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Edamite Thrash is a big bad sexy demon overlord with a personal grudge against witches When fate and a wild Reviewed at Haunted BookshelfYou may remember Edamite from a

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Captivating the Witch

Undeniable attraction bind him to Tamatha Bellerose he must work with her to stop a campaign of violence aga This is a wonderfully dynamic partnership between two sharp a Detour de France partnership between two sharp a

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Inst his kind But not succumbing to her sensual spell proves infinitely difficult than anything else he face Ultimate battle of Good verse Evil Can a witch hating demon o

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    Sexy demon overlord Edamite Thrash has a personal grudge against witches but he’ll have to learn to work with Tamatha Bellerose to stop a campaign of violence against his kind in this thrilling paranormal romance I love Edamite and Tamatha’s names as they just fit these two characters very well and I was completely charmed by them both and couldn’t put the story down I have to hand it to Michele Hauf she always manages to surprise me with her Bewitching Creatures characters they always have surprising and different elements that make each and every one special and I can’t wait to visit this fascinating world again“Copyright Night Owl Reviews”©See my full review at

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    Reviewed at Haunted BookshelfYou may remember Edamite from a couple of Ms Hauf’s previous novels He’s – well – just this side of a villain in those stories Kind of like a very bad boy on steroids if you get my meaning and I’m always a sucker for the bad boy In this story we will get to know “Ed” much better and discover that there are bits of information about him that we didn’t know – that there is a rhyme and a reason for the way he acts at times Which makes him so much likable I was going to say human before I stopped myself grinTamatha is a uirky constantly learning witch At the moment she is doing light cleaning shelving books and other odds and ends in the Archives – which leaves her lots of time to study all those glorious old tomes And do what or one of the things she loves most learn new things One of the things she learns will make uite the impression on Edamite when they first meetEdamite is many things or even titles I thought of him as of a top enforcer of the demons who passed through lived in or wanted to cause trouble in his city Not much got past him and he knew when any new demon tried to enter or leave what he considered his realm And he wasn’t afraid to make his opinion known when they were doing things they should notAt the moment Edamite is investigating some very grisly murders in one old cemetery Even so when one of his friends is murdered before his disbelieving eyes Because the dead should not be walking around this cemetery or Paris – period And the fact that a particular mob of about a dozen undead is attacking and killing specific demons is a major problem One he means to get to the bottom of – the trouble is he’ll need a witch’s help and Edamite despises witches with a passionTamatha has a fascination with all things demon So in spite of their first or even second meetings she agrees to help Edamite with some small chores It’s obvious that these tiny things are not the reason he wanted to talk with her but his dislike for witches is almost constantly in her face and she can be a patient witch when she needs to be Besides he’s handsome sexy and is allowing her to ask uestions – so she can wait him out for nowEdamite’s determination to fight his attraction to Tamatha is actually part of his charm in this story It’s so obvious that he is definitely attracted and eually obvious that he doesn’t want to be because of his history with witches Tamatha doesn’t hide her attraction even when things that Edamite will say or do will hurt and annoy her She’s honest with herself about what she wants from this demonI enjoyed this story so very much Gripping enchanting sexy and a page turner – those are all words that come to mind But at the base of that is a very good story comfortably detailed with likable characters that you will be cheering on to find their happy ever after ending I enjoyed it enough to give it my top rating – and now I need to go dig out those previous titles to do a re read with a different view of Edamite that should be interesting reading between the lines so to speakon a side note – I couldn’t help but notice considering that the original title for this was to be Bewitched the combination that makes up Tamatha’s unusual name is Samantha and her daughter Tabatha from the television Bewitched series Tam atha grin just something I noticed no clue if it’s relevant or not

