SUMMARY Ò Riggs' Ruin (Kings Reapers MC Book 1)

SUMMARY Riggs' Ruin (Kings Reapers MC Book 1)

AnnaI stormed into his bar to tell this arrogant son of a bitch to keep his kid away from mine My daughter Malia meansto me than anything else in this world I knew before I walked in he was the leader of a notorious biker gang but I didnt careI realize far too late that going into his bar was a massive mistake It put me directly on his radar and thats somewhere I never awesome book welldone nicola 👍👍👍👍 Detour de France put me directly on his radar and thats somewhere I never awesome book welldone nicola 👍👍👍👍

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Riggs' Ruin (Kings Reapers MC Book 1)

Ears That is until a sassy mouthed woman walks into my barAnna MillerThe first thing out of her mouth was an insult One interaction and the woman immediately got under my skin Before long Im not thinking with my head any Especially as her past catches up with herDoes she realize the lengths Ill go to protect whats important to me? Im not gonna let her go without a fight Why Did I Choose This BookLoved the coverPlatformFree ebook from BooksproutSPOILER MA Lost Innocence past catches up with herDoes she realize the lengths Ill go to Woman of Iron protect whats important to me? Im not gonna let her go without a fight Why Did I Choose This BookLoved the coverPlatformFree ebook from BooksproutSPOILER MA

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Wanted to beI came to him for one thing to speak my mind and be done with it Suddenly this man is everywhere I turn and I dont know what to think RiggsI swore Id never let myself get into another relationship after my last one ended in a catastrophic manner The only things thatre important to me are my kid and my club I was happy living my life the way I have been for y This is my first book by Nicola Jane and I enjoyed this very much Loved reading about

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    awesome book welldone nicola 👍👍👍👍

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    If you get the chance I would recommend reading Blinded By You which is the King Reapers preuel and the back story of AnnaAnna left an abusive marriage and took her daughter Malia She moved to the other side of town where she thought her ex wouldn't want to stir up trouble with the Kings Reapers MCRiggs is the president of the Kings Reapers and he is a single father to Ziggy after his relationship fell to bits with Michelle who is a drug userMalia & Ziggy go to school together and develop uite a strong bond and Anna is worried if they need to move again then Malia and Ziggy will be left broke So Anna storms into Riggs bar to give him a piece of her mind and it was an instant attraction When Anna's past catches up with her Riggs will stop at nothing to protect Anna & Malia so they can become a familyThis story was really enjoyable and we got an introduction to other characters in the MC so I'm uite looking forward to reading other books about the rest of the MC brothers

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    Well this book has started of with me thinking that Riggs needs to be abit firmer with the women in his life or atleast be clear his actions with these women and ex aren't something I would expect from the alpha PrezAnna just wants to protect her daughter from her abusive ex yet she puts her foot in it when she decides to tell another parent that their kids need to find other friendsThe trials these two parents go to to be together and trust one another is explosive Riggs really needs to show where his loyalties lie and not open his mouth before thinkingLove the way the kids are together and really wonder will Ziggy's prodiction really happen the way Anna fearedI received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    This is my first book by Nicola Jane and I enjoyed this very much Loved reading about Anna and Riggs and their complicated “relationship” Both have somewhat complex pasts and Anna’s is very intense as she has been trying to escape an abusive marriage Riggs and Anna meet through their children and there is chemistry from the beginning Even though they both try to stay away and do the right thing there is a pull that brings them together and that is when all the drama begins Lots happening in this book with a few twists that I was not expecting but it will surely keep you on your toes Loved all the characters and the story line Cannot wait to read in this seriesI received an arc copy and am voluntarily leaving an honest review

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    Loved the book it was great the story was well written and the characters are interesting This story of Anna and Riggs was amazing Anna a single mother of a daughter Malia Anna would do anything to keep her daughter safe even if it means facing a man that runs a bar and is a biker with the Prez for Kings Reapers MC Riggs is aalso a single father and does not want a relationship Anna does not want these children being around each other so she went and seen Riggs and gave him a mouthful Will he tell his child to stay awayI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    Based on the description I thought Anna was gonna be a spitfire but when they both were arguinng it was like a banter between the high school jock and his mates and the uptight school captainAnna kept stuttering and didn't actually have good come backs Instead she talks about how rude instead of actually giving as good as she got I actually though she going to be a spitfire but ended up stuttering and losing end of itTo me the banter was just not something I'd put as her being a spitfire or whatever because it was like a playground banter to me I actually got up to that and I stoppedTo me it just goes to show that she's not putting up a fight but instead putting him control

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    This book was very well written and kept me thoroughly engaged throughout The characters have amazing chemistry and so well suited to each other Loved the family environment

