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That Darkness Gardiner and Renner #1

Husband are determined to follow every lead run down every scrap of evidence But the monster they seek is watching each move closer to them than they could ever imagine Jack Renner is a killer He doesn’t murder because he savors it or because he believes himself omnipotent or for any reason other than to make the world a safer place When he follows the trail of this Ja Is it better to do the right thing or the legal thing?What's

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As a forensic investigator for the Cleveland Police Department Maggie Gardiner has seen her share of Jane Does The latest is an unidentified female in her early teens discovered in a local cemetery More shocking than the girl’s injuries for Maggie at least is the fact that no one has reported her missing She and the detectives assigned to the case including her cop ex If you like the following you will like this book In depth fo Laid for the Grade 3 you like the following Plague Harvest you will like this book In depth fo

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Ne Doe to a locked room in a small apartment where eighteen teenaged girls are anything but safe he knows something must be done But his pursuit of their captor takes an unexpected turnMaggie Gardiner finds another body waiting for her in the autopsy room and a host of uestions that will challenge everything she believes about justice morality and the true nature of evil This is my first book by this author It is well written fast

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    That Darkness Gardiner and Renner #1 by Lisa Black is the first book in a new series featuring forensic investigator Maggie Gardiner and Homicide Detective Jack Renner who happens to be a vigilante killer on the side This is not a spoiler it is in the book description Just like Ms Black’s other series this one is also set in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio and it is very accurately portrayed Maggie is obsessed with every little detail of her job and has no life outside of work When corpses start turning up with the same mode of death she starts to suspect a serial killer All of the bodies except one belong to life long criminals which makes her fear a vigilante is operating in Cleveland and could possibly be a member of the police force Jack is on a mission to avenge a death in his past and as long he is searching for his prey he feels the need to eliminate others who he knows from research will violently offend again Jack knows Maggie is like a dog with a bone about the similar cases and hopes to find and complete his final mission before he has to leave townOnce again Ms Black gives her readers a book with very descriptive forensic details The plot flows at a steady pace throughout the story My only problem was that as interesting as I found Jack’s character and the debate about vigilantism Maggie’s character was not very developed I will be continuing with future books and hope that Maggie evolves fully and I also want to know how Jack is handledThanks very much to Kensington Books and Net Galley for allowing me to read this ebook in exchange for an honest review

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    If you like the following you will like this book In depth forensic descriptions This isn't just they took some fingerprints or they found some DNA This book gets into the nitty gritty of fingerprint patterns and methods fiber analysis crime scene dissection etc Crime suspense thrillers Vengence and vigilante justiceWhile at times I found some of the plot points far fetched and I had to fight hard to suspend my disbelief I did enjoy this book I thought the characters were interesting and the ideas uniue I think any crime fiction fan would find this at least moderately if not thoroughly enjoyableSide note I am not sure what the title or the cover of the audio version I listened to have to do with the story Not that it really matters but usually I can tell where the title comes from even if it isn't just a straight up short summary of the main plot In this case it is just two words that could seemingly apply to any dark drama Now the cover looks to be a snowy bucolic pasture with a gothic wrought iron gate The story takes place mostly in downtown Cleveland and I don't remember any mention of snow Oh well

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    Mixed read for me Loved all the crime scene analysis the details the investigating in which the author has much experience Also liked the uestion of vigilante justice the moral ambiguity of the uestion When someone is so evil that other people are nothing to them people to be abused thrown away shouldn't they be stopped no matter what the means or who delivers the justice Up for personal opinion Human trafficking and all its horrendous after effects also addressed So many positives But for me the story stalled at times I lost interest but than something would happen and I'd think okay just go with the flow The ending though that surprised me and not in a good way Though I can see some reader's liking this twist ARC from Netgalley

