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Learning to Silence the Mind: Wellness Through Meditation

The mind says Osho has the potential to be enormously creative in dealing with the challenges of everyday life and the problems of the world in which we live The difficulty however is that instead of using the mind as a helpful servant we have largely allowed it to become the master of our lives Its ambitions belief systems and It wasn't what I expected

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Interpretations rule our days and our nights bringing us into conflict with minds that are different from ours keeping us awake at night rehashing those conflicts or planning the conflicts of tomorrow and disturbing our sleep and our dreams If only there was a way to switch it off and give it a rest Finding the switch that can I always heard about osho and about his greatness I read this book soon after completing

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Silence the mind not by force or performing some exotic ritual but through understanding watchfulness and a healthy sense of humor is meditation A sharper relaxed and creative mind one that can function at the peak of its uniue intelligence is the potentialThe book will include a link to tutorials on OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation Osho had gone way beyond the orthodox religious teaching and shown an eccentric path to a

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Rajneesh born Chandra Silence the eBook ↠ Mohan Jain December – January and latter rebranded as Osho was leader of the Rajneesh movement During his lifetime he was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leader and mysticIn the s he traveled throughout India as a public speaker and was a vocal critic Learning to Kindle - of socialism Mahatma Gandhi and Hindu religious orthodoxy Rajneesh emphasized the.

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    Beautiful uick read and so lovely Some portions I kept for reference But those who arrive at the nothingness of meditation immediately become aware that they have arrived at the fullness of God too Nothingness of you is the fullness of God it is the other aspect You become nothing and suddenly a great plentitude descends in you you are overflowing with God By becoming nothing you become spacious you become a host to the great guestThere is a Buddhist mantra gate gate paragate—swaha “Gone gone absolutely gone; let it go to the fire” The past is gone the future has not come yet Why worry about it? When it comes we will see You will be there to encounter it so why worry about it? The gone is gone the not come has not come yet Only this moment is left pure intense with energy Live it If it is silence be grateful If it is blissful thank God trust it If you can trust it will grow If you distrust you have already poisoned itSo there will be times when you will not find any moment of peace silence meditation love blissfulness But do not lose hope Perhaps those moments are needed to crystallize you to make you strong Be grateful not only when things are going good but be grateful when everything is going wrong A man who can be grateful when everything is going wrong is really grateful; he knows the beauty of gratefulness For him things can go wrong forever but his gratefulness is such a transforming force it is going to change everythingThis is the whole training of meditation Soon the day comes when the mind is completely silent filled with great joy silence But remember it is not your doing If even for a single moment you think it is your doing it may disappear Always remember that you are the doing of existence All that is great is going to happen to you not by your effort but by your relaxed openness availabilityJust keep your doors openThe guest will come—i has never been otherwiseThe guest always comesAlways remain innocent as far as things beyond mind are concerned Always remain amateur never become an expert

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    Self consciousness is a disease self awareness is strengthMeditation is all about self awareness not Self consciousness Osho uotes numerous stories especially story of Russian philosopher Georgi Ivanovitch Gurdjieff Where he experiments to realising you are in dream this is the zenith where you become aware of yourselfThis is a nice book

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    It wasn't what I expected

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    Read it Thats it Words are not enough to cover what Osho says in 192 page long book

