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S et broches C’est chic et simplissime Concevoir des bijoux tendance est à la portée de tout At first I could not download this gem but I ended up finding it through my library Origam Deep Cover tendance est à la portée de Liars Bench tout At first I could not download The Uninvited Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries this gem but I ended up finding it Reconstructing the Dreamland through my library Origam

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Bijoux en origami

Boîte des pliages faciles à monter en colliers bracelets bagues barrettes boucles d’oreille Cute designsLike this book better than others I have perused I plan to try some patterns ri

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Plus de 35 modèles de bijoux en papier plié expliués étape par étape Cœur étoile papillon I'm a fan of origami and this book gave me a lot of ideas for how to make origami into anot

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    I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a fun little craft book with adorable and creative projects Instructions are relatively simple and diagrams of origami fold techniues are included which are helpful to those not familiar with origami There are many different projects to inspire your creativity

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    Beautiful jewelry ; easy to follow steps ; different styles ; Fun to createThanks to netgalley

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    I'm a fan of origami and this book gave me a lot of ideas for how to make origami into another love of mine jewelry I got this from the library but plan on purchasing as I really like the way it lays out all the needed supplies exact measurements for patterns A great blend of clear simple instructions and inspiring photos Now to fold

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    Cute designsLike this book better than others I have perused I plan to try some patterns right away like the butterfly crane box and star

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    A nice little book to make fun jewelry from folded paper

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    Note Full review at Books and Things BlogI've seen origami paper jewelry on Etsy and I've wanted to try this for a long time I saw this book and I thought that now might be the time to try it It gave some good hints and tricks for making the jewelry like where to pierce the paper and what to use I did have some problems with the diagrams in making the origamiI had yet to try to make a butterfly I loved the earrings they made with the paper I didn't have origami paper on hand so I knew there would be a difference with the outcome Papers have weave and texture and that is why you should make things in the materials they suggest but I decided to be a rebel plus I didn't want to spend money on learning it yea I'm cheap so I knew it wouldn't look exactly as shown I did have some problems when it came to one step and I just couldn't see it with the simplistic diagrams they had If you are a visual learner you might have problems here as well Even though the diagrams are visual they are flat and hard to understand what they meant by pinch here It just wasn't clear to my foggy brain YouTube to the rescue youtube vid shown on blog reviewI used this vid to get it This is the same butterfly as shown in the book Only difference is that I can get it much betterThis is my resultpic of result shown on blog reviewThe first try is a bit backwards and looks like a funny looking man That was me first trying to go from where I stopped in the book and began again with the video I think I turned something around The second try was successful Yea try the vid if you want to try to make one yourself I give this book 3 stars While it has valuable information on how to make the jewelry it was hard for me to totally get each step Not everyone will have that problem and I guess it is just how you visualize things YouTube is handy to get you out of those problems and there is a ton of origami vids out there I also know that on Etsy some of the jewelry like this has a protective coating on it You are not shown that techniue here so be aware that the paper jewelry you make won't be long lasting

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    At first I could not download this gem but I ended up finding it through my library Origami Jewelry what a smart Idea only thing is what if you forget to take the jewelry off? Or if it gets wet? I would spray it with a sealant myself Any ways this book is cute and the instructions are ok for someone who understands the folding but if they are new at Origami I would see where it could be confusing I would purchase this book for my 10 year old daughter and young adults all the way to adults but I feel it would be to hard for younger and even maybe even so for my 10 year old The back of the book there are two pages my own page where you can add some tid bits All in all not a bad little book

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    I would like to thank Dover Publications for providing me with a free electronic ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an open and honest reviewPlease note this book was actually reviewed by my 11 year old daughter and resident origami artist Although I am writing the review I am basing it on the feedback she has provided to me And the score out of 5 stars is all her My daughter – known as Eldest Horde online – really liked this book She liked the outlay of the pictures – formatting how the instructions were set out etc As well as the pictures of the origami jewellery and props little ceramic animals and the like that were used She felt these pictures and props really made her want to try and make things just as prettyThe instructions for each project were clear and easy to follow As my daughter has been doing some origami for a while she followed the picture instructions than the written instructions but did also refer to the written instructions if she got stuckThe book inspired Eldest Horde to make origami and turn it into different gifts for her friends and family by making it into jewellery as shown in ‘Origami Jewelry’ uick and easy little projects perfect for rainy days like the one we’ve had todayWould I recommend this book to others?Yes I would It is the perfect little book of ideas to amuse crafty hands of all ages It contains clear and precise instructions that talk you through each project – suitable for your novice through to the experience paper folderWould I buy this book for myself?Not for myself but Eldest Horde has asked this be put on my wish list so I remember to buy it for her next time she needs a new craft book Not so subtle hints about Christmas coming up too ; In summary A great book showing how to turn tiny little origami into simply beautiful homemade jewellery

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    A really cute craft book recommended for all ages There are great easy to follow instructions for basic jewelry making included that you can apply to many projects Add the special craft of origami and you can make some endearing jewelry pieces There are so many origami papers in so many colors and styles that you can make several pairs of each It's hard to choose favorites but I do especially like the iris and butterfly and the little stars are so dear The finished examples shown make you want to make each and every piece and extra to share with friends and relativesA very economical way to increase your jewelry and match all your outfits Just don't lose the book as I can see wanting to make as time and outfits change And I'm sure I will be watching the origami papers and find many I can't resist I think these pieces would be attractive to many ages And I bet you could sell some finished sets on Etsy or FacebookDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the Dover Publications and Netgalley book review bloggers program I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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    From Netgalley for a reviewOnce upon a time I used to make jewelry and towards the end of my jewelry career I blended my love of jewelry and origami it just seemed natural This book is a good introduction to both of those forms of art fairly easy jewelry techniues and simple origami forms of course what the real challenge is is making origami small this takes a little practice but once you get the hang of minigami these are very smooth pieces to make My only complaint with this book is it not covering what I consider to be a necessary step in origami jewelry creation finishing with a varnish If you get caught in the rain wear it on a particularly hot day or spill liuid on a piece it is pretty much done and that can be immensely frustrating so really treating the pieces with a waterproof paper varnish is a must unless you are planning this as a possible one time wear Even using the most basic modge podge will extend the life Other than that omission I recommend this book to those new to either jewelry or origami

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