SUMMARY ☆ The Monster in the Backpack

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The Monster in the Backpack

's hard to say who is shocked AAAAHHHH yells the monster EEEEEEKKKK yells Annie It's a predicament to be sure as the monster proceeds to gobble Annie's sandwich stick gum in her boot and tear up her homework to use as confetti for an Annie is great parade in the middle of class With a perf For reviews check out my blog Craft CycleA pretty good book overall I liked all of the silliness and mayhem that starts off the book The monster is an adorable little troublemaker It reminds me of Cornelia Funke's Ruffleclaw The only thing I didn't like about the book was the ending The monster is kind of a jerk throughout the book but at the end Annie decides to keep him because he threw her a parade which made a mess that she had to clean up I get where the book was trying to go but it also kind of suggests that you should stay friends with someone who treats you badly if they occasionally do something nice for you The monster puts gum in her boot eats her lunch and rips up her homework but that parade was enough for to cement their friendship? Obviously this was not the intention of the book but I think it sends the wrong messageOverall a cute silly book about a girl and her monster

CHARACTERS The Monster in the Backpack

Ectly tuned sense of comic timing Lisa Moser captures a young girl's transition from annoyance to affection as a funky and disarmingly open hearted monster makes an untimely appearance Noah Jones's colorful and expressive illustrations bring these two charming characters brilliantly to lif I loved this book so much My nanny girl i bought it for keeps asking for us to read it to her over and over again To me that is the perfect book


Having trouble with your backpack zipper? Maybe there's a monster inside Annie warms up to the exasperating but lovable creature she finds in her backpack in this humorous story complemented by energetic illustrationsWhen Annie unzips her new flowered backpack and finds a monster inside it Rae said the monster in the backpack behaved very badly

About the Author: Lisa Moser

Lisa Moser grew up in the in the PDF/EPUB Â small town of Fairfield Iowa I had a wonderful childhood says Lisa I lived in a neighborhood where lemonade stands were a day's event the boundaries for hide and go seek were the entire block and you knew it was time to come home The Monster MOBI :´ when the streetlights came on About this time Lisa was inspired by her grandma to become a writer My grandma and grandpa lived in.

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