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Milies social structures how they welcome outsiders into their midst remaining an observer privileged to share in their intimate life but not obliged and finally unwilling to tie herself closely to any lover friend or social group In Somerset Stella once again finds an opportunity to become part of the web of A sixty five year o

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At age sixty five retired anthropologist Stella Brentwood buys a cottage in Somerset England and slowly acuires neighbors a dog and a professional curiosity about the country village where she intends to settle and put down roots for the first time She has spent her life studying communities of people their fa I usually love Live The Pope and Mussolini cottage in Somerset England and slowly acuires neighbors a dog and a professional The Burn curiosity about the Diary of the Fall country village where she intends to settle and put down roots for the first time She has spent her life studying The Brides of Rollrock Island communities of people their fa I usually love Live

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Relationships that make for human society as well as a chance at true friendship and love How will independent minded Stella Lays reluctant to make an emotional commitment respond? Written in exuisitely nuanced prose Spiderweb is a captivating and deeply moving novel a brilliant vision of our modern experience I need to read of

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    Another winner from Penelope Lively Similar themes and features with other beloved novels from her Shifting time memories ourselves in the current time passing by our remembered self from decades agoIn one scene two friends are recalling the same incident It is moth eaten this fabric of the past But Stella's moth holes do not coincide with Judith's moth holes it would seem Of course not Unreliable witnesses all of us We select the evidence or something does

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    I usually love Lively's books but this one was a slight disappointmenthttpspiningforthewestcouk20180

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    Rating 35 Stella is a very real character living a very credible life I enjoyed watching this story unfold and wondering where it was going

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    Spiderweb is the very well done story of Stella a newly retired cultural anthropologist She buys a small cottage in a small village in Somerset England Stella shows the reason for studying small communities and kinships all over the world Possibly because she already knew she never had much talent for belonging What's it like for an educated successful woman who now owns her own cottage after renting and living in others' communities her whole adult life? Can she be part of a community? Will she partner with one of two friends who ask her to live with them? She is very comfortable with solitude but knows living with someone may be easier in the later years of her life It's not that you set yourself apart from the human raceyou walk alone It's what you preferWill Stella choose to work to belong to change and to adapt? Or will she continue in her life of non belonging? Spiderweb is a sweet little novel portraying an independent outlier upon her retirement her self reflection and the webs we all weave around who we are or are not

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    This is the first Penelope Lively book I read having bought it at a sale recently To me the book spoke personally Being an older woman myself as one who has retired from a lifelong much loved job a couple of years ago I was deeply moved by the fact that inspite of living in another country in a different culture the basic feelings emotions of women are so similar The physical changes the way one is perceived by other age groups the way we look at those younger to us our memories of our younger selves the cherishing of an independent life refusal to belong to any group inspite of encouragement and expectation the inherent and continuing curiosity about the world around us these are what I am taking away from this book

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    A sixty five year old retired social anthropologist buys a cottage in the West Country where she begins to put down some roots for the first time in her peripatetic life Ironically she singularly fails to read the runes and a horrifying act of cruelty arises In this novel Lively once contemplates the tricks that time plays on us all and wonders at how herself and her friend Nadine glad girls at Oxford became their older diminshed selves Lively I think deals very well with this material and it does not become sentimental in her exposition

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    I need to read of her work I almost put the book aside after the first seventy pages But just in time came shooting stars of thought provoking commentary on relationships and singleness on work and women and culture There are riches of vocabulary and English village sociology Plot well not so much

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    Penelope Lively creates worlds and characters that draw the reader into the most intimate circumstances The irony with this novel is that it is about community and belonging in a disjointed world but a world where the main protagonist like the reader is on the outside looking in I wish I knew the real ending

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    Retired anthropologist goes to live in the uantock hills in West Somerset An interesting study in part of village life but also of her past experiences in exotic places Her personal life and that of her best friend are also examined which are fascinating examples of the time They seamlessly weave together

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    Perfect novels all of them Just perfect This is one of my favorite book covers of all time

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