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Eleanor is the new girl in town and with her chaotic family life her mismatched clothes and unruly red hair she couldn't stick out if she triedPark is the boy at the back of the bus Should I break out in song and dance to Baa Baa Black Sheep One lonely star I m just as surprised as you are considering I just KNEW going into Eleanor Park that I would love it love it love it What reason would I have to believe otherwise Almost all of my friends loved this book and have sworn fealty to the Goddess of Feels and Might Rainbow Rowell And I get it because she is a pretty awesome person and I think she is totally lovely So trust me when I say I REALLY wanted to love this book In fact I am blindsided that I didn t saddened that I can t join the Eleanor Park Kool Kidz Fan Club and disappointed at such a disjointed reading experienceRandom Reasons Why I Didn t Like This Book1 The Romance My main issue stems from the romance between Eleanor and Park I just didn t get it Though that s not for lack of trying because I had many arguments with Adult Me and Teen Me in my brain Teen Me remembers the infatuation of meeting someone exciting and experiencing all those special moments for the first time However with Eleanor and Park it was entirely unrealistic and unbelievablePark went from God Just sit the fuck down Eleanor to God she has incredibly soft hands Eleanor went from That stupid Asian kid to He s so pretty I love his hair I want to eat his faceThe next thing I know Park is telling Eleanor that he s in love with her how he can t imagine being without her that she s IT for him Then Eleanor is telling him she doesn t breathe when she s away from him Adult Me was not on board because the romance moved entirely too swiftly for my feelings to catch up with the events that were taking place No I take that back Swiftly would indicated that there was some sort of actual pacing involved but that was absent One day they disliked each other and the next they were holding hands and proclaiming their love I remember listening to that part while I was out on a morning run and I had to stop and rewind because I legitimately thought I missed an entire chapter But then I realized that I hadn t and I argued with myself Adult Me twitchTeen Me Yeah but remember when you thought you were in love with that guy and how you were going to marry himAdult Me YesTeen Me So obviously they re not going to be together forever and ever and gallop into the sunset but you can t discount those feelings Adult Me gumbles I KNOW THAT But I also never wanted to eat a guy s faceTeen Me Please don t tell me I grow up without a heart Adult Me 2 The Historical Background Eleanor Park takes place in Omaha 1986 where there s racial tension Park is half white and half Korean He spends most of his time trying not to be noticed by other kids at school and struggling with his own insecurities over his mixed heritage Yet oddly throughout the entire novel Park doesn t encounter any racism Apart from a few brief monologuing sessions about his classmates thinking he was Chinese Eleanor s off hand stupid Asian kid remarks and Park s own dislike for in his opinion looking too feminine there wasn t anything that felt accurate Park s character had so much potential that was not utilized I was hoping for something from his development regarding how he viewed himself and his mother Perhaps a certain level of acceptance or resolve would have been appropriate There were also two black girls who befriend Eleanor but even they don t seem to face any racism in this predominately white neighborhood It was like Rowell deliberately tip toed around them and instead threw in a reference to the community being offended by a black boy getting a white girl pregnant Strangely the only one who seemed to get picked on was Eleanor I do think it s awesome that this novel had diversity something that is sorely missing in YA but I wasn t buying what Rowell was selling At the same time Rowell never let you forget that this book was set in the 80s since Eleanor Park is overloaded with pop culture references on almost every other page I admit to chuckling to the 867 5309 reference Still we also never forgot Park was Asian with Eleanor constantly referencing it in her narration to the point that I started feeling uncomfortable 3 The Narration I wasn t a huge fan of the back and forth narrative and found that it annoyed me than anything This is where I wonder if my rating is an indication of how I felt about the audio vs the actual story I disliked both of the narrator s voices The parts of Eleanor s dialogue that was snarky wasn t portrayed with the right kind of emotion Park s narration was slightly better but the narrator Sunil Malhotra bored me to tears with his monotone reading and unbelievable voice for Eleanor 4 The StoryI ll be honest and admit that it s possible that I didn t get this book It may have just gone way over my head Why Rowell tried to cram a lot of story and situations into one little book and it didn t work for me Before going into Eleanor Park I was told that the ending was heartbreaking but I didn t feel that at all Rowell relies on Eleanor s grim family life to spark sympathies from readers and I can see how this works and why it s marketed to John Green fans However the ending relies on your connection to their romance to feel the heartbreak The problem with that was by the end I wanted to know what became of Eleanor s mom and siblings but the focus was instead on her feelings for Park and letting him go Eleanor spent a good amount of the story in this terrible environment feeling these feelings and when I genuinely wanted to know her feelings about everything all I get is a freaking post card and the book ends Since the romance was doing absolutely nothing for me I needed for the plot to come in and rescue this book It did not I m not saying this was a terrible book Not by a long shot It s clear that this story has touched a lot of people and I wouldn t go as far to not recommend it but I also think this is a bit overhyped I went in with really high expectations thinking I was going to be blown into next week by the awesome Instead I m walking away with feelings brewing a special pot of meh Even still I m holding out hope for FangirlMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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Stack of mix tapes Eleanor and Park fall for each other They fall in love the way you do the first time when you're young and you feel as if you have nothing and everything to lose READ THIS UOTE MY ROMANTIC HEARTED FOOLSREAD IT AND LET YOUR HEART GO PITTER PAT I don t like you Park she said sounding for a second like she actually meant it I her voice nearly disappeared think I live for youHe closed his eyes and pressed his head back into his pillowI don t think I even breathe when we re not together she whispered Which means when I see you on Monday morning it s been like sixty hours since I ve taken a breath That s probably why I m so crabby and why I snap at you All I do when we re apart is think about you and all I do when we re together is panic Because every second feels so important And because I m so out of control I can t help myself I m not even mine any I m yours and what if you decide that you don t want me How could you want me like I want youHe was uiet He wanted everything she d just said to be the last thing he heard He wanted to fall asleep with I want you in his ears The setting 1986I was five years old but I do remember random tidbits of the eightiesmemories mostly accompanied by a cringe But not here This story was perfection I think I liked it even better than Fangirl simply because it was dramatic and poignant Eleanor and Park the people stole my breathThe initial story starts out with Eleanor the new girl in school getting on the bus for the first time and having no place to sit Everyone is staring no one helps her out including Park Finally Park caves in and scoots over so that she can sit down but he does it grudgingly almost angry with the stupid redheaded girl in the frumpy man clothes who made such a spectacle of herself Over the next weeks these two go from pointedly ignoring each other to a reluctant yet silent cameraderie bonding on the bus over Park s comic books and eventually music Once their silence is broken the floodgates sort of open and they become fascinated with one anotherThe dual point of view here uite literally MADE THIS STORY Being in Park s head as well as Eleanor s was paramount to my enjoyment Park has a romantic soul made evident by the way he thinks of his Eleanor the way he goes from train wreck curiosity to utter fascination and adoration with the awkward girl with so many secretshe stole my heart Eleanor was right She never looked nice She looked like art and art wasn t supposed to look nice it was supposed to make you feel something These characters are uniueso new and fresh the word has been reinvented Eleanor comes from a broken homeuite literally her home is broken Her parents both not so great to begin with are divorced Her mom remarried a man who loves to drink and loves to bullyand bully he does but he does so much Eleanor s back story is one to make me feel like the world s best mom uite simply because I could never allow what happened to her to happen to my daughters And yeahher mom ALLOWS this bastard to treat Eleanor like trash allows her daughter to be left alone and scared without the support and love that a parent owes their children Park on the other hand has a wonderful home life His Dad met his Mom in Korea married her and brought her home They still kiss and hold each other like they haven t seen each other in months They are simply adorable and no matter how Park rolls his eyes the reader can tell that his parent s love for each other gives Park a wonderful sense of security that he absolutely takes for grantedas kids really should be able toIt takes awhile for Park to realize what kind of life Eleanor is leading My girlfriend is sad and uiet and keeps me up all night worrying about her It seemed to me that this high school love story is one of the few that I can actually see continuing on through the years and becoming The bond between Eleanor and Park is already so deep so strong Nothing will keep them apart They are young but they are realistic They are also made for each other and though Eleanor seems to be skeptical I know that deep down she wants this to be a forever kind of thing than any other wish in the world aside from her tragic circumstances against all of the odds she just wants Park Nothing was dirty With ParkNothing could be shamefulBecause Park was the sun and that was the only way Eleanor could think to explain it This goes down as one of my favorite books of 2013 and Park goes onto my favorite heroes shelf Because he is the best kind of herothe one who saves his girl against all odds who fights against the world because of his devotion I loved this story with all my heart It was just beautiful Recommended read for everyone