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    My fav uotes not a review Page 8 | when your mind is so focused on one thing everything else falls out of its focus and you are unaware of it It is not a state of awareness it is a state of narrowed consciousness—so narrowed that it becomes one pointed and the rest of existence falls out of it Page 8 | Science uses concentration as its method; philosophy uses contemplation as its method Page 9 | One would think that scientists would be very open minded That is not the case As far as their subject is concerned they are absolutely open minded They are ready to listen to anything contrary to their theory and with absolute fairness But except in that particular matter they are prejudiced bigoted than the ordinary Page 20 |Sitting and doing nothing—not with your body not with your mind In Japan this “just sitting” is called zazen; just sitting and doing nothing Page 28 |The gestalt has to be changed Ordinarily you look at the words you don’t look at the gaps You look at the “a” you look at the “rose” but you don’t look at the gap between the two Change your attention Page 29 |Just sitting silently start looking in the gaps Not with effort no need to strain Relaxed just easy—in a playful mood just as fun No need to be religious about it otherwise you become serious and once you become serious it is very difficult to move from words to no words It is very easy if you remain loose flowing nonserious playful —as if it is just a game Page 32 |On that path Buddha walked continuously For one hour he would meditate under the tree and then for one hour he would walk When his disciples asked “Why?” he would say “Because if I sit too much under the tree then sleepiness starts coming” The moment sleepiness starts coming one has to walk because otherwise you will slip into sleep and the whole mantra is lost The mantra is to create boredom the mantra is to create a fed up ness so that you can jump into the abyss If you move into sleep the abyss is missed All Buddhist meditations alternate Page 35 |When you do something immediately look for the motivation because if you miss the motivation the mind goes on befooling you and goes on saying that something else was the motivation Page 44 |anguish and the tension on the Western faces Although we are poor we are inwardly very content” That is utter nonsense; they are not contented I have been watching thousands of people—they are not contented But one thing is certain They are not aware of the discontent because to be aware of the discontent outer richness is needed Without outer richness nobody becomes aware of the inner discontent And there are enough proofs of it Page 66 |When 4 year olds can make sentences they will make sentences so joyously again and again When they can start asking uestions then they will ask about each and every thing They are not interested in your answers remember Watch a child when he asks a uestion; he is not interested in your answer so please don’t give him a long answer from the Encyclopedia Britannica The child is not interested in your answer; the child is simply enjoying that he can uestion Page 67 |This is how he goes on collecting; then he will start reading and words And in this society silence does not pay; words pay and the articulate you are the you will be paid What are your leaders? What are your politicians? What are your professors? What are your priests theologians philosophers? Condensed to one thing they are very articulate It is rarely taken note of that our whole society is dominated by verbally articulate people Page 69 |What is known in the world as charisma is simply a mind that knows how to relax and let energy collect so when it speaks it is poetry when it speaks it is gospel when it speaks it need not give any evidence or any logic—just its own energy is enough to influence people Page 70 |Then mind is a good servant of immense power in the hands of silence Then the being is the master and the master can use the mind whenever it is needed and can switch it off whenever it is not needed Page 73 |The East lives in myth; myth means a repetitive theme the essential is always there In the West myth is meaningless If you can prove that something is a myth it becomes meaningless You have to prove that it is history it has happened in time; you have to be exact Page 78 |Go in aloneness at least for three months and decide beforehand that whatsoever happens you are not going to listen to the mind Decide beforehand that you are ready to waste three months so there is no need to think again and again that you are wasting time You have decided that you are going to waste three Page 79 |Our ambitions our desires can only be fulfilled by the mind You can become president of a country prime minister not by being meditative but by cultivating a very cunning mind The whole education is geared by your parents by your society so that you can fulfill your desires your ambitions You want to become somebody Meditation can only make you a nobody Page 79 |He had a great sense of humor To me that is one of the most important ualities of a genuinely religious man Page 95 |If great music spreads in the world revolutions will disappear Page 98 |People who are working with their hands don’t need catharsis Page 106 Unless you are unloaded you cannot sit silently All these erotic sculptures are outside the temple on the walls outside; inside there are no nude statues But this was necessary for people to meditate and when they were clear that there was no desire—that on the contrary those statues had made their ordinary desire for sex subside—then they were capable of entering into the temple; otherwise they should not enter Page 115 Will always represses Will is the source of repression Wherever willpower is there will be repression Page 115 That’s what happens to people who cultivate things They can repress their anger but they will be creating only rage Anger is momentary rage is chronic Anger is nothing to be worried about—it comes and goes It is just a breeze Page 127 Imagination simply means that you visualize a certain thing but you put so much energy into it that it almost becomes real Page 145 One has to learn watchfulness and gratefulness Even when nothing is happening that you deep down want to happen still be grateful Perhaps it is not the right time for you perhaps it will not help your growth

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    I always heard about osho and about his greatness I read this book soon after completing JK the awakening of intelligence I was seriously looking to silence the mind and this book in a way gave some ideas and feel like continuation of what JK advocated Osho makes the thing very easy and explains very clearly There were many short incidents depicting some moral values and it kept the reader intriguing Surely a good book to read once

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    BlissfulFirst thing first Osho has cleared the differences between the words 'Dhyaan' and 'Meditation' Both are not same at allPeople have many wrong assumptions regarding 'Dhyaan' and 'Meditation' and for most of them it's sitting peacefully and doing nothing Even doing nothing is doing something and that is why doing nothing cannot take you to a meditating state everThe chapters are soft easy to understand and clears most of the doubts wrong beliefs leading to understanding how one can do meditation how one can do 'Dhyaan'You can do 'Dhyaan' even when you're eating food walking on the lawn exercising reading a book or whatever it may be It's important that when you're doing something you're fully involved with it and that's a simple way to level up in 'Dhyaan'Meditation is referred to focusing on something someone or someplace so it's different from 'Dhyaan' however it can be said that 'Meditation' is one of the earliest steps to 'Dhyaan'The book is must read because the author is very much popular as a spiritual guru because the author has written a lot of books related to the same subject because the author is able to convey his ideas in a delightful and understanding mannerIt's a good read Akshat Solanki

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    Osho had gone way beyond the orthodox religious teaching and shown an eccentric path to attain liberation of one's mind I am dubious with his theory which could be because i am constrained to my conventional Hindu religious teachingI could not part with the idea in which he explained that body and soul are psychosomatic in which the body and soul need to coexist to attain liberation This contradicts with the Hindu's teachings which states that the soul is immortal while the body is mortal He explained about an holistic approach between the unison of matter and spirit while i believe in duality where the body are the vessel which houses the soul and they exist symbiotically as a separate entitiesThe science of 'dhyana' or meditation is expressed rather contemporarily in this book This book does makes you ponder as Osho strikes with his revolutionary yet plausible arguments

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    This is my first time reading for Osho and i'm kind of shockedI don't uite understand how he is a worldwide spiritual teacherHow come a spiritual teacher is extremely generalizing? How come a spiritual teacher is bias to this religion and rejectothers?He underestimates human beings he discourages motivation and ambitions he is very much underestimating the power of a human beingI would not deny that i did like certain parts of this book but mostly it is very subjective EXTREMELY SUBJECTIVE

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    I really loved this book It was so different than I thought it would be but in a positive way If you are too biasedand most people who are actually biased say they are not but ok in any way may it be religion the country you live in your roots you most certainly won't get it right but as Osho says learn to experience life as a game I would definitely recommend the book and I can't wait to read all the restPS don't go by everything he says combine pieces you like with your own beliefs and voilà you are good at that life game 👋

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