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Ke her homeas his housekeeper And despite his long held rule of spending Christmas alone Tess's vivacity soon has this brooding lord determined to make all her Christmas wishes come true The beginning was a little unbelievable but I understand that Ms Allen

characters His Housekeepers Christmas Wish Lords of Disgrace #1

His Housekeepers Christmas Wish Lords of Disgrace #1

'Tis the season for mischief Accidentally colliding with Tess Ellery on the icy streets of Ghent is definitely not how resolute bachelor Alexander Tempest Viscount Weybourn intended to s Louise Allen is one of my favourite Mills and BoonHarleuin authors so I

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Tart the festive period He may have mistaken her for a nun but there's nothing innocent about his reaction to Tess's delicious curves When Tess is left stranded Alex is honor bound to ta Good book Tess went to live with her aunt at a convent in Ghent when he

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    Louise Allen is one of my favourite Mills and BoonHarleuin authors so I was pleased to see that she has a new series underway four books under the collective title of Lords of Disgrace of which His Housekeeper’s Christmas Wish is the first I admit that I rolled my eyes a bit at the name of the hero – Alex Tempest – who sounds like he belongs in a 1960s spy series; but otherwise this is a well written suitably heart warming and not too schmaltzy seasonal story about an impoverished young woman who brings festive cheer back into the life of a man who has been estranged from his family for ten years and seems likely to remain soOrphaned a decade earlier Tess Ellery has been brought up by the nuns at the convent in Ghent but following the death of her aunt Sister Boniface and since she does not want to take holy orders is being sent to a convent in England until she can be found suitable employment as a governess or companion She is on her way to the canal to catch the boat to Ostend when a man slips on the ice and accidentally careens into her knocking her down Her ankle is sprained and the gentleman – who later introduces himself as Viscount Weybourn – will not take no for an answer when he insists on carrying Tess through the streets of Ghent to an inn where he assures her her ankle will be tended to by a doctor In a brief scene we are introduced to the remaining three “disgraces” Grant Rivers Crispin de Feaux and Gabriel Stone whose obvious affection and easy friendship fascinates Tess who lacks anything that even vaguely resembles a familyDuring the journey to England Tess talks about how unlikely it is she will be able to find a position before Christmas and how lovely it would be to be able to spend such a special time with a family She asks Alex about his Yuletide plans and is disappointed when he curtly informs her that he doesn’t see his family and that he plans to spend Christmas as he always does at his own home in London comfortably surrounded by good food good wine a pile of books and a bottle of brandyWhile they are travelling together Alex is becoming and intrigued by “his little nun” because Tess while her clothes are shabby and her circumstances unfavourable has obviously been well brought up He is also finding himself feeling unaccountably protective and worse attracted to her; but she is most definitely off limits She’s an innocent she’s in his care and besides he has spent the last decade deliberately eschewing emotional attachments and isn’t about to abandon that determination for the sake of a drab slip of a girlWhen it becomes impossible for Tess to remain at the convent in London Alex’s protective instincts are immediately at war with his sense of propriety He wants to keep Tess safe but she can’t live under the same roof as a young unmarried man so he arranges for her to go to stay with his housekeeper at her lodgings But when that lady becomes ill Tess returns to Alex’s town house and takes charge of the household her goodness and lively nature very uickly winning over all the staff as she does soWhen Alex receives a letter from his mother begging him to return to his family home he is conflicted On the one hand during the last Christmas he spent at home he and his father had a blazing row which led to Alex vowing never to return On the other for his mother to be begging for his help means something must be wrong – and in the end his conscience will not allow him to ignore her pleaI enjoyed the story which is sweet but not without its darker moments Tess bears the stigma of illegitimacy as well as that of the scandal of her parent’s elopement; and Ms Allen makes no bones about the perilous nature of her situation as a woman without friends or family She is an odd but engaging mixture of innocence and well perhaps not experience but definitely a kind of intuitive wisdom that enables her to see through the peripheries to the things that are really important It is perhaps a bit of a stretch to believe that with her convent upbringing she would be as willing as she is to give herself to Alex outside of marriage but Ms Allen has written her in such a way that her actions are in character and consistent with her love for Alex and her desire for his happinessAlex makes for a very attractive hero and is a genuinely good man upon whom circumstances forced self sufficiency at an early age Following the unfounded accusations thrown at him by his father he left Tempeston determined to make his own way in the world and worked hard both to earn his living and to wall off his emotions forcing himself not to care too much about his separation from home the family he loves He has cultivated a reputation as a man of imperturbable demeanour and I enjoyed the way Tess gradually gets under his skin and he allows her to see a side of him not normally shown to any other than his closest friendsLouise Allen has struck the right balance in this book between the love story and the need to include elements which make for a feel good Christmassy read without going overboard with the sugar The historical background may not be especially detailed but even so this is no wallpaper historical in which the characters are modern people dressed in long frocks and tight breeches The romance between Alex and Tess is allowed time to grow and the strength of their attraction is palpable I enjoyed His Housekeeper’s Christmas Wish and will definitely be reading Grant’s story in His Christmas Countess when it appears in December

