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E is not the same girl She is broken and the only way that she’ll be whole again is through forgiveness Emma must find a way to forgive herself and recognize 45starsThere are moments in life you ll never forget Moments that brand your heart Moments that shatter your soul Moments that are infinite New emotions are created in these momentsTime stops in these momentsWe lose ourselves in these momentsWe all shared this moment at the end of Reason to Breathe Our happily ever after was ripped away only to be replaced by emotions we didn t even know existed Emotions created by a moment that caused us to stop breathing A fearless ending that shocked the world After that we grieved We grieved for the unknownThat grief however was replaced by anger After being physically assaulted by emotions and a cliffhanger heard round the world Rebecca Donovan turned right around and emotionally raped us with Barely Breathing However we insanely and greedily kept coming back for I also wanted to judo chop her right in the f faginarepeatedlyRegardless we just wanted In Out Of Breath Rebecca Donovan gives us At first I was selfishly disappointed I wanted instant resolution I wanted to open the book and fall right into Emma and Evan It s been so long too long I didn t want to know the new characters I didn t want to know Cole This is Emma and Evan s story dammit Give me what I wantRebecca Donovan changed what I wantedWithout me even being aware of it she gave me something I didn t even know I wanted Instead of constantly looking ahead for my resolution She made it okay for me to be in the present I stopped looking for something else and found something new being able to focus on the now Enjoying the now Enjoying Cole Give yourself some time you ll get there You ll be completely happy in the present and realize that this detour is just part of the journey I listen to silence And youyou have a lot to say I knew it was only matter of time before Evan and Emma s worlds collided again and once it did I was lost Lost in a way that you know exactly where you are but searching to find that place the place Resolution Closure What I found so amazingly powerful was the alternating POVs It was done in such a uniue way I was surprise by its fluency It was uniue and flawless We experience the same moment in alternating POVs at the same time WAITwhat Yes the chapters weren t split into alternating POVs but the story happened while instantaneously allowing the reader to see the moment from both Emma and Evan s eyes You d think that would cause some serious reader whiplash but Rebecca Donovan s writing talent knows no limits Emma and Evan have the exact same moment at the exact same time okay maybe not exactly at the same time that would just be cray cray but you get the picture This uniue element brought the story aliveI was hoping for a little out of the epilogue but maybe I m just being greedy Maybe I just wasn t ready to let go Maybe I just wanted None of which are bad things Either way I was hoping to see just a little bit of their future Rebecca Donovan tore my world apart two years ago but the best part was letting her put it back together again and in this momentI am wholeREAD ONMore reviews a at


Out of Breath Breathing #3

Emma leaves Weslyn Breath Breathing ePUB #9734 and everyone in it behind to attend Stanford University just as she always intended A shell of her former self sh SERIOUSLY I am so freakin angry hurt disappointed annoyed irritated upset name it and I m that with this book This book uite frankly was horrible The 3 Stars I m giving this book are ONLY FOR ALL THE GUY CHARACTERS especially COLE and also for how the POVs were written It was brilliant hot one pov lead to the other AMAZINGI mean after such brilliant first two books of the series Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing we get such a shitty third novel Out of Breath Its pretty darn disappointing because you just bloody expect A LOT after RoB and BB and after waiting since months THIS BOOK HAD NOTHING It was dragged and stuck at the same time The story wasn t moving It had no plot Wtv they were keeping from each other was so fucking stupid I wanted to hit someone I am just to angry and irritated at the moment because this book was so bad AND OMFG what the hell was with the ending I was like are you fucking kidding me One of the worst endings I ve read I hope we freakin get a novella or something after that shitty ending YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY ITS HURTING ME TO WRITE AND POST THIS REVIEW

