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Exclusively into insular tribes lobbing e bombs at each other in cyberspaceMark's book is a clarion call for Christians It's time to get to work We can only do this if we unite around Jesus and the essentials found in his Word while at the same time appreciating the distinctives within each Christian tribe Mark shows us how to do just that This isn't the time to wait or debate Join the resurgence This book is a powerful wakeup call for the church and for Christianity

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It's tempting to believe that the Christian faith is alive and well in our country today Our politicians talk about God Our mega churches are filled Christian schools dot our landscape Brace yourself It's an illusion Believe it or not only percent of Americans profess and practice true evangelical Christian faith There are left handed people than evangelical Christians in AmericaIn this book Mark A It s Driscoll so you are going to get raw truth Sometimes it burns sometimes it feels good and sometimes pisses you off I personally would rather be told about what is going on and what we face in this day in age Driscoll starts with the premise that Christendom is dead We no longer live in a society that is happy to see that you are a christian In our churches people are leaving when they graduate high school and they are not coming back when they have kids We are seeing our society starting to become and hostile to our beliefs and there does not seem to be any evidence that says this will stop soon Some of this book is typical Driscoll you either like it hate it or tolerate it But there were sections that reminded me of his doctrine book Where it is about the primary issues that all Christians agree on then the secondary issues Primary issues being those that essential to christian faith Jesus is God trinity God is creator etc and secondary issues being on the way that we view pieces of scripture that can be interrupted in different ways women preachers husband s role beliefs in the gifts of the spirit etc He concludes that secondary issues are important but they should not divide us to a point that we cannot work together Secondary issues are like states boarders and primary issues are the nation boarders Most of this book is about protecting our national boarders because they are currently taking a beating I personally like Driscoll s tone because he makes the call to Resurgence sound so urgent It should be too Sometimes we get so complacent that we dont keep on moving I like that Driscoll is not all about good deeds but about preaching working hard taking up your responsibility and good deeds It is a better mixture Good deeds can serve people but only the Good News can save them We need both and we need to make them a priority in our lives to get the gospel out Good book I suggest it to all Friends and enemies