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    Originally posted HEREI nearly skipped this one which was stupid because Louise Allen is one of my favourite historical romance writers I’m glad I got it because I really enjoyed it His Housekeeper’s Christmas Wish is smart funny historically accurate and very British It has some of that Christmas sweetness without making you sick with it It has characters taking risks but unlike most in the subgenre they seriously consider the conseuences This is not the Disneyland version of the Regency eraAt first I was a little worried about how this would go because like ALL historical romance series this one starts with a “secret club” of sorts as a hook Four friends from their student days nicknamed the “Elementals” because they all have elemental names Tempest? – it didn’t sound promisingHowever I can happily report that the hook disappears after a few pages and there’s no seuel baiting whatsoever popping up after the first couple of chapters This is a complete book on its own and what a relief that isIn some ways the hero of this one reminded me a bit of Anne Gracie’s heroes Kind men rather than brooding jerksHonestly it’s always harder to explain why you like a book I can go on forever about the faults in books I disliked Regency romance has been almost done to death so every blurb ends up sounding pretty much the same You have to learn to choose the book by the author not the description and this is an author worth investing inAny author struggling with their British language and grammar should use Allen as a template for their own writing I felt so much immersed in the story because these people actually spoke like English people I was also relieved to see that some of the issues with grammar were all in order in this book as I’ve recently read so many books edited outside Britain using grammar in different ways that I thought I’d been getting the language wrong my whole lifeMy biggest grumble is with the kitten the hero gives the heroine You DO NOT feed kittens milk Cats cannot tolerate the milk we drink It makes them sick These characters were feeding the kitten milk on every other pageHowever I was so happy with this book It is one of the better books I’ve read recently the writing was not only solid but hugely entertaining and I’m excited about the rest of the series Review copy provided by NetGalley

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    35 stars

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    Received this as a Goodreads giveawayEven though it was a Christmas themed book AND the heroine had even spent much of her life in a convent there was very little actual religion in it so it didn't come off as preachy as some other Christmas romances doOverall I liked it Although the hero was a bit of a rake he was likeable despite his bad habit of not letting the heroine finish a sentence and he did try hard to fighthide his lustful feelings The heroine was sweet without being an idiot and willing to stand up for herselfI did catch at least one editing error the aunt who became a nun was originally Tess's father's sister but toward the end of the book hero thought she had been the mother's sisterA pleasant fast read

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    Good book Tess went to live with her aunt at a convent in Ghent when her parents died It wasn't a pleasant upbringing but her needs were met When her aunt died it was made clear to her that if she wasn't planning to become a nun herself it was time to go She was given the option of returning to England where a job would be found for her As she was making her way to the docks and the ship that would take her there she was run into and injured by Alex TempestAlex felt guilty about hurting the lady he first thought was a nun He took her back to his inn and his friends to take care of her injuries In his attempts to take care of her he caused her to miss the boat she was supposed to be on so he promised to get her where she was supposed to be Though he's trying to do the right thing he doesn't think about the conseuences of a young woman traveling with a single man When the convent in London refuses to help her because of it Alex promises to help herI liked Tess a lot She's a very practical young woman thanks to her time at the convent but she also looks for the good in people She accepts Alex's help because she really has no choice but plans to start looking for a position after the holidays When she ends up filling in for Alex's ill housekeeper her strengths really start to show She is incredibly organized and soon has Alex's household running smoothly She also has her own agenda having discovered that Alex is estranged from his family and doesn't celebrate Christmas at all She is determined to bring him into the Christmas spirit and is relentless in that pursuit She is also attracted to him but knows nothing can come of it Her parents may have been well born but she is illegitimate and therefore not eligible for a man like Alex Alex is something of a self made man At the age of seventeen he had a falling out with his father over a buildup of events culminating in the death of a friend He hasn't been home or spoken to his father since Instead he has a thriving art dealer business good friends and an absolute distant for the fuss of the Christmas holidays Though he's a bit cynical at heart he is a good man and when he collides with Tess he is determined to take care of her He knows he has to be careful of her reputation and does everything he can to protect her He is also attracted to her but tries to control himself around herI loved seeing the relationship grow between Alex and Tess He is determined to help and protect her especially from himself He is known for keeping his cool under all circumstances but something about Tess really gets under his skin It was fun seeing him agree to do things with and for her that he never would have done before In spite of her innocence Tess has a way of seeing what people really need and she sees that contrary to what he says Alex really misses his family She's determined to give him a real Christmas because of it And though she knows nothing can come of it Alex finds a way into her heartThings get really interesting when Alex receives a letter from his mother begging him to come home His father is ill and Alex is needed on the estate He's nervous about going home than he will admit and asks Tess to go with him Next thing he knows the entire household is going with Tess no longer the housekeeper but a friend he is helping I loved seeing how they rearranged everyone's roles Once they arrive at Tempeston the reader begins to get the background of the issues between Alex and his father It was fun to see Alex's satisfaction in showing off his success With a few little prods from Tess he makes progress in repairing his relationships with his father and brother The attraction between Tess and Alex grows stronger I loved seeing the way that Tess tries to draw him further into the Christmas preparations Both are fighting the attraction but it is a losing battle Tess doesn't want to miss out on the experience she could have with him so she goes after what she wants Alex doesn't resist too hard but there are still some guilty feelings over what he sees as his less than honorable actions In his attempts to take care of her he makes some rather significant mistakes causing a rift between them How he makes up with her is unusual and almost makes things worse before it gets betterI liked the realistic view of what kind of life Tess could expect as an illegitimate woman Life wasn't easy for women such as her I liked her rescue of Dorcas and Daisy as her kind heart saw a way to help them at the same time they could help her I also enjoyed the look below stairs during the time Tess was acting as housekeeper Alex was also honest about what might happen after they marry

