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    There is an abundance of knowledge available to us; there are libraries websites mentors and lessons learned the hard way There are goals to reach mountains to climb lives to change and new roads to travel We have dreams we have passions and we have must dos can dos and should dos All of us have within us the power to make great strides for a better world for ourselves our families and the generations to follow These achievements take personal and professional forms sometimes a combination of both and can create massive success and happiness; or we dismiss them say they are too hard or let the next guy take care of them The truth is that to realize our potential we need to believe in our missions and in ourselves Casey Naiduk Are you a Go Getter? Are you someone who wants the best in life? Are you prepared to work hard to make it happen? Need some inspiration to help you get there?If you've answered Yes to any of these uestions you might like to read The Go Getter a short motivational parable with big applicationsThe Go Getter an important and famous work was written by Peter Bernard Kyne and first published in 1921 The story centres around disabled World War I veteran Bill Peck a worker who must overcome many obstacles in order to build a successful life for himself At every turn he is thwarted by life's circumstances and must rely on his own tenacity and wits to see him throughPeck's left forearm has been amputated half way to the elbow and he walks with a slight limp; the result of a broken leg that was a long time mending and now it's shorter than it really ought to be Peck also developed pneumonia with influenza and TB indications were also found after that He spent over a year in hospital recovering But was he blue or discouraged? Oh I got off easy I have my head left and my right arm I can think and I can write and even if one of my wheels is flat I can hike longer and faster after an order than most Peck approaches an old lumber yard company founder Cappy Ricks and asks for a job Cappy gives him one and Peck proves to be a huge asset securing a number of lumber orders for the company He soon earns the opportunity to be considered for broader horizons and Cappy wanting to ensure that Peck is ready to take on greater responsibility decides to put him through the Degree of the Blue Vase or the Blue Vase Test This is the test of the Go GetterPeck is assigned the task of purchasing a particular blue vase from a certain market place Cappy mentions he needs to gift it to a lady of acuaintance for her wedding anniversary and that getting that particular vase is of paramount importance Cappy is to board a train at 8 pm and it is vital that Peck deliver the vase to him at the train station before he departs The enterprising Peck then promptly asks for a description of the blue vase to get clarity on his task What sort of blue it is how tall is it and what is approximately its greatest diameter? Does it set on a base or does it not? Is it a solid blue or is it figured?” Capper informs Peck that it is an old Dutch blue with some Oriental flowers and birds on itThe search for the blue vase begins with Peck having 5 hours to secure it He hunts everywhere for the vase and finally after hours of tiresome walking he sees it sitting in a shop window of a store called B Cohen's Art Shop But the store is closed Peck immediately obtains a phone directory from a hotel and proceeds to call every Cohen in the book “In despair he changed a dollar into five cent pieces sought a telephone booth and commenced calling up all the B Cohens in San Francisco Of the nineteen four did not answer three were temporarily disconnected six replied in yiddish five were not the B Cohen he sought and one swore he was Irish and that his name was spelled Cohan and pronounced with an accent on both syllables” It was now six o'clock Time was running out Suddenly Peck had an inspiration Was the store name spelled Cohen Cohan Cohn or Coen? Peck makes his way back to the store to take another look at the sign It reads B Cohns Art Shop Cohn without the e Furious with himself Peck heads back to the hotel obtains the phone directory and calls all B Cohns This time he is successful and he manages to track down the owner However the owner is at a dinner and has no desire to come back to open the store for Peck He suggests instead that Peck contact his head salesman a Mr Herman Joost Peck gets hold of Joost but Joost can't meet Peek until nine o'clock one hour after the train leaves with CappyWithout going into the remainder of this short story I can definitely say that The Go Getter offers timeless advice about meeting goals learning from experience asking the right uestions and tackling tough projects with unflagging zeal Through fictionalizations that cut to the core of these issues this book offers everyone the inspiration to tap resources and overcome roadblocks on the way to successThe Go Getter is a valuable source of motivation for those committed to success and looking for the inspiration to take them to the next level It stands out as a wonderful example of how a short fictional tale can teach the lessons of life in a simple to the point story Without becoming too simplistic in its approach this book still has much to offer today's Go Getters

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    For anyone who doesn't wish to buy the audiobook you can download this off librivoxorg volunteers who make public domain versions of audiobooks of books that have since passed into the public domain or the full text off Google booksThis was a very nice short story about tireless persistence and ingenuity with the primary character being a disabled veteran of WWI contrasted with other lazy workers the bosses knew who consistently beats the almost impossible odds stacked against him and always seems to have some backup planReally wish I could say as I definitely enjoyed it Despite being first published in 1921 almost seemed to have a strange intuition as if it could have been written after WWII as they have that uote attributed to Patton of how you should tell someone what needs to be done but not insulting their intelligence by telling them how to do it Maybe the borderline spoiler is that if a task seems odd and great it's possible you're being groomed or simply tested for bigger and better possibilities

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    A very short parable you can read it during your lunch hour on how a young unemployed veteran is handed the opportunity to take his career to the top if he succeeds or go down in flames and ruin his career if he fails The book runs along the lines of the Who Moved My Cheese approach though it was written in the 20's of using a short story to explain a few very basic though powerful principles This book really sums up the guiding principle of consulting Even if you aren't sure you can do it tell yourself that you can figure out how to pull it off and execute and don't give up And above allalways go above and beyond what's expected even if it's very painful to do so A great little short story though somewhat unrealistic I don't know of any human being that would go to all of the trouble of the main character that reminds us of what we can accomplish when our backs are against the wall and we never give up The motto of the go getter It shall be done