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Call PDFEPUBDriscoll delivers a wake up call for every believer We are living in a post Christian culture a culture fundamentally at odds with faith in Jesus This is good and bad news The good news is that God is still working redeeming people from this spiritual wasteland and inspiring a resurgence of faithful believers The bad news is that many believers just don't get it They continue to gather Don t give up don t ever give up Driscoll doesn t use those exact words in this book it is actually a uote from Jim Valvano s famous cancer speech but I think it sums up well the message that Driscoll wants to convey to true born again believers everywhere This book is a resounding call for Christians to experience Resurgence and not to Retreat in the face of ever growing animosity towards true ChristianityThe world loves to blend together Christendom and Christianity However what the Bible determines is true Spirit wrought Christianity and what the world classifies as Christendom are two totally different things Too often those terms get blended together by ill informed media members or church members but they in fact have radically different meanings Like Driscoll says Christendom bears the fingerprints of our faith but it is not true Christianity So what separates true Christianity from Christendom According to Driscoll the following characteristics are what identify true evangelical Christianity 1 Bible The Bible is God s true Word 2 Cross Jesus died on the cross for our sins 3 Conversion Individuals need to be personally converted 4 Activism Belief in the gospel needs to be expressed in effort If that is what truly defines Christianity then the next logical uestion which Driscoll asks of himself and the reader is Based on these criteria what percentage of Americans could be classified as evangelical Christian Shockingly to most people that is the answer is in single digits around 8% to be exact Driscoll goes on to say Common statistics estimate that evangelicals represent anywhere between 40 to 70 percent of the country s total population or approximately 130 million people However extensive research cited by John Dickerson in his book The Great Evangelical Recession indicates that the actual range is between 7 and 89 percent somewhere between 22 and 28 million people Moreover all studies indicate that younger people are less likely to be evangelical According to a 2012 Gallup poll about 64 percent of the US population ages eighteen to twenty nine identify themselves as lesbian gay bisexual or transgendered which means in all likelihood there are as many young people with alternative sexual lifestyles as there are active young evangelicals in the United States That may not have an affect on you but it sure sobered me up I knew that there was a radical difference in what the media was presenting as Christendom and what the Bible defined as true evangelical Christianity but I honestly did not expect that stat about there being almost as many alternate lifestyle young people as there are active young evangelicals As one of the leaders of the College Ministry at my church that was truly an astounding statistic and one that will send me to my knees in prayer for days to comeThe fact that society has progressed or regressed depending on how you look at should not send evangelical Christians into a state of depression In fact like Driscoll says it should do the exact opposite Instead of contending with a bunch of people who think their Christian morals make them true evangelicals we are now dealing with people who no longer have any reason to keep up the moral charade and present themselves as Christians Therefore discerning the wheat from the chaff is a much easier job in the current culture than it was 60 70 years ago Also because of the cultures fascination with the supernatural see Harry Potter and Twilight it makes them much open to the supernatural and less close minded to a God that works both in powerful and mysterious ways Knowing all of this we should be seeking opportunities to build relationships with people around us by being intentionally missional Our call is to go and serve and be light and salt to the earth and that is what Driscoll exhorts each of us to do in this book The world is filled with too many consumer driven Christians who spend the a great deal of their time trying to see what they can get from God their local church and other Christians and neglecting the call to go out and make disciples of the nations There is so much that I what to say about consumer driven Christians who treat the church and Christianity like it is Six Flags over Jesus but I think I will let this uote from Driscoll do the talking for me as it sums up perfectly how I feelI don t care if you buy a truck or play some video games or rock out on your guitar But the problem is when those are prevalent predominant and preeminent in your life Some of you would argue and say It s not a sin No but sometimes it s just dumb You got fired because you fell asleep at work after staying up too late to get to the next level of some online game and become a guild leader That s dumb You work one part time job so you can play guitar or Frisbee golf That s dumb You spend all your money on a new car or truck or toys or gear or clothes or gambling or fantasy football Dumb Some of you say Well it s not a sin Neither is eating your cereal box instead of the cereal It s just dumb There are a lot of things that Christian guys do that aren t evil they re just dumb and childish There s nothing wrong with being a boy if you are a boy There is a big problem if you are a boy with a beard and a condoRise up evangelical men and women and fight the good fight Love people for Jesus Serve people in the name of Jesus uit playing games grow up and win the world for ChristAs it pertains to Driscoll and his writings you either love him or hate him He is very forward sometimes too forward with what he is thinking and how he presents it to his readerslisteners but as someone who is a Type A personality myself I really love that about Driscoll If you have ever read anything else by him or heard any of his sermons then nothing in this book will upset you or cause you to ask yourself did he just say that However if you are not familiar with Driscoll and Mars Hill Church then be warned that Driscoll is an in your face kind of writerspeaker but that should not detract from his message at all The truths Driscoll presents in this book about the difference between true evangelical Christianity and what the world classifies as Christendom are a much needed wake up call and one I hope lights a fire in all evangelicals everywhere to be much for Jesus because He gave up everything for usTitle A Call to Resurgence Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a FutureAuthor Mark DriscollPublisher Tyndal House Publishers 2013Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher through the Tyndale House Publishers book review bloggers program on NetGalley I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

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     Mark Driscoll A Call to Resurgence Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future Carol Stream IL Tyndale House Publishers Inc 2013 Hardback KindleI do not often read Mark Driscoll I am neither a Calvinist nor a complementarian as he is; and I don’t appreciate his occasionally bombastic statements But when a copy of his new book s

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    It's Driscoll so you are going to get raw truth Sometimes it burns sometimes it feels good and sometimes pisses

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    A Call to Resurgence is a clarion call for Christians to rise out of the ashes of Christendom 8 and the Moral Majority and return to

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    In an age where it seems at every turn our once Christian oriented society is rejected God at seemingly all levels of soc

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    Don't give up don't ever give up Driscoll doesn't use those exact words in this book it is actually a uote from Jim Valvano's famous cancer speech but I think it sums up well the message that Driscoll wants to convey to true born again believers everywhere This book is a resounding call for Christians to exper

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    Great book on the current affairs of the church and how to reason with it Mark deals with multiple different denominations and what separates them theologically and how we as the whole body of Christ can work to

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    This review by Dr Nicholson has been provided courtesy of Desert Bible Institute wwwdesertbibleinstitutecomAfter listening t

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    This is a great book and I highly recommend it

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    This book is a powerful wakeup call for the church and for Christianity

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    Great books are written and only few people take the time to read it Not only read it but critically think about it and review it Some