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Hhhlack to Fabbity fab fabThe hysterically funny first two Georgia Nicolson diaries angus thongs and full frontal snogging and on the bright side i’m now the girlfriend of a sex go sooo slowlybored

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Confessions of Georgia Nicolson adult Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Books 1 2

Georgia Nicolson's in turmoil Her cat Angus the size of a smalllabrador is terrorizing the neighborhood She went to a party dressed as astuffed olive And she's madly in love with Rob This book was a laughoutloud book i read it in form and lau

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Bie the Sex God whosometimes thinks she's too young for him In these first two volumes inthe hilarious #1 New York Times best selling series Georgia needs to changeher life from Ergg This book is a sort of fun book a light read and with no th

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    Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging was first picked up by my mother I remember scanning the shelves in the bookstore for a good mystery novel in the young adult section when my mom excitedly lunged towards me with this book On the Bright Side I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God was in my mom's other hand Being a fairly innocent twelve year old having my mother recommend a book with the word SEX in the title was absolutely horrifying especially in public I remember her saying If you don't get these books I will I raised my eyebrow and gently flicked through the pages as if I were reading Playboy in church I should have thanked my momThe insanity and hilarity that is Georgia Nicholson greatly influenced my adolescent years Every one of Louise Rennison's books had me shaking from laughter Georgia will always be like a best friend in book form Excerpt from Angus Thongs and Full Frontal SnoggingTalking of breasts I'm worried that I may end up like the rest of the women in my family with just the one bust like a sort of shelf affair Mum can balance things on hers when her hands are full at parties and so on she can have a sandwich and drink and save a snack for later by putting it on her shelf It's very unattractive I would like a proper amount of breastiness but not go too far with it like Melanie Andrews for instance I got the most awful shock in the showers after hockey last term Her bra looks like two shopping bags I suspect she is a bit unbalanced hormonally She certainly is when she tries to run for the ball I thought she'd run right through the fence with the momentum of her bosoomers as Jas so amusingly calls them

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    This book was a laughoutloud book i read it in form and laughed after everyone said to me enjoy your book then? and i was really confused because i didn't realised i was doing it This book would appeal to girls aged 12 17 because it is confessions of a teenage girl and they are teenage ages This book is made up of hillarious diary entries and i would most definently recommend it to read; just be sure to not read it on the tube or anywhere in public as a matter of fact I enjoey this book so much i sat up and read untill 2am one morning robbie's hot XD

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    It’s so funny it really is like a teenage appropriate Bridget Jones The first two diaries are in the same book and that’s very practical because it’s such a uick read Yes it was a bit stupid no one couldn’t really call it a book but I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to read the next ones

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    To be honest this book wasn't as good as I hoped it was going to be Maybe it's because our protagonist is 14 and I'mreally not but in all honesty Georgia did come across as a bit of a bitch She's mean to her friends and Jas is mean to her backunless the author was going for subtle undertones of a commentary on teenage female friendshipsbut I really don't think she was the language she uses is language I never used and the kids I work with don't useit did seem like upper middle class slang to be honest Geoggers having a nervy byeahHad I been 14 years old and read the book I would've loved the plot Boyfriends coming and going hairclothing nightmaresBasically you're going to have to pretend you're a 14 year old girl when you read this Which is fine because that's who it's aimed at Just don't expect plotline greatness DOk let's be honest Georgia was the popular mean girl at school that I never was the one who snogged random boys and went out and hung out in the park at night and sneaked into clubs I really wouldn't want to be her if I were a 14 year old I'd want to be Mia from The Princess Diaries instead

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    This book is a sort of fun book a light read and with no thinking involved Its a sort of book for lazy days with nothing to do If i went into a bookstore i would not have chosen a book like this Elena gave it to me as a thoughtful and fun gift I did read it for i had nothing else to do This book is an enjoyable readIt is about a girl and all her problems she has with boys friends and how she deals with it in her mid teen years It is written in a casual and fun dairy formIf you do not read a lot this book is what i suggest to you It contains a whole range of easy and understanding words

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    15 stars Georgia Nicolson is a spectacularly nasty girl I realized that her stupid antics and enormous ego are meant for comedy but there was literally nothing endearing about her She is mean to her friends self centered completely disrespectful of everyone else in her life and very vulgar Honestly the VULGARITY I know this is sadly typical of a lot of British humour but really this is a book for children Angus the half Scottish wildcat is the only likable character However I'm throwing the extra half star for all the new British slang I learned I'm totally calling my pajamas jimjams from now on

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    sooo slowlybored

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    never would have picked up these books on my own which just goes to show you need to make it a habit to branch out of your comfort zone My sister brought these to me after reading the first few and asked me to read them aloud to her They are the most hilarious books about being a teenage girl I’ve ever read Sometimes we’d have to close the book for a solid five minutes before we could go on because we were laughing so hard Georgia will forever hold a special place in my heart

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    Enjoyable read for laughs and smiles which is sometimes all you need

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    I read the Angus series about 4 years ago I was 12 and I thought it was great back then Re reading them for my 25 Book Reading Challenge and I can safely say I think they're still as bloody funny as they were in the first place A few bits made me cringe Ie the 'snogging scale' and not wearing a bra but none the less I thought it was eually as relatable as it was funnyIt really is my sense of humour I loved the film when it came out and I love the book as well they're so different that it makes me feel like I'm reading a completely different book I'm uite a boring 16 year old so I never once tried to sneak into a club or drink alcohol or wear false eye lashes and thongs but still found all these parts rather funny Very uick read if you're used to heavier books 4 stars for nostalgic factors and humourOh and finding the comments about being a lesbian 'disrespectful' is complete nonsense Rennison was putting herself in the shoes of a 14 year old Of course she would say something like that That's kids for you these days

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