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    I added this book when Chris Hogen on EntreLeadership Podcast was doing their Must Read segment early 2014 The premise is about doing what ever is needed to reach your goalsThis hour long audiobook is entertaining but is difficult at first as it is written with very old school language This took a minute to get over and eventually made the story very pleasant The nextbiggest problem I have with the story line is that it challenges the character's morality Not to give away anything but the character if not stopped would have made some immoral and illegal decisions to reach his goal and the protagonist of the story would have been good with that As much as I want to be a Go Getter and have Go Getters in my organization immoral and illegal methods are not welcomeI enjoy Mr Ramsey's podcast and I understand that he preaches Go Getter mentality and I agree that the intention of this book is purely good I just worry that the message new leaders will take away is do what is needed whether moral or immoral; whether legal or illegalThat major concern brought my rating from a 4 star to a 2 star

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    I'm use to my mind wandering or falling asleep after 15 30min2hours later the book is doneThe Story Kept me engaged and wanting to hear what was next Bill Peck Values something that I feel has been watered down and lost its value over the years His Word One man at a time we can Build Strength into Our Word so the Phrase My Word Is My Bond and the Value it Brings can Mean something once Starting with Me I Commit to Myself I Give My WORD to Myself to Become a Go Getter For Myself For The Next Generations #Commit2Urself

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    This is a wonderful short about the story of a go getter Peck a war veteran demonstrates the ualities of a go getter What you have here is a war veteran with an amputated leg and hand Yet with singular focus and determination he manages to get his job done Many people might read this and think this is just silly but I believe it's a matter of perspective You can read it and each person will learn something based on his own flawsThis book written in 1920 taught me a few things The motto It shall be done sir Discipline Go above and beyond what is asked Persistence Never refuse Take every opportunity Never say It can't be done

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    Short book can easily be read in one sitting but powerfully inspirational Get this book on your shelf and read it often

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    Nice novelette that will motivate those in sales or seeking achievement

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    One hour read or less Every young person needs to read this

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    My workplace gave all employees a copy of The Go Getter and encouraged us to read the book and to come up with our own Blue Vase There was also apparently a short story by PG Wodehouse of the same name and so to avoid confusion I found a couple of places that referenced this book by Kyne as Winning the Blue Vase Other versions add the original? subtitle A Story that Tells You how to Be OneThe book is a very short read only about 70 pages and our edition came with an afterword of another 15 pages of commentary The story is a parablefable like tale It tells the story of war veteran William Bill Peck and his efforts to get a job at a Logging Lumber Company The company is owned by Cappy Ricks but Cappy has delegated out normal management roles to two vice presidents The book was written and is set in the time immediately following World War One The book begins with Cappy berating his acting upper management team for their poor choices and their inability to find worthwhile employees Shortly after that Peck arrives on the scene asking Cappy for a job However he does than just ask for a job He comes to Cappy without an appointment and basically tells Cappy that Peck is the man for whatever job Cappy wants to throw at him There are other details as well Peck had already talked with the other vice presidents and been turned down he had a great working knowledge of Cappy's business etc but the short of it is that Cappy is very intrigued by Peck and gives him a chance However at the same time he makes the job as difficult as possible by giving Peck what is considered as I understood it the worst sales assignment in the companyI don't want to go through the whole plot with you it's a short bookand it seems to be in the public domain if you want to read it online for free But I will say what you've already guessed from the title of the bookPeck continues to impress Cappy and goes on to impress the other vice presidents At which point Cappy gives him the test of the blue vase The test is a simple personal task that Cappy asks Peck to do namely to go and purchase a blue vase from a shop window and bring it to Cappy However Cappy throws all sorts of obstacles in the way to test Peck's ingenuity and resolveThe story is a cute little tale and it does include a number of uippy little comments that can be used as motivational blurbs The afterward in my edition expounds on the concepts of the book in case you failed to make the leap from the fiction of the story to the moral and practical lesson it's trying to teach The actual lesson being taught is actually fairly simple and straightforward on paper It basically involves setting your eye on the prize and doing whatever it takes to get there In addition it's the idea that you should go above and beyond just the status uothat you should attempt to exceed expectations not simply meet them or worse fail to meet them When given an assignment you should give it your all and do the best you can without excuses When you see an opportunity you should leap at the chance to stretch and grow even if it's outside your comfort zone or expertiseBottom line as I take it you should not settle you should not coast Life should always consist of your best effort your best talent your best energy There will always be obstacles sometimes than others Bill Peck's motto as taught him by his general in the war was it shall be done Even if he'd never done it before or if nobody had ever done it before he always went into a task that he could and would finish the task and no matter the obstacles he continued trying to find a way to complete the task even when others may have given up He continued after the blue vase even when everything was against him and his allotted time was up And eventually he succeededThis is a fun little read and I can see the reason that employers might want their employees to read it It's definitely a simple read with a simple message but it's a worthwhile message3 out of 5 stars