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    Really enjoyed this

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    Why Did I Choose This BookLoved the coverPlatformFree ebook from BooksproutSPOILER MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSBlurbThe protagonist Anna and her daughter are on the constant move from her ex a Mafia KingpinOne day her daughter Malia comes home from school and tells Anna that one of the other students wanted to kiss her and make her his “Old lady” Naturally this infuriates Anne and she debates on whether or not to confront the child’s father The catch is the child’s father just so happens to be the President of the local MC After gaining some liuid courage on a night out she finally approaches Riggs to discuss their children’s unusually close relationship The discussion doesn’t go as planned and now Riggs and Anna become entangled in thisWhat I LovedEverything No really everything This book was so amazingly written with complex storylines and many character developments but it flowed organically So here are some specific things I loved Anna’s ex the antagonist Reggie whew That relationship was so interesting and I love that the author gives us access to the preuel “Blinded by You” which goes in depth on their story Ziggy and Malia’s relationship Riggs’ sonAnna’s daughter The character development of the supporting cast Here is where the author really shines This is the first book in the series and she had done such a beautiful job introducing and sparking intrigue about those characters without overtaking the story of Riggs and Anne Riggs and Reggie’s battle which had little to do with Anna and to do with their overall conflict to gaining power Riggs Bonnie and Michelle A lot was revealed about who Riggs truly was based on his interactions with these two women Crystal’s characterwow did not see that comingWhat I Wished Were DifferentNothing that I wished was different but I was mildly confused if Michelle was manipulative before her disease as Riggs’ mother says or was it Riggs behavior during their relationship that drove her to make the choices she didMy RatingsSex scenes 55 HotMC involvement 45 A lot of MC drama but associated with the mafiaCharacters 55 Character development is crazy good I literally can see five or six books coming out of this series just from that one bookOverall 55 For all the reasons stated above I just fell in love with the chemistry and felt transported into the story I hope Anna and Riggs get a book 2 at some pointWould I Recommend ThisYes If you like alpha males MC’s mafia drama family and love you will love this book The preuel “Blinded by You” is also available and that gave an interesting insight into Anna’s previous life Book does have some possible triggers abuse and consent but it was written tastefullyAlthough I received this book free for my honest review I had to order it for myself just to support the author I don’t know this author but I was highly impressed with this book and very excited about this series The next book is Cree which is set to come out in October 2020 and I have already pre ordered that one as wellThis book was reviewed based on my honest personal preferenceKudos to the author for being bold enough to share their creativity with the world ARC REVIEW I did receive a free copy of this book for my honest reviewI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    Riggs' Ruin was my first read by Nicola Jane and it was a solid MC read that combined the romance I love and the serious nature of the biker world Anna got ensnared by a guy named Reggie who was actually a crime lord He trapped her and controlled her for uite a while She has made a home for herself and her daughter in a part of London that isn't under Reggie's thumb It is however under the rule of the Kings Reapers When her daughter comes home from nursery school telling her that her best and only friend Ziggy wants to kiss her and make her his old lady she decides to have a chat with his dad He also happens to be the president of the Reapers Things escalate and both are trying to fight the attraction they feel without much success When Reggie decides he wants his wife back will Riggs be able to hold onto everyone that matters to him? I really enjoyed this read although Anna bugged me a little with her attitude at times It was completely understandable that she didn't want to get involved with another dangerous man when her ex was than enough to deal with Riggs was also a bit of a dumb guy but again completely understandable I think that is what made this such a fun read They are portrayed in a completely real way so that you can love them and want to kick them in the butt for being a numbskull at the same time I cannot wait to read the next book about Riggs' VP Cree and Anna's bestie Eva

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    Holy cow that was intense and I loved every second of itWhen she stumbles into his bar one night wanting to confront him a spark ignites within him like never before He knows who she is and the trouble that followers her and her daughter but he will do what it takes to protect them his family and club even when things take a nasty turnThis book is a mix of the MC life and Mafia world with a lot of twists and f’ed turns I was glued from the very beginning I do highly suggest reading Blinded by You Kings Reapers MC Preuel first to understand how Anna ended up on the other side of the tracks better I can’t wait for books in this series 🖤🖤

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    This is the first book in a new series called Kings Reapers MC It's a fast paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish There's action adventure drama danger suspense twistturns enemies survival intrigue humor mysterysecrets surprises family anger fear pain friendsfriendships conflict resolution confusion confidence strength courage trust truths stubbornness struggles protection tension abuse turmoil emotional annoyance violence arrogance threats attitudes sacrifices revengevengeance manipulating evil trialstribulations acceptance frustration determination patience happiness romance passionlust and loveThis story is a mixture of the MC life and the mafia worldStory about the president of the Kings Reapers H and a female who is trying to escape her abusive husband who is a mob bossRead to find out what happens I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and this review is my own opinion