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    That Darkness by Lisa Black is a 2016 Kensington publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is the first book in the Gardiner and Renner series I’m not entirely sure my feelings about this book are entirely settled just yet however even though I have a few lingering feelings of unease I thought this story was pretty clever Maggie is a fingerprint expert working in forensics and Jack is a cop working homicide They cross paths after a spate of dead bodies show up in the Cleveland morgue all of them murder victims While they seem unconnected forensics tie them together and it nags at Maggie who is perhaps a little OCD But her powers of observation could be her undoing when evidence begins leading her to the most unlikely suspect she could ever imagine This is one of those times when I struggle with what to leave in or what to leave out in a review Suffice it to say Jack Renner is a most interesting man a man with a hidden agenda one that Maggie inadvertently stumbles across This part of the story was very well executed because the reader is well aware of Jack’s after hours activities So I was on pins and needles as Maggie begins to methodically connect the dots Does her knowledge put her in danger? Will she expose Jack? The crime element exposes all manner of lowlifes and losers who parade through the criminal justice system without being rehabilitated or those who walk away with a slap on the wrist or get off Scot free and who continue to terrorize and murder at will This novel explores the flaws in our system as well the temptation one may entertain of taking the law into their own hands This type of personality the vigilante is not without conscience like say Dexter who is sociopathic The vigilante is righting a wrong and so could evoke a certain amount of empathy from the reader and perhaps even garner some respect become something akin to the antihero In this type of setup I uestioned my own moral code as I caught myself actually hoping Maggie would remain in the dark Two wrongs never make a right but are there gray areas? Is it right to cheer this character on or feel relief if they escape prosecution themselves? To balance out the euation we have a 'by the book' character in Maggie who is sharp dedicated and sees things in a right or wrong manner until she crosses paths with Jack who leaves her feeling conflicted up against a wall forced to make a choice she will have to live with for a long time come Did she do the right thing? What would you do? How do I feel about her decision? Although I don’t know what’s going to happen next in the series or what plans the author may have for the characters it should be very interesting indeed Overall this is a very well written crime novel and a compelling thought provoking thriller It’s uniue dark and at times brutally graphic and raw with emotion but also provides a smattering of dark humor which is like the cherry on the cake I’m definitely on board for book two

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    Is it better to do the right thing or the legal thing?What's a cop to do when he craves justice and there just doesn't seem to be any??? Well he takes matters into his own hands Jack Renner Cleveland homicide detective just wants to make the world a safer 'just' place He kills but only the lowlifes who have escaped the traditional methods of justice the ones that present a danger to others He reminded me than a little of the Dexter character created by Jeff Lindsay Though where Dexter is a sociopath who wants to kill and gets rid of criminals as a killing 'outlet' our man Jack Renner seems to be 'normal' but with an underlying personal reason for his foray into vigilantism A reason not divulged to the reader right away He prides himself on killing in a humane way of doing a job that needs doing He feels he is protecting societyJack Renner can't be a bad person his housemate and confidante is a ex stray cat he took in named GretaMaggie Gardiner is a civilian forensic investigator working for the Cleveland Police Department Her specialty is fingerprint analysis and the little details are her forte Once married to a police detective she is now a loner a workaholic who walks Cleveland's city streets at night to stave off loneliness and life's stressesPatty Wildwood is a hard working homicide detective She is on a never ending treadmill of murder cases to solve and she welcomes Maggie's assistance hoping it will lighten her heavy workloadIt seems that three shots to the head at very close range with a22 caliber handgun is becoming a very common method of murder in ClevelandWhen trace evidence similarities present themselves in the bodies of several of her latest cases Maggie is the first to believe that given the fact that all the victims appear to be career criminals that there might be a vigilante at work in ClevelandJack ever wary of Maggie and her speculations wants to find out how much she knows and whether he is on her radar He tries to convince Maggie that they are 'on the same side' knowing that he will be caught sooner or later and he is comfortable with that though he would like to do some 'work' firstMaggie begins to suspect that the killer could be a member of the police force but voicing that speculation would be unhealthy for her career with the Cleveland PDA novel that portrays the ethical uestions surrounding vigilantism in That Darkness the reader is unsure whether or not they should be rooting for the 'bad guy' If you do then does that kind of thinking breed chaos?The climax of the story takes place at the Rockefeller Mansion at Euclid and East 40th in Cleveland After reading it you will have images in your mind that you will never forgetThe beautiful cover of this book is what first attracted me but the cover in no way suggests the darkness of the title Anyone interested in character driven suspense and those who enjoy forensic detail will enjoy this title the first in a new series featuring Jack and Maggie I'm hoping to learn a little about Maggie in subseuent novels It is not a 'whodunit' rather it is a 'whydunit' I find I like whydunit's and Many thanks to Kensington Books via NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy of this novel for reading and reviewThis review was originally published on my blog FictionophileTo see the complete review visit

