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Studio NI presents a selection of ten situations of crime detectives and guilty secrets from the hard boiled to the humourous This anthology will have you on the ed

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Tense Situations

Hristie Cathy Reilly Logan Bruce and Ellie Rose McKee These tales are shortlisted from the TITANIA short story contest part of Studio NI's Titans of Ulster Festival

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Ge of your seat with suspense or falling off it in laughter Featuring stories by Andy Luke Erin Burnett Kerry Buchanan Holly Ferres Kiran Parry Steve King Valerie C

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    A mostly strong pack of tales from Belfast authors grippingly ranging from the supernatural vampires zombies time travellers to realist PTSD missing persons with an anthropomorphic children's tale There's also a hilarious abstract illustration section and a reprint of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner If you want an authentic book of where independent North Irish writing is and a few oddities too this is your cupDi

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