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    Shadow and Flame is so much darker than the first novel and I tore through it If I could say anything I went into this series expecting it to be about the messenger service and the horses As much as I love these books I still have a large messenger horse sized hole in my heart Right next to Bonner's giant hole Basically I have no heart right now Shadow and Flame branched a span of almost two years and it was weird to have that kind of time go by from the prologue to the rest of the book It was a much darker book but was generally interesting and kept me engaged thru the whole nearly 500 pagesAs the events filled themselves in between the prologue and the book my heart just crumbled and only ever got put 23 of the way back together It was sooooo wrong what Rendborne was orchestrating through Gavril I think the characters that I liked all got good endings and one of my favorite aspects was the blackwhite uror legend That part of the storyline had a wonderful ending and it made my day that the Uror horse had a role in the endingI developed an irrational hate for Signe's character though how dare she withhold information that is vital to the resistance then have the nerve to go off on a high horse at Kate? If she wasn't so valuable I bet someone would have considered her treasonous You don't get a choice when it comes to putting others in even greater danger I didn't ship her romance at all either and it seemed that a lot of her bitterness had rubbed off on DalOtherwise I mean I would have liked to see of the rebuild but it seems like the world was left in an okay position There is nothing wrong with a little happily ever after and I like being able to feel reasonably satified at the end of a series I would 100% recommend these if you like fantasy and magic and darkness😁

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    Really enjoyed the seuel It was darker then the first which felt like a Disney film in comparison Glad I read the seuel straight away Does anyone else find this a lot? I am always preferring seuels to the first books

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    Lowering my rating to 25 stars because I’m STILL MADWell this was definitely the weaker of the two books I thought that I'd give it the same rating as its predecessor but I spent so much time FRUSTRATED while reading that I had to lower it a bit If not for Kate I might have even DNF'ed it but I couldn't do my baby dirty like that Everyone treated her SO POORLY throughout the book and I HATED IT especially Signe her supposed best friend Kate was constantly betrayed and isolated and verbally torn down by the people closest to her that I'm amazed that she even wanted them in her life after she did most of the fighting while they stood by watching and judging everything she did If anything this book exhibited how easy it is to judge and claim the moral high ground when you're not the one faced with making the hard decisions where no matter what there are heavy costs that come along with all of the potential choices As a whole I enjoyed the duology and anticipate Arnett's future endeavours I just wish that she had maintained the tone of the first book I missed the funny banter the bond between the characters etc I felt that this book got so dark and that there were no moments of levity which made the reading experience rather emotionally draining for me This is still one of the better YA duologies with a heavy emphasis on political intrigue though

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    I was so incredibly disappointed by this book Which makes me very sad because I really really enjoyed Onyx and Ivory In the first book I loved the characters They were strong and lovely They felt completely off in this book I found it uite hard to keep reading and often I was rolling my eyes I'm not uite Game of Thrones series finally disappointed but still pretty disappointed

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    The ending made this book My eyes watered NO ONE IS SAFE at the end because ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Also I thought the end was cool for lack of a better word Loved the uror I want to draw this horse now Love love love loveLoved the line “Her grief was like the tide—nothing could hold it back” bit of a spoiler ahead though you might not understand it if you haven’t started reading it but be warned One sticking point for me was I didn’t get why the smoke didn’t spread at the end I think I must have missed something? I was terrified it might kill the uror but at a minimum thought it would spread I would love another book and am hoping we will get one I will definitely be reading it if one comes out and I will be keeping an eye out for future books from this author All in all I would recommend the series I enjoyed it It has horses magic romance an interesting take on magic and two great side characters Signe and Dal I’m looking at you

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    Disclaimer I received an ARC of this book at no cost from the publisherauthor All opinions expressed in my review are my own I am so unbelievably impressed with this book and this series This was such a brilliant finale to end this story There are some bittersweet moments towards the end I may not recover from this book hangover that is coming First of all this book starts off with a bang for certain The prologue was just shocking and unexpected The entire seuence of events from the first book through the end of this book are so expertly planned out I loved the overall plot of the series The foreshadowing from the first book is so clear now that I've read this book All the loose ends are tied up nicely and the ending is so satisfying The world building in this book really surpasses that of the last book I loved the vivid details about this world and this book only expands on them We get to experience life in Seva as well as Rime There is so much lore and backstory ingrained in this book So many surprising details about this world are revealed The characters in this series become such a part of you as you read this story I adored the characters in the first book but they grow so much in this book They go through heartbreaking ordeals after the events of the first book The characters go on some very personal journeys through their grief and trials The character growth is wonderful I have grown very attached to these characters and I am sad that this journey with them has come to an end Kate has a personal journey in this book She has to come to terms with her power and how she uses it She finds that there is a fine line between right and wrong and she has to find a balance within herself to be the best person she can be Corwin's journey is a sad and emotional one He endures so much in this second installment and I think that I felt the most for his character in particular His character development in this book really wowed me The cast of secondary characters in this series is magnificent Sometimes when I read a book I find myself not caring as much about the secondary characters but that definitely is not the case with this book series These characters both the good and the bad are ones that evoke emotion in the reader I felt connected to each and every one of them in one way or another They are built and executed perfectly I found myself caring just as much about their character development and their character arcs as I did for the two main characters This is definitely an ensemble cast of characters I love how the romance was wrapped up in this The struggles that both Kate and Corwin go through before reuniting affects their relationship I also liked how Kate's power and her use of it became a conflict between them after reuniting It was especially emotional because of how Corwin had been tortured with that same power while he was being held captive in Seva I liked the resolution between them also came from them growing individually All in all I really enjoyed their love story They are well suited for each other and they really do complete each other and bring out the best parts of each other I found the author's writing style incredibly addictive The writing is so smooth and elouent It is absolutely top notch uality writing Overall I couldn't have been pleased with the finale to this incredible book series I am so sad that this was only a duology because I loved it so much and I just want I can't recommend this book and this series enough You will not be disappointed with it If you want to read a fantasy that will consume your thoughts then pick this one upMore reviews on my blog Novel Nerd Faction

