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  • Paperback
  • 280
  • Flight of the Piasa
  • Raymond Scott Edge
  • English
  • 06 January 2019
  • 9780979473708

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    SOME SPOILERS “Flight of the Piasa” by Dr Raymond Scott Edge ISBN 978 0 9794737 0 8; Redoubt Books weaves together two stories The first deals with Daniel French a graduate student in archaeology We meet him as he tries to hold together his first class under the watchful eye of stern professor Eldredge Daniel does a fair job but is frustrated by the professor’s criticism He and his girlfriend Donna spend some time wandering the cliffs near Alton IL where Daniel was raised to take his mind off his educational woes The see the Piasa the pre Columbian Native American dragon painted on the cliff face He theorizes it may be of Chinese origin a theory his professor rebuffs While they explore a cave they find a skeleton and an ancient coin with Chinese markings on it He shows the coin to a Chinese friend and fellow student for his opinion Coincidentally another Chinese graduate student gives Daniel a manuscript translated from a 500 year old text that was itself translated from an even older text The text makes up the bulk of the book It is an epistolary biography of Sun Kai childhood friend and general or less for Lord Chin we in the real world call him Zheng of in or in Shi Huang the first emperor of the in Chin Dynasty that ruled from 220 210 BCE Sun helps ChinZhengin conuer the last province not under his control to unify the country that still bears his Chin'sname Sun rules a city in a far province and falls in love with Snow Pine a slave taken as a child from a nomadic people who we later learn may be the descendants of an ancient Greek era people A very famous ancient Greek era people They still use Greek fire; they still sing of Zeus they are now called the Praxans Meanwhile if such a term is appropriate Daniel’s relationship with Donna fades and he falls for Laura a fellow archaeology graduate student and expert on these certain ancient Greek era people Don’t take that to be snarky Daniel and Laura’s meeting and their affection is canny and realistic The Praxans nearly conuer Sun’s troops and his land but Sun finds the encampment of the Praxan women and children in a fun and well written bit of espionage Sun is later commanded by the emperor to sail the seas to find the home of the Praxan gods who will bestow upon the now mad emperor the secret of immortality Sun agrees if only so he can escape his and Snow Pine’s certain death at the hands of Zheng and his Legalist toadies They sail to India and Africa and eventually end up in the Americas where the explorers are killed Sun being the only survivor or so he believes While he recuperates in a cave he writes the manuscript that we and Daniel now read Sun’s search for Snow Pine's killers takes him along the coast and upstream of a great river Eventually he finds a large village and discovers that Snow Pine may be alive He waits in a cave above the river side village to find his love When he is nearly discovered he creates the ruse of a demonic bird to scare away the curious He even paints a huge portrait of the winged creature on the cliff face The rest will reveal the ending Daniel and Laura take this manuscript to their professor for his thoughts He is skeptical The book does not seem to end on a cliff hanger but the preview of his next book reveals that the stories of the characters from both eras will continue END OF SPOILERS What a fun book well researched and a uick cliff hanging read We care about Sun so than Daniel I think I also think that is intentional Daniel is our host in introducing Sun and Snow Pine's world; a world excellently realized The author wrote two continuing both stories I look forward to them both

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    An interesting book and an easy read If you read this follow up by reading Witches of Cahokia by the same author If you read Witches you should read Piasa as well Next time you get to St Louis MO plan a day trip to the Cahokia Mounds and a drive north from there to Pere Maruette Park the Piasa has been re touched many times over the years but still flies on that bluff overlooking the Mississippi River The Mississippian culture is fascinating

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The Piasa PuzzleDaniel looked up at the wall clock Well that brings us to the end of our time but I should tell you that the last sighting of the Piasa Bird was April 1948 Guy named Coleman while riding on horseback about four miles from Alton claimed to have sighted a bird bigger than an airplane The students were now standing packing their bags adjusting their coats readying themselves to leaveOh by the w

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Ay be careful out there Daniel laughed And remember to look up now and then you never know when Daniel French a graduate student of archaeology sets out for a romantic picnic under a mysterious local cliff painting known as the Piasa Bird he unwittingly finds himself involved in an ancient tale filled with passion sacrifice love and loss The Piasa is a famous petroglyph overlooking the Mississippi River nea

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R Alton Illinois First described by French explorers Maruette and Joliet in 1673 and later called America's most fascinating free roadside attraction the origin of the Piasa is shrouded in legend and obscured by time with no known date of creation name of creator or purpose As Daniel French seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the ancient work of art he learns that there is to the Piasa than meets the e