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    Maggie's work involves collecting fiber mineral hair and blood samples from crime scenes Looking through her microscope she uncovers similarities between victims Maggie starts thinking there is a vigilante but that only happens on televisionJack Renner is a detective He picks up the pieces that the law let's slip through the cracks Someone has to take action Why not him?That Darkness is a suspense novel The two main characters we get to know very well through primarily narration The plot and subplots are well defined The description is superb The ending is satisfactory

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    This is my first book by this author It is well written fast paced and I liked the main character Maggie a forensic investigator The killer and his motives are revealed early on and brings uestions of right vs wrong Ending surprised me and the continuation of this series should be interesting Thank you Kensington for my free copy

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    This is the beginning of a new series by this author The reader is introduced to Maggie Gardiner a Forensic Investigator think CSI with the Cleveland Police DepartmentWhen Maggie is called in to investigate evidence or lack of same in several recent murders she is surprised to find clues that seem to point to one killer of all the victims All of the deceased have been on the wrong side of the law for various reasons they were all rapists child molesters etc And none of them were held responsible for their crimesJack Renner is a killer He doesn't kill because he particularly enjoys it he just wants them all to pay He wants justice for the victims and closures for the familiesThere is a twist to this story that you discover fairly close to the beginning of this novel No spoilers so all I will say is that it was unexpected but absolutely kept me glued to my chair to see what would happen next The ending also came as a surprise it certainly wasn't what I had imaginedI really enjoyed the characters Maggie is extremely smart and focused on her job to the exclusion of a private life She's really good at what she does and she's calm under pressure She makes a good serial characterJack isn't what I expected either but at heart I think he's a good guy That's something you as a reader will have to determine for yourselfThe novel will have you thinking Is it better to do the right thing or the legal thing? How do you know it's the right thing if it's not legal?I'm really looking forward to the next book in this seriesMany thanks to the author Kensington Books NetGalley who provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest unbiased review

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    A special thank you to Kensington and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Nice Cover Lisa Black’s introduction to her first installment of Gardiner and Renner #1 THAT DARKNESS is a psychological crime suspense of justice morality and evil keeping you page turning Maggie Gardiner a forensic investigator for the Cleveland Police Department has a new case An unidentified white female twelve to fifteen years of page blonde hair and blue eyes discovered in a local cemetery A Jane Doe A runaway? No one has reported her missing Symbolic?Jack Renner is a Homicide Detective for Cleveland PD A serial killer He believes in justice Good at details A vigilante Truth and Justice Morality Evil Revenge Glad to meet another Florida crime author who currently works as a latent print examiner and CSI for Cape Coral Police Department in Florida working mostly with fingerprints and crime scenes Drawing on her expertise as a forensic scientist she has analyzed gunshot residue on hands and clothing hairs fibers paint glass DNA blood and many other forms of trace evidence as well as crime scenesWith some good forensics humor a uniue cat and mouse twist and a suspenseful mystery of good and evil keeps the reader guessing and speculating Looking forward to from the author and future books in the series But if thine eye by evil thywhole body shall befull of darknessIf therefore the light that is in thee be darknesshow great is that darkness Matthew 623 JDCMustReadBooks

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    This was a lil slow to start but really picked up towards the end I think this is the perfect set up for a great series I'm anxious to read the next one

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