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    Characters created by Michele Hauf are always uniue and none have been distinctive than demon Edamite Thrash Living in Paris he has taken it upon himself to make certain other demons are kept safe yet they must behave and not draw the notice of humans When he crosses paths with a spirited witch named Tamatha Bellerose neither of their lives are ever the same again I laughed during scenes where amusement was the focus and fretted when a situation seemed hopeless Ms Hauf never fails to draw me into the lives of her characters because of the way in which they come alive and make me care CAPTIVATING THE WITCH is entertainingly originalWorking in the archives of the Council over paranormal creatures is certainly exciting for witch Tamatha Bellerose She is particularly interested in learning any information on demons because of her fascination with the often misunderstood beings and her new job gives her access to data not found elsewhere Her wish to discover additional facts about those feared individuals comes true when she runs into Edamite Thrash a powerful demon who has a good reason to dislike witches Though there is an unexpected awareness between the two he definitely has no plans to see Tamatha again especially when a troubling problem grabs his full attention Demons are being brutally killed by bizarre creatures and Ed wants to make sure no others like him suffer the same fate Regrettably it seems his best chance of stopping the incidents is to work with a witch and Tamatha appears to be the best choice Although their working relationship began with a rocky start mutual desire just keeps mounting and is very tough to keep under control Trying to keep others safe was Ed’s only intention at first but it soon becomes apparent that teaming up with Tamatha is surprisingly affecting his emotionsWhen Ed was first introduced in a prior book his behavior appeared villainous than good But each time this formidable demon showed up in following scenes I began to wonder if he was truly evil In his own story I came to understand much about him and the facts behind his reputation Michele Hauf constantly sprinkles little gems related to the history of demons throughout the book and each detail made his specific race so realistic and conceivable Any of Tamatha’s witch abilities also seem genuine with convincing possibilities How these two got along is sometimes amusing while other moments are sexually steamy The passion between Ed and Tamatha is very enthusiastic and almost feels as though they have been bewitched at times I really liked how this couple would talk things out and not leave their feelings unspoken The paranormal aspects in CAPTIVATING THE WITCH are very innovative Many of them are depictions that I have never read about before making the story interesting time and again The spotlight is on demons and witches and I felt as though I had a much better understanding of both after reading about several notable concepts dreamed up by Ms Hauf Humor can be found all through the story from thoughts and comments to the way a scene plays out Laughter is absolutely guaranteed when Michele Hauf writes a story in her Beautiful Creatures world and I am eager to see what ground breaking ideas she invents next Received copy from author for a CataRomance review – 45 Stars

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    Tamatha works as an assistant for CJ at the Council archives On the way home one night she literally runs into Edamite Thrash Tamatha is very talented but I like her OCD magic the best It’d come in very handy especially for a working mom with young children Though her curse is a downerEdamite or Ed as he’s called is very stuffy and full himself He’s in charge of an organization the policing demons and had a very bad reputation among other supernaturals I loved watching Tamatha keep him off balance And the crows are an interesting changeuick Thoughts 1 I never thought of this but has to awkward for a demon whom salt burns and a witch who uses it as her main toolFave Scenes 1 cleaning up the salt the Avocado face cream Ed making the antidote and Tamatha Ed’s magical fight

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    Loved this couple so much One of my favorites from Michele Hauf Interesting storyline lots of magic from both demons and witches great characters beautiful Paris setting and very hot and romanticHighly recommendReview here received a copy of this via NetGalley

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    This is a wonderfully dynamic partnership between two sharp and clever characters Their chemistry is strong and their banter witty and a great secondary cast makes this story a well rounded success RT Book Reviews 4 stars

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    Another fantastic book with a great storyline and uniue characters I love Tamantha's OCD magic and I'm glad we got to see of Ed's personality

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    45 4 or trending up

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    Ultimate battle of Good verse Evil Can a witch hating demon overlord Edamite fall for a kiss and heart stealing witch with a family curse that kills the men that love them back?? What to do when there are 10ish nasty foul smelling zombies walk the cemetery that is killing demons that are descended from the ones that doomed them as witched to be burned at the stake in 1753 and who brought them back as animated killing coupes??

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    I would give it 3 12 stars It started out good but lost me about 14 of the way in Not sure why I liked it enough to stick with it Then around the half to 34 mark something happened and I was pulled back in and by the end I enjoyed it

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