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It was honed against some of the th century's greatest creative minds It would travel across the world to London Zurich Cape Town Melbourne and Tokyo to elementary schools nunneries wellness retreats and the closed door corporate training sessions of todayDrawing from original reporting and never before published documents What’s Your Type examines nothing less than the definition of the self – our attempts to grasp categorise and uantify our personalities Surprising and absorbing the book like the test at its heart considers the timeless uestion What makes you you

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An unprecedented history of the personality test that has achieved cult like devotion devised a century ago by a pair of homemakers and found today in boardrooms classrooms and beyondThe Myers Briggs Type Indicator is the most popular personality test in the world It has been harnessed by Fortune companies universities hospitals churches and the military Its language – of extraversion vs introversion thinking vs feeling – has inspired online dating platforms and Buzzfeed uizzes alike And Whats Your eBook #186 yet despite the test's widespread adoption experts in th This book was a disappointment I looked forward to it I went through a phase of interest in the Myers Briggs as a

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E field of psychometric testing a million industry struggle to account for its success – no less validate its results How did the Myers Briggs insinuate itself into our jobs our relationships our internet our livesFirst conceived in the s by the mother daughter team of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers a pair of aspiring novelists and devoted homemakers the Myers Briggs was designed to bring the gospel of Carl Jung to the masses But it would take on a life of its own reaching from the smoke filled boardrooms of mid century New York to Berkeley California where 35 Stars The beginning really tried to sell me on the mystery of the author s journey to uncover the history of

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    This book was a disappointment I looked forward to it I went through a phase of interest in the Myers Briggs as a teenager and so was eager to learn about it Unfortunately after a fascinating introduction in which the author delves

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    In reading for pleasure do you a Enjoy odd and original ways of saying things or b Like writers to say exactly what they mean” To which I will

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    Well that 5 star prediction was way off the mark

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    The Myer Briggs test the pop psych fad that won't die This is a biography of the mother and daughter team and their unlikely test that you might find on a buzzfeed uiz these days It has marched through business culture the CIA pop culture west coast Jungian gurus to the interwebs This story takes many unlikely threads from the twe

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    35 Stars The beginning really tried to sell me on the mystery of the author’s journey to uncover the history of MBTI After such promise it slowed down for awhile which is why I can’t rate it higher Then it took a turn toward the bizarre when Katherine had a strange relationship with Mary “Tucky” Tuckerman Overall

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    The Personality Brokers combines a conceptually sophisticated intellectual history with a thrilling narrative It takes a special kind of talent to make ideas this interesting The personalities covered come to riotous life Hitler Jung Truman Capote to say nothing of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers themselves Emre is always witty and always sharp but never condescending to her subjects no matter how eccentric they can be An amazing

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    This is mostly a biography of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers the mother and daughter who came up with the pervasive Myers Briggs Type Indicator a personality test based on Carl Jung’s theories It’s also a history of the evolution of the

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    The book was very well written and very good and easy to follow but it was not what it could have been should have been It was a story of the mother daughter pair that began Myers Briggs and sort of how the test got adopted It reads very well a

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    My friend lent me her advance copy and I finished it in a weekThe Personality Brokers is the fascinating history behind th

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    I won this book in a goodreads drawingA book that goes into the history and the provenance of the Myers Briggs test Mostly it's a history of fraud and cult like behavior from the very beginning Created by a Progressive era crackpot it became a cause celebre of big business but there does not appear to be any actual scientific evidence behind itSounds about right

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