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    So if you’re like me and hate small talk worse than putting your finger into a meat grinder you’ll get what I’m about to say this book was like being stuck making small talk with no means of escape I loved ONYX AND IVORY I loved it so much that I rated it up there with some of my fav fantasies of all time Which is why I’m so disappointed in this seuel The characters felt off In the first book they had heart They had depth I cared for them as I would my own They didn’t reel me in this time around Nor the story which was slow and glossed over in some parts It was a rollercoaster with a shotty arm bar Will I die of boredom or won’t I? Mostly I’m sad Seuels especially in duologies are rarely ever amazing But I had high hopes with this one Alas

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    4 🌟Enjoyable read Continuing from part 1The Wilders are slaves in the pit Edwin is king Where's Corwin Kate is ueen of then Wilders Making sure to keep peaceBut when Dal life is threaten she most go save him But finding out about Corwin and a wilder just like herThe author isn't afraid to kill off characters ugh but hey that's the jest of it all To fall for characters but not sure if they'll make it to the end I enjoyed this series

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    How did I not already have this added? I've only been craving it since October 😵

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    I don’t even know where to start This book was such a huge disappointment This is one of the rare occasions where a series could have used a middle book Seriously The prologue starts 6 months after the ending of book one then after the prologue another WHOLE YEAR passed We only get a few glimpses and brief descriptions about what happened during that time but I really wanted to read about that time Because SO MUCH happened You really could have filled a whole book for that time span And I’ve got to admit that I simply hate time jumps Especially such huge ones Another trope I am so over is the memory loss trope At the end of the prologue Cowin ‘dies’ but surprises he is not dead After he fell of a cliff enemy soldiers discovered him and he was brought into the mines where he pretended to be someone else and slowly he himself forgot who he was Yeah ‘Nuff said Let’s jump straight into the change of theme in this book This was so much darker than book one Don’t get me wrong I do like my dark and gritty books from time to time but I want to know what I am getting myself into And book one didn’t feel nearly as dark There were so many unnecessary and pointless character deaths The deaths didn’t even further the plot they were just there to make things sad and very much felt like an afterthought “Oh I can’t have everyone live and be happy” Draws card “Lets kill xyz” What I loved about Onyx Ivory was the friendships the MCs had with either of their best friends I love well written friendships that are also very important to the MC in fiction It’s sadly uite rare because usually the focus is on the romance but the friends of the MCS were also super important to them So you will probably understand why I was so disappointed that the MCs had very little scenes with their BFFs in this book I would have loved to see of the side characters in general They have grown so much on me After Corwin got his memory back he is discovered by the enemy the King of Seva who has another Sway user working for him They force Corwin via mind control to marry the Sevan princess Eravis Corwin doesn’t love her Eravis doesn’t love him Eventually Corwin manages to free himself of the mind control and goes back to Kate Of course Kate doesn’t like the fact that Corwin married another woman but really that’s neither Corwins nor Eravis’s fault Fast forward to the final battle Eravis and Kate meet and when Kate figures out who the woman is she attacks What was the point of this? To make me dislike Kate???? Girl I get that you are hurt that your boyfriend married someone else but you know that’s neither his nor her fault And like you can be perfectly jealous in silence without charging with a sword at Eravis She is trying to help don’t kill the help I really really wanted Signe and Dal to get their happy ending Two people from messed up families both not really believing in love because neither of them has truly experienced it before then meeting and falling in love that has strong OTP vibes But of course we can’t have nice things so Dal had to die in such a pointless way and to add drama to the final battle Signe ends up heartbroken and leaving Rime so in a way Kate and Corwin both lost their best friend It’s really too much to ask for a happy ending for both main and side characters is it?

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Ime As the book opens Kate suffers a massive loss one that will shape the struggle for freedom of all wilders and magic folk that is if Kate can learn to control her own power 4 🌟Enjoyable read Continuing from part 1The Wilders are slaves in the pit Edwin is king Where

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