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Mother Lucas earns his living running a successful gambling house He's also a spy charged with bringing down the Forres Gang He thinks The Lady's just a bored society spinster She thinks he's a lost child playing at rebellion And when the truth comes out it's not just their love on the lin Don't you love it when the really hot gardener you hired

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He will expose her as the criminal he seeks or seduce her as the woman he desires An old maid that's all Lady Christina McMorlan daughter to the Duke of Forres is to society now that she's past thirty She hosts her father's parties and cares for her siblings knowing she'll never have her ow The perfect combination of intrigue passion and romanceT La masajista y el hotel Red Pleasure or seduce her as the woman he desires An Before I Wake old maid that's all Lady Christina McMorlan daughter to the Duke Conceptos De Relatividad Y Teoria Cuantica of Forres is to society now that she's past thirty She hosts her father's parties and cares for her siblings knowing she'll never have her Vanished Kingdoms ow The perfect combination My Brothers Love of intrigue passion and romanceT

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N home and family She has no time to pine however By night she's The Lady head of a notorious whiskey smuggling gang that supports her impoverished clan They're always one step ahead of the revenue man until Lucas Black shows up Rejecting his title and the proper society that disparaged his DNR beyond page 70Claimed by the Laird has elements that

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    The perfect combination of intrigue passion and romanceThis is the third and final book in Nicola Cornick’s enjoyable Scottish Brides seriesLady Christina is the eldest of the MacMorlan sisters and at the age of 33 considered to be the ‘old maid’ of the familythe dutiful daughter keeping house for her father the Duke of Forres While he selfishly indulges in his academic studies Christina also runs the estate and cares for the welfare of her father’s tenants None of her family suspects that at night she becomes The Lady leader of a successful whisky smuggling gangI love Christina’s dual personalitythe staid spinster who is easily overlooked and the brave woman who is willing to risk her life to support and protect her people from those who would exploit them Her family see her as a passionless woman but in her youth she had been wild and reckless but sacrificed her own happiness to take care of her father and younger siblings after her mother diesWhen Lucas’s half brother Peter is murdered whilst on a trip to Scotland Lucas is determined to bring the murderer to justice The Home Secretary Lord Sidmouth is convinced that the infamous Kilmory smuggling gang are involved and Lucas volunteers to go to Castle Kilmory and posing as a footman infiltrate the smuggling gang and discover the identity of his brother’s murdererI do love a hero who has had to drag himself up by his bootstraps and Lucas did that and The legacy of being the illegitimate son of a Scottish laird and a Russian princess and his anger over his father’s abandonment of himself and his mother has fuelled Lucas’s determination to succeed The hardships he endured taught him to be hard strong and ruthless Now he runs the most prestigious gambling salon in Scotland rejecting the title and lands inherited from his father Emotions have no place in his lifethey weakened a manLucas is totally unsuited to this role as footman used to giving orders rather than taking them His irreverence results in some amusing exchanges with Christina and this is one of my favourites when they are discussing plans for her father’s grotto “Here you have them Mr Ross I hope they will give you an idea of what my father has in mind” Her gaze fell on the top book and she bit her lip recoiling slightly “Oh my goodness I assume papa does not intend his statues to be uite so overendowed”“I now have a mental image of the garden grotto as a woodland glade in which satyrs ravish innocent maidens” Lucas said enjoying her discomfiture He was sure that for a moment her gaze had flickered to his groin as though comparing him to the preposterously huge men in the book“Pray remove that image from your mind “Christina said sharply “We do not reuire you to use your imagination Mr Ross Not at all”It was easy to sympathise with Christina’s insecurities about herselfa complexion that had lost its youthful sparkle and a chin that was showing signs of sagging I know the feeling well and I loved that Lucas saw her as beautiful and desirable His hand closed over hers and she froze catching her breath Her face was in profile and he could see the curve of her lips and a pulse beating in the delicate hollow of her throat Beneath his hand her fingers trembled The awareness shimmered beneath them like a heat hazeThe romance was perfectly pacedan intoxicating mix of heart warming tenderness and delicious sensuality I could feel the deep emotional connection between Christina and Lucas which made their love for each other both genuine and believable I enjoyed seeing how Lucas’s love for Christina enables him to come to terms with his painful pastThere was an interesting cast of secondary characters; the merciless excise man Mr Eyre who is a vicious adversary the selfish Duke of Florres Christina’s father and Gertrude Christina’s viper tongued sister in law Robert and Lucy The Lady and the Laird and Jack and Mairi One Night with the Laird are on hand to lend their supportThere is plenty of drama and excitement and the identity of Peter’s murderer came as a big surprise The one thing that I could have wished for was a charming Epilogue with a glimpse of the future Yes I’m a real pushover for all those cute childrenA captivating and sensual love story and a satisfying finish to this enjoyable series REVIEW RATING 55 STARSScottish Brides series click on the covers for details

