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Dangerous Stranger

Melodie Neil and Jed Martin were old friends she knew that he loved her in a calm settled way rather than with any grand passion and that he would make her a good kind husband in short when she became engaged Road-map to the Indians Treasure engaged

Characters Dangerous Stranger

H he was after all half Argentinian and had the Spaniard’s haughty outlook on women but in that case why didn’t he just leave Melodie alone and concentrate on his own fiancee the temperamental Maria Santas

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To him she knew exactly what she was doing So she deeply resented it when that infuriating Keith Scott seemed to go out of his way to suggest that her heart wasn’t in the affair Perhaps it wouldn’t do for Keit

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    Loved this book the story and the main male and female characters Loved the chemistry between the 2 main characters and found the male character very masculine and sexy for the time The romance too is of its time and culture and would not be PC for today's readership as many books written in the 1960s 80s would reflect a

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