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Living with the Gods On Beliefs and Peoples

Terrogates objects places and human activities to try to understand what shared beliefs can mean in the public life of a community or a nation how they shape the relationship between the individual and the state and how they help give us our sense of who we areFor in deciding how we live with our gods we also decide how to live with each other Book Porn I'm sorry for the crass title it can't be helped I couldn't think of a better means of describing this book I first saw it in my local Waterstones and upon opening it knew I had to read it The coloured images dispersed amongst the 500 odd pages of Living With The Gods are just one aspect of the care and love that have been put into this text Covering a plethora of beliefs and stories that humans have embodied for many centuries Living With The Gods is a treasure trove of incredible information and helpful guidance to the religious and non religious alike My favourite chapter personally but by no means only favourite was discovering about Ethiopias uniue Christian heritage victory over colonial Italy claim to the Arc of the Covenant and ties to Rastafarianism There are only about six pages in this chapter; yet it opened up a whole world to me I'm certain you will have your own similar experiences reading this beautiful book

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He world today Throughout history they have most often been in the widest sense religiousYet this book is not a history of religion nor an argument in favour of faith It is about the stories which give shape to our lives and the different ways in which societies imagine their place in the world Looking across history and around the globe it in This is another excellent book from Neil MacGregor I have no expertise in this area but as a lay reader I found it a thoughtful erudite and immensely illuminating bookMacGregor takes a similar approach to that in his previous outstanding books A History Of The World in 100 Objects and Shakespeare’s Restless World in that he uses artefacts fascinatingly to illustrate his subject basing each brief chapter around a subject which has has religious significance like sacrifice water and so on Thus this isn’t a conventional history of religion at all but a very insightful look at the way in which worship in its many diverse forms has played a part in human life from the earliest objects we know of to the present day As always MacGregor makes shrewd penetrating and very humane points leaving us with much to think about It’s a great book to read a chapter or two at a time I think and then to come back to The book is beautifully illustrated and MacGregor’s unfussy readable style is a pleasure I can recommend this very warmly

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One of the central facts of human existence is that every society shares a set of beliefs and assumptions a faith an ideology a religion that goes far beyond the life of the individual These beliefs are an essential part of a shared identity They have a uniue power to define and to divide us and are a driving force in the politics of much of t Neil MacGregor’s Living with the Gods On Beliefs and Peoples explores objects rituals and places in terms of what they reveal about faith and spirituality Beginning with the 40000 year old Lion Man of Ulm MacGregor takes us on a penetrating and insightful journey that spans centuries crosses all corners of the globe and interrogates the religious traditions of the past and present with compassion and respectMacGregor was director of the British Museum from 2002 2015 He generously illustrates his text with beautiful color photographs taken primarily from exhibits in the British Museum He deconstructs each exhibit situating it in context and explaining its function in ritual andor as an object of faith with the goal of elucidating how we worship In addition to explaining the role of objects natural phenomena and rituals MacGregor takes us to locations which harbor religious significance—sacred spaces pregnant with mystery which presumably functioned as gateways to the supernatural realm These sites include pre historic caves with their cryptic drawings; the underground tomb In Ireland’s Newgrange; the excavation site at Gobekli Tepe in south east Turkey; Girsu in Ira; Lake Guatavita in the Columbian Andes; cathedrals synagogues temples and mosues in Africa Asia the Americas and Europe MacGregor also explores the role of ceremonies prayers festivals and songs as communal activities that bind a people together providing them with a cohesive identity MacGregor’s persona is knowledgeable curious non judgmental non dogmatic tolerant immensely humane compassionate sensitive and respectful of the various traditions and cultures Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this text is the way MacGregor takes an object ritual or ceremony and unveils its similarities with the religious activities and paraphernalia of cultures that are worlds apart and seemingly very diverse Through these explorations he is able to draw connections from the past to the present from one culture to the next It is a fascinating and wholistic enterprise which demonstrates over and over again that in spite of the ethnic regional racial and religious differences that cause so much violent conflict all over the world we all emerged from the same stock share the same anxieties hopes and goals And even though we may pursue different paths to get us there the “there” we want to get to is fundamentally the same today as it has always been This penetrating text exploring religious objects sacred spaces ceremonies and rituals to remind us we have in common with each other than we have differences is essential and relevant today than it has ever beenHighly recommended A pleasure to read with color photos to feast the eyes

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Neil MacGregor was born in the Gods PDF/EPUB ã Glasgow to two doctors Alexander and Anna MacGregor At the age of nine he first saw Salvador Dalí's Christ of Saint John of the Cross newly acuired by Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery which had a profound effect on him and sparked his lifelong interest in art MacGregor was educated at Glasgow Academy and then read modern languages at New College Oxford where he.

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