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Her own worth before she can receive the love she deserves This final installment will have readers holding their breath Out of Kindle until the very last pag Minor Spoilers mature content reader discretion is advised3 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult RomanceI don t even know what to write I have a love hate relationship with this book I love Evan Cole and Jared I disliked Emma and hated her actions It was rare that she was in a scene and I enjoyed reading it enough to be content Nope her character kept me in an emotionally edgy state at all times In fact I spent most of the book like thisUtterly Frustrated Now don t get me wrong I don t mind being pissed off by a character However to be in a consistent somebody please put ME in a padded cell state of mind due to her actionsNot coolUnfortunately compared to books 1 and 2 in this series Out of Breath just fell short For me Personally It just It just completely failed to captivate me or move me in the same way its predecessors did But hey that s my opinion One I rested and actually thought on before rating and typing this review up to post At the end of Barely Breathing Emma makes the decision to leave Evan behind by taking off across the country to attend Stanford alone Book 3 Out of Breath picks up two years later with Emma still struggling to move on from her choice Sadly Emma is pretty much a shell of her former self She is alive going day to day without truly living She is still in close contact with her best friend Sara And she also has roommates who by the way help boost some scenes with their wit and colorful personalities Tragedy strikes and Emma and Evan cross paths What Evan finds is not the girl he once knew She was still breathtakingly beautiful Except for the vacancy in her eyes EvanIf you thought reading through the abuse Emma suffered was badWell reading while she lives in thisthis constant state of depression was just as badBoth Sara and Evan fight to free Emma from the firm grip she holds on to death and uite frankly it is very sadOut of Breath will leave some fans mad others sadly disappointed few satisfied and most just a plain old wreck Like mepoints thumb at chest On a side note Readers do get a bonus in Out of Breath Evan s pov which I thought was nice My Casting My Thoughts First things first though I need to know if Cole will be getting his own book seriously I fell hard for his character and I would love to see him happy Yes happy in a nice stand alone book with over 300 pages of romance Just though I would throw that out in to the universe Second I knew it I freaking knew it in my gut that Emma and Evan would spend a good deal of the book separated What shocked me was Emma s recklessness at life with her life and about life in general Shit does that even make sense what I just said Whatever like I said this book wrecked me Third I did not need 300 pages of sad depressingly drunk and might I add suicidal Emma They really should stuck her ass in rehab for alcoholism and depression Not sure how partying the summer away was suppose to help her out No Rehab that chick was in need of some serious therapy and self meditation or whatever the hell it is they do in rehab Fourth the epilogue Are you effing kidding me That s all we get WHAT THE FRICK Overall I decided to go with 3 stars because I felt caught in the middle on how to rate it And even though I loved Cole s character I felt that he and Emma had romance scenes then her and Evan Or maybe they just had sexShrugs I guess I just would have loved of her and Evan together as a coupleMy RatingsCharacters Most are lovableWriting Style FairPlotStoryline Infuriatingly frustrating intense and darkSteam Factor MediumModerately steamyOverall Failed to hit the sweet spot Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to

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    SERIOUSLY I am so freakin' angry hurt disappointed annoyed irritated upset name it and I'm that with this book This book uite frankly was horrible The 3 Stars I'm giving this book are ONLY FOR ALL THE GUY CHARACTERS especially COLE and also for how the POVs were written It was brilliant hot one pov lead to the other AMAZINGI mean after such brilliant first two books of the series; Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing we get such a shit

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    9th May 2012I want this NOW Seriously It's not fair I want to throw a tantrum like my 3yr old does when he doesn't get what he wants 9th September 2012What Still no release date or blurb Ohhh hellllll no 17th September 2012 We have a cover but

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    35 starsI am devastatingly disappointed with this book since I had such high expectations the first two books ‘Reason to Breathe' and ‘Barely Breathing’ were brilliantly written and both of them left us with huge cliffy’s and what makes this even worse is that we had to wait such a long time for this book

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    You just know that I will be the one sitting at the computer screen repeatedly clicking refresh in the hopes that there will

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    45starsThere are moments in life you'll never forget Moments that brand your heart Moments that shatter your sou

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    And the winner of the biggest book disappointment of the year goes toOut of Breath by Rebecca DonovanAnd to think this was probably my most anticipated book release of 2013Yeahinstead here I am I feel like this book also suffered from the series syndrome The author made us wait a year for the final installment

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    Minor Spoilers mature content reader discretion is advised3 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult RomanceI don’t even know what

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    4 Still Breathing Stars It’s been two years since Emma left Weslyn and went to Stanford for school Two years since she

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    Disappointed 3 Stars for the writing not the story lineIt feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this final installment of Rebecca Donovan’s Breathing Series Like all fans I wanted Emma and Evan to have their hea The minute this book was released – the husband and kids were put on strict “do not disturb” war

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    25 stars Warning rant with some minor spoilers What the hell was that Seriously Can somebody tell me how that was supposed to make be feel because I'm pretty sure that it wasn't supposed to make me frustrated annoyed bored

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