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For Teresa Knight it is a game like no other A game of bluff and chance whose stakes go far beyond erotic titillation Where violence and voyeurism collide and sex is about to become the last line of defense Hired to find out who’s blackmailing a prominent black politician who likes her sex on the

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Strip Poker

Wild side Teresa becomes a player in an underground game of strip poker It’s a uest that will tap into her own voracious sexual appetites and introduce her to some wildly uninhibited men and women all of whom are leading secret lives But as the reluctant sleuth descends deeper into a world of plea Classics Devotional Bible reluctant sleuth descends deeper into a world of plea

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Sure and fantasy murder suddenly ups the ante From smoky underground clubs to uptown mansions to a shadowy corporate entity whose tentacles reach into the highest levels of government Teresa is on an increasingly obsessive search to expose a killer unravel a mystery and have a little fun along the w

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    So far it's interestingit's an urban sex story However I haven't gotten very far Will keep you updated

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    This was a pretty interesting read I first came across Lisa Lawrence when I found her book Sexile which I also enjoyed I figured it would make sense to pick up her other novels since they also contained the same heroine Strip Poker follows Teresa Knight as she infiltrates an underground strip poker circuit which includes the likes of some very powerful people including those linked to the British government Her main goal is to find out who is blackmailing one of the poker players whom also happens to be a highly outspoken government official However when another player turns up dead Teresa finds that situation isn't as open and shut as she originally thoughtNow to my review I would give Strip Poker 35 stars The plot was solid and get me interested for the most past and I thought the characters were pretty well developed There were plenty of twists and turns and plenty of action Why did I take away 15 stars? Well at some points the inner monologues that Teresa would have were a bit jarring She would be explaining something about one of the playerssituationsetc and randomly jump into to some seemingly unrelated anecdote and it was a bit annoying Also as much as I love a good sex scene some of the scenes did seem a bit crass Granted I'm aware that these just a bunch of for the most part strangers playing strip poker but with most if not all of these scenes they weren't really that hotThat being said I would most likely recommend this It's still a solid read and something that would be good in between other series

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    Sorry but this book was too stupid to finish reading

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