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    A deliciously fun readA timely Christmas story with just the right touch of sentimentality and humourOur hero Alexander Tempest Viscount Weybourn has locked off his emotions and been estranged from his family for many yearsOur heroine Tess Ellery is a delightful mix of gamine type wisdom with an innocence that sees through to the heart of thingsTess keeps rescuing the down trodden and uncared for from humans to animalsAnd the human she wants to rescue is the one who effectively knocked her off her feet and then continued to make assumptionsdratted man that were entirely off the mark and that led to Tess being Weybourn's temporary housekeeper Of course his staff love her and Tess' guilessness worms it's way underneath Alexander's indifferent mask and into his heart Ah But things are never so simple as to immediately lead to a HEA The route is twisted and captures attention in this seasonal story that salutes the essence of ChristmasA NetGalley ARC

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    The beginning was a little unbelievable but I understand that Ms Allen needed a way to introduce the Elements But after a hapless start I really enjoyed the story When Tess showed up at Alex's townhouse after being assaulted I was hooked She managed to hold on to her portmanteau the cat and also her dignity by beating off her attackersmy kind of gal to be sure even though a bit unlikely for the times What happen next was very plausible and I always enjoy romances where the heroine works her magic on the the hero's efficiently run household Alex was great in that he just enjoys the ride with little objection I loved the part where he comes home early to find Tess and his staff decorating for the holidayit was lovelyAnd then we have a road trip Alex's attitude which was very appreciated in going home after a ten year absence was well I'm here what's next on the agenda? instead of broody and irrational He was a very likable Again while some of the scenes between Tess and Alex at Tempeston were unlikely for the period I really liked how everything was resolved in the endThis book was uneven but the writing just flowed and I enjoyed the heroine and her honest ways Tess made the book for me without her wonderful characterization the book would have been mediocre at best

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    Amazing what a bus trip will do to your readingAfter Tess Ellery leaves the convent in Ghent where she has been living for a while since her parents died the last thing she expected to happen is for an aristocratic Englishman Alexander Tempest Viscount Weybourn to bowl her over and to damage her ankle but at least he offered to take her to a doctor who happens to be one of his friends When he doesn't wake her early enough for her transport to England he offers take her there himself but it's dangerous they are starting to feel something for each other and things get complicated when her sanctuary in England rejects her and she has to seek Weybourn out for helpThere she finds herself caught up in his life and they become attracted but can they survive his issues and her past?It was a good read

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    Wonderful StoryWhat a wonderful sweet story Louise Allen covers difficult issues in her books with such care and thought and this book had a number of such issues Tess Ellery a young woman brought up strictly in a convent was knocked off her feet uite literally by the most wonderful man Alex Tempest Lord Weybourn He is one of the nicest male characters I have read of in a while and it was impossible not to fall in love with him there was no wonder Tess did Both of the central characters had had difficult beginnings and they were definitely made for one another Secondary characters Dorcas Annie and baby Daisy were wonderfully written as were Alex's household staff and who could not love the 'fur ball's in the shape of Noel ginger kitten and Ophelia oversize hound pup The story was uite heart rending at times as the couple's relationship developed and with Tess feeling totally unworthy of Alex's regard but with Alex being the adorable man he was pushed on regardless and found a way through their problemsI would thoroughly recommend this book a lovely story with a Christmas theme as well perfect for this time of yearI look forward to reading the next book in the series

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    A little sweeter and treacle y stereotypical Harleuin category romance than Allen usually writes but enjoyable nonetheless The heroine was raised by nuns in Bruges and ends up through a series of coincidences working as the hero's housekeeper while teaching him to love Christmas and reunite with his semi estranged family As usual Allen keeps things a little contemporary and realistic than perhaps the stereotypical Harleuin category romance from the seventies the hero's estrangement from his family is caused by view spoilerthe fact that his father has always been concerned that he might be gay; this concern led his father to drive the hero's best friend who was gay to suicide hide spoiler

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