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A a mas de 14 idiomas Una de las obras mas leidas en historia de Honduras acercas de la explotacion I have to say than

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Prisión Verde

La mas famosa drama novela de Ramón Amaya Amador publicada por primera vez en 1950ha sido traducid Escrita en esas es Believing In Faeries publicada Buddho por The Burning Boys primera vez en 1950ha sido traducid Escrita en esas es

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De las bananeras hondureñas por las compañias transnacionales fruteras y el abuso del suelo patr Un libro ue todos Breeds of Men por las compañias transnacionales fruteras y el abuso del suelo Lost Innocence patr Un libro ue todos

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    Escrita en esas esas páginas se encuentra la realidad ue vivimos día a día como país y como sociedad Aún no llega el día ue nos liberemos del yugo de la corrupción la injusticia y el miedo pero llegará Mi inocente opinión considera ue este libro debería formar parte del conocimiento compartido a todos y todas dentro del sistema educativo hondureño

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    Este libro me rompe el corazón cada vez ue recuerdo sus palabras Lastimosamente mi país en un país herido desde mucho tiempo atrás por sus políticos corruptos por su hijos desleales ue no valoramos las maravillas ue hay en él y despreciamos por por no ser tan desarrollado como otros Este libro hace ue profundice en mi y haga lo mejor posible para mejorar para dar la Mejor versión de mi cada día y tal vez no cambiar al país pero al menos si transformar esa mentalidad tan mediocre ue muchos hoy tenemos

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    Creo ue le debía a la vida leer Prisión Verde ¿Triunfarán algún día los campeños? Su propia voz contestará en las luchas del futuro¿Hemos triunfando? No nuestra memoria histórica es efímera solo se llega a almacenar en la memoria a corto plazo uitemos las compañías bananeras pero pongamos mineras y call centers ¿ué obtenemos? Las mismas prisiones pero de distintos coloresSiempre ue pueda recomendaré a Ramón Amaya Amador Me uedo con la siguiente frase del personaje Maximo LujánEn política necesitamos algo distinto al caudillismo tradicional al compadrazgoal paternalismo de los 'gorgueras' Necesitamos ue los anhelos de las masas trabajadoras se plasmen en un ideal político y este ideal es un verdadero partido de trabajadores partido revolucionario de verdad Ya no debemos de creer en los hombres ídolos de sus promesas está llena nuestra historia política

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    Simplemente deja en evidencia la manera descarada en la cual el Imperio norteamericano fue tomando posesión de todo sin importar la miseria en la cual nos dejaron sumergidos

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    Banana novel Prision Verde Green Prison summaryhttpborninhondurascom201101banMy daughter has read this in Spanish and says it is worth reading I have not found an English or French translation so far so have not read it myself

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    I have to say thanks to my weird teacher for telling us to read this It was so good i don't have words to describe this book

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    I loved this book Such a great story

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    Read this one at the insistence and constant recommendation of my dad and I have to thank him This book is a vicious and grim realistic portrayal of the totalitarian and imperialistic oppression both the dictatorship that plagued Honduras at the time and the cancer like insidiousness of the American banana companies It was a heartbreaking and painful yet interesting experience to learn through the eyes of Martin Samayoa Professor Damian Cherara and Maximo Lujan along with those of so many oppressed and abused characters some of the history of my dad's native country The book is slow to grip so bc it is a thunderstorm of testosterone in the beginning but as the author keeps toiling through his story as do the plantation workers in the “bananales” the story folds you in and you start feeling the tragedies and injustices was your own The author employs some interesting shifts in tone and style and after a while you know what's coming when you see those changes The collouial and unrestricted and unconventional writing style added a personal and authentic tone to the story making easier to digest instead of sounding like a cold outsider looking at the disgrace with a clinical look I have to say I really liked that even if it feels clumsy and unpolished at a few points But this isn't a clean story I especially like the ironic sarcastic tone directed at the gringo bosses and there's a part in specific where the origins of one of the “patronos” is discussed that lashes out at the hypocrisy of racist white American Christians and the cruelty displayed by them At that moment along with many other thereafter I understood why this book was banned for so long sadly stifling it when it deserves so much To me right on par with Cien años de soledad or othersCharacters wise I absolutely loved Maximo Lujan and although I knew his fate beforehand it didn't make it any less painful to read bc he was the first person who inspired the hope to change to demand justice in a people who were slowly forgetting they were human beings not beasts of burden One of my favorite moments was when he brought then the joy of reading the joy of escapism through books that made them feel a little less alone in a world that was so far from them and that they thought had long forgotten about them There are some truly beautiful idyllic descriptions of the plantations and the Honduran landscape that contrast with the descriptions of constant illness and death brought by the insecticides and malaria The themes touched on this book are still so incredibly relevant now in 2020 and in so many places around then world It is most definitely a must read and I'm so glad for having read it Will now recommend this book any chance I get it is that good and poignantPs This book did make hate bananas tho Society has progressed beyond the need of bananas

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    Un libro ue todos los hondureños deberíamos de leer Ahora cuando paso por las campos bananeros o los campos de la palma africana reflexiono en como las grandes compañías se apoderaron de nuestras tierras y en muchas maneras explotaron a Honduras Es sorprendentemente relevante hasta el día de hoy

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    el mejor libro muy realista