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    25 starsLucas is traveling to the castle to find out who killed his brother but when he gets there he finds himself fascinated with the Lady Christina They have some good banter at first which I was enjoying and just starting to warm up to them as a couple when suddenly they jump in the sack The middle is basically them sleeping together The ending is a bit rushed with Lucas very suddenly realizing who killed his brother and Christina being arrested for being a whisky distiller The writing is good but I'm not sure anything really happened here I've been kind of meh to this whole series so if you liked the previous ones you'll probably enjoy this one too

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    Originally posted HEREFirst thing what were they thinking when they made this cover? It’s not 1978 any and the first two in the series had much classier coversThough I’m a huge fan of this author and have enjoyed the other books in this series I nearly didn’t get past the first few pages of this book I’m glad I did though because I really enjoyed it It was a thousand times better than most of the other historical romances I’ve read recentlyThe reason I nearly stopped reading was because I have ZERO interest in reading books that romanticise Russia I started this book only days after Russians invaded and annexed a city in Ukraine members of my family live in and they had to flee to the other side of the countryThe current genre fiction trend for romanticising Russia upsets meI put the book aside for a few hours picked it up again and loved the rest of it Claimed by the Laird is probably the best “old maidspinster” themed book I’ve read You really feel for Christina and her sacrifices and her pain She had all of her hopes and dreams taken away from her and is making the best of the life she didn’t choose for herself When Lucas’ secrecy and apparent betrayal is heaped on top of that you can feel everything she feels She is one of the most sympathetic heroines I’ve read in this genreNicola Cornick has struck gold with her mix of Regency and Highland romance All the society and manners of one subgenre and the wildness and adventure of the other I love her blend of historical touches to go with the interesting characters and clever dialogue She makes you really like her main characters even when they’re doing something you don’t agree withI also enjoyed reading the secondary romance which was given a few featured scenesI also like how self contained these books are even though they’re part of a series There are definitely a few past storylines that are referred to here and there but nothing that is going to frighten newbiesOne thing I was a little confused about was the fact the death of Christina’s sister wasn’t mentioned once in the entire book Unless my memory has disappeared the first book deals with the death in childbirth of one of the sisters and yet even when Lucas was discussing the death of his brother – and when Christina talked of the death of her mother – the sister was forgottenSo in the end I really liked Claimed by the Laird I just replaced Russia with something else as I read and I got by A good bet for both Regency and Highland romance fans Review copy provided by NetGalley

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    The third book in the Scottish Brides series by Nicola Cornick is my favoriteWhen I first started reading historical romance in 2011 British author Cornick was one of the first authors who captured my interest with her passionate stories and her fiery heroines in her Scandalous Women of the Ton series Since then I’ve been slowly reading her backlist This is her newest series set in Scotland and while very entertaining and well written the first two were not as exciting as that first series Except for this one I loved itLucas is on the hunt for the killer of his youngest brother He is from a titled family but has rejected his title and lands since his own family rejected him as a bastard As such “he loathed the aristocracy with their opulent lifestyle and their sense of entitlement” He finds employment as a servant at Kilmory Castle where he has already met the lady of the house Lady Christina MacMorlan She is involved in whisky smuggling to aid the people of her estate when he runs afoul of them She saves him from being killed and they form an instant attractionFor my full review on my historical romance and history blog

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    DNR beyond page 70Claimed by the Laird has elements that echo NC's lovely Scandalous Women and Brides of Fortune series but its spark isn't as intense The backstory for Lucas is compelling just not enough to offset Christina's initial caullous treatment of Lucas which made it hard for me to root for them to end up together Ultimately this is about my lukewarm enthusiasm for this Scottish Brides series than it is about any aspect of NC's writing More specifically smuggling is one of my least favorite topics in historical fiction but the appeal of NC's writing talents and POV lured me into giving it a go

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    Nicola Cornick always works wonders for me No matter how deep I am in my own work or how much life distracts me with minutia Nicola’s fabulous storytelling always paints a new world for me CLAIMED BY THE LAIRD is no exception Filled with smuggling intrigue hidden caves secret identities and a hot man this book kept me turning the pages far into the night And true love is in there too Nicola is a master of true loveshe reminds me why I read romance in the first place and why I write it I can’t recommend this one highly enough

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    This one dragged a bit for me although I'm not sure whysmugglers murder and sympathetic characters abound The end was dramatic and then uiet and then the mystery wasn't really explained very well I think that the author got a bit lost at the end but overall Cornick's writing is better than most of this genre

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    Don't you love it when the really hot gardener you hired turns out to be a Russian prince?

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    This is the book I read again and again I find all of Cornick’s books both plot and character driven but this one is the best Essentially she writes very interesting stories I loved Christina and Lucas; I loved that they had suffered had had their own independent experiences I liked how they each had their own space and that Christina was a strong autonomous woman I also liked that she was not so young that she had had experiences I love the subtleties in this story I loved the lush love story NK is my favorite romance author so far I would love recommendations for other similarly well crafted and well written books possibly based on historical events like NK does

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    Ok not as good as the first two in series The sisters were interesting then the whiskey smuggler spinster The H was way interesting would of preferred him with some one else I finished just to see how it ended

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