shape shifter siblings and a vampire came to her aid and claimed they can protect her The book was smooth and written in a simple language I read this book fast because I knew I have to get to the end to see what finally happened Of I will not be spoiling the story for you but if you love shape shifter actions this is the book for you Leticia got some attitude and I liked that Her relationship with Jackson keeps you guessing I liked Jackson he was brooding short tempered and got attitude than Leticia and I enjoyed all the childlike fighting and romantic moments between them As supporting character Nancy and her vampire boyfriend Tristan plays their respective roles very well All the four characters were different with powers and defenses but blended with each otherConsidering this is my first book of author I’m truly impressed In few parts the story was predictable Although rated as young adult the book can easily be read by people who enjoy fantasy books The book kept my interest and I will be looking forward to that seuel which is not so far to be released

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    I've just started leticia I was hooked after 1st page I can't read fast enough I love you Lindsay Anne Kendal you truly are a remarkable woman with an amazing imagination A

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    Cannot wait to read and review

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    Well I downloaded this on Friday and I've finished it already I couldn't put this one down which is just the same as the other books I have read by this author Leticia is very different to the Bloodlines story this author is currently writing It's nice to see that an author can change their voice to suit other stories By that I mean that sometimes you can tell the same author has written the books by the wording they use or the same decriptions of places or the characters all being similar to others they have introduced Leticia has spent time in isolation after a heartbreaking incident resulting in people chasing her and trying to kill her Whilst Leticia would have no problem killing all of them in a split second she values human life and does not want to kill people She also doesnt want to risk a murder investigation in case her secret is exposed After returning to every day life and living peacefully for around a year; the attacks start again She meets three other people all supernaturals a vampire and two shape shifters Jackson Nancy and Tristan All of them try to help Leticia since they have a code we look after our own There are twists and turns most of which I didn't see coming and was really shocked Especially when it came to Leticia's ex lover Luke The characters are interesting and all have very different personalities Jackson at first ARGH I wanted to slap him and I loved how Leticia handled him She really didn't take his shit and shut him up every step of the way Girl powerBut in the end I couldn't help but love him after all who doesnt want a guy who is actually so deep and passionate and loving not to mention gorgeousswoonsSomething else I really liked was how the author mentioned some of the local legends around the place the story is set I've actually been researching them this afternoon and am now planning to visit Longdendale Valley myself Anyway I would recommend Leticia to anyone who is a fan of YA Paranormal Romance and anyone who loves in depth characters action and beautiful settings

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    I love werewolf books This one was no differentLeticia such a pretty name Has been alone for a long time After deciding to face the world again she realizes she is still not safe She comes across a group of supernatural beings two shape shifter's and a vampire who take her into their group I really liked Nancy as a character I wish I had someone like her as a best friend YES a shape shifter I also loved Jackson from the start his attitude really got me yes to swoooonThe setting was described beautifully and the characters are fantastic The only thing I found difficult was the amount of dialogue Sometimes I found it a bit much but eventually I got used to itI AM BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT FOR THE NEXT BOOK The killer cliff hanger ending was phenomenal to read I don't want to accidentally give anything away

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    This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review Let me start by saying that I was intrigued with the plot and characters from page one The author does a fantastic job of grabbing the reader from the start The characters are complex and well defined The story has a good mix of suspense and romance The actions reels you in While I was immediately reeled into the book by the storyline characters and drama I am disappointed in the abrupt manner in which the story ended I understand that it is a series but I felt like they didn’t resolve many issues in this first installment It’s also ends on a major cliffhanger I don’t want to give away any spoilers so you will just have to take me word for it If you are into book series this a great one to read This author is definitely one to keep your eye on

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