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Black T shirts headphones head in a book he thinks he's made himself invisible But not to Eleanor never to EleanorSlowly steadily through late night conversations and an ever growing I ve often said that nobody should write for teens who doesn t remember what it was like to be one Rainbow Rowell remembers and has captured it beautifully in this book

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    Should I break out in song and dance to Baa Baa Black Sheep One lonely star I'm just as surprised as you are considering I j

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    Edit 519 It's been 6 years since I read this book and it has not aged well This just shows how much we really needed not only diverse books but #ownvoices authors too “I don't like you Park she said sounding for a second like she actually meant it I her voice nearly disappeared think I live for youHe closed his eyes and pressed his head back into his pillowI don't think I even breathe when we're not together she whispered I'm

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    CLICK HERE for a Booktube Video aboutTen Fabulous Book Reviews and One That Will Make You Go doesn't that belong to Miranda ReadsNow that you know this one made the list check the video review to see the rest and find the stolen surprise The Written Review I want everyone to meet you You're my favorite person of all time Replace person with book and you know how I feel This book just swept me off my feetWe have Eleanor Big Red t

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    If you've experienced that first love that heart wringing soul sueezing crush the air out of your lungs whenever you're apart first love this book will bitch slap your feels all to hell I love it I love its warmth and its vibrancy its hearta

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    I've often said that nobody should write for teens who doesn't remember what it was like to be one Rainbow Rowel

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    You can find the full review and about this book on my blog “Eleanor was right She never looked niceShe looked like art an

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    I should have read Eleanor Park during winter when it’s freezing outsideBecause it completely warmed my heart and it’s so hot already I thought my heart would burst into flames inside my chestBelieve me or not but I always thought I was immune to the usual young adult romanticism in books You know hand holding shy s

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    I fully admit that I'm a sucky book reviewer This book for me was so personal that this review is just for me Eleanor is just that girl The weird one that people pick on Who knows exactly why She doesn't stand up for herself she doesn't fight back I was that girl This is me my 10th grade year If this book had been around then I would have completely worn the pages out As it is I feel like highlighting and just re reading the thing until it

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    READ THIS UOTE MY ROMANTIC HEARTED FOOLSREAD IT AND LET YOUR HEART GO PITTER PAT```````````````` ““I don't like you Park she said sounding for a second like she actually meant it I her voice nearly disappeared think I live for youHe closed his eyes and pressed his head back into his pillowI don't think I even breathe when we're not togeth

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    This review originally appeared on Clear Eyes Full ShelvesReviewer's Note added 252016 Please be aware that I have turned off all notifications for this review and do not check or respond to comments It's not that I don't like y'all; it's just that I'd rather spend my time talking about books that I actually ya know lik