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Exploring the Hebrew Bible Midrash and other rabbinic writings the Rabbi Timoner uncovers surprising insights about how God as spirit influences Jewish ideas of creation Breath of Epubrevelat

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Breath of Life

Ion and redemption Written with an accessible and engaging voice full of stories and relevant teachings Breath of Life speaks to lay readers and scholars alike as it pursues a new perspective

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On Judaism’s sacred texts This book promises Christian readers meaningful insights on their own notions of God as Holy Spirit while giving Jewish readers a new look at their own tradition

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    As a somewhat disgruntled wounded charismatic and committed evangelical I am always searching for an intelligible depiction of life in the Sp

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    I've been reading and writing on the Holy Spirit for years But in all this time I've never read anything that was specifically Jewish This book by Rabbi Rachel Timoner is a refreshing addition to the many books t

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    This is a brilliant and elouent synthesis of the most sublime principles and aspirations articulated by Jewish teachings Its remarkable concision belies the breadth of its expansive themes An angel must hover over each and