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E one thing she truly seeks someone to love her for herself Tristan McCullough hoped to find a wife on the wagon train not a nanny The hardworking widower wants a marriage without emotional risks But independent Rachel intrigues him One minute she's w This was a sweet book but I didn't like it as well as the

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Wagon Train Proposal

For the Sake of His Children A marriage of convenience? Rachel Hewitt couldn't possibly accept Not even for the sake of three adorable little girls who desperately want a new mother Sheriff Tristan McCullough offers Rachel a home and family but not th Because I liked the middle book in this series so much thi

Free download Wagon Train Proposal

Inning over his shy little girls and the next she's tackling danger head on She might just be Tristan's unexpected second chance at happinessif he'll risk his wary heart again Journey West Romance and adventure await three siblings on the Oregon Trail I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It is the 3rd book

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    Wagon Train Proposal is book #3 in series Journey West by Renee RyanTristan McCullough came to the wagon train to meet Emma who is the sister of Rachel their brother lives in the town and knows this man He wants to meet her and wed so she can take care of his three little motherless girls He soon knows this will never happen as he can see that Emma has eyes and a heart for another on the train alsoAs the train moves along and through many hardships Rachel soon begins to have feelings for this strong man whom she can see loves his girls by the way he talks about them Tristan wants a marriage without emotional entanglement or risk so he begins to think Rachel who seems so caring of the young children on the train would make a good wife and mother By the end of the wagon train journey nothing has been settled because Rachel knows she wants a marriage with love even though she is tempted to marry the man so she can be the mother of his little girlsAll through this series we have seen their has been a thief on the train taking many things and by journeys end we see hope that he or she might be found out Renee has done a good job of keeping us thinking on who it might become find out in this last book of the series

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    This is the third and final book Journey West series The members of the wagon train after much traveling finally reach their destination Clara or Clarence as she was known during the trip as she disguised that she was a woman and also her pregnancy gives birth shortly after reaching their destination All of Rachel's siblings have found love along the trail except for herHer 3 siblings have a triple wedding and that's when Clara goes into labor Tristan McCullough had hoped to find a nanny for his 3 young daughters ages 24 and 6 Sadly his wife died during childbirth Rachel agrees to be a nanny to his 3 youngsters He wants a marriage in name only as he guards his heart from love He refuses to have another wife die during childbirthA secret is revealed to Rachel during the story that leaves her reeling and he helps her through this They help each other heal and find love together and the girls love her as well and are so happy to have a mother again

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    Because I liked the middle book in this series so much this one was a little bit of a let down While Rachel and Tristan's romance makes sense the fact that Rachel is so disturbed by her family's secret when she falls immediately in love with Tristan's three little girls seemed like a bit of a stretch Also I would have liked to have seen of the siblings we got to know so well in the last two books Part of what I always appreciated about Lori Wick's novels is that when she shifts focus from one romance to the next she gives us some moments with the couples we already know I wanted a bit of this to make the novel feel complete

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    This was my favorite in the Journey West trilogy

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    This was a sweet book but I didn't like it as well as the other two in the series There were also uite a few errors that should have been edited better

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    A wonderful ending to a wonderful Wagon TrainOregon Trail trilogy We finally get the finale of a few story threads through the trilogy such as Clarence Pressman the Tucker brothers the stolen bank money and Grayson Hewitt Its also lovely to witness the double wedding of Ben and Abby as well as Emma and Nathan Rachel and Tristan each have their own set of challenges Tristan lost his wife in childbirth a few years earlier and is so devastated in his grief that he believes he can never love again and never marry a woman who expects them to have a complete marriage He's seeking a wife only as a mother to his three young daughters Rachel doesn't know what to do with herself Her siblings are all married leaving her feel unneeded Tristan needs a Nanny and she volunteers Then a twist What was supposed to be a gift from her siblings ends up causing her incredible shock and emotional pain leading her to feel betrayed by her family Both Tristan and Rachel need healing The result is a very lovely and endearing romance

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It is the 3rd book of the Journey West series Rachel Hewitt is the youngest of the Hewitt siblings She is full of life dedication and love for her family and those around her Sheriff Tristan McCullough is looking for a wife who will care for his 3 girls Through different events Rachel and Tristan from a friendship Rachel is yearning for the kind of love her siblings found Tristan is afraid to give his heart to another after losing his wife It is a wonderful story filled with forgiveness love friendship overcoming loss and the characters learning who they are I definitely recommend this series You will fall in love with the Hewitt family and those around them

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    Book three of the Journey West series Renee Ryan did a great job rounding out the story told by Linda Ford and Lacy Williams in book one and twoRachel learns things about her life that make her uestion if anyone can love her Since her brother and sister are engaged and they find a surprise when they meet up with Grayson in Oregon City Rachel finds herself at lose ends She agrees to care for Sheriff Tristan's daughters but she refuses to marry him with only a marriage of convenience Having lost his first wife to childbirth Tristan has vowed to never put another woman through that A marriage of convenience is all he's willing to offer Rachel or any other woman willing to become a mother to his daughters Great story and I enjoyed the whole series

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    I really enjoyed this book I received it as a freebie when I went to Book Expo America I've never read an inspirational category book before and decided to try this one It was a nice change from some of the other types of romances I've read before It wasn't too heavy on the Christian theme but it was certainly a departure for me I enjoyed the characters thought the story was well paced and a nice change of pace from my typical reading It was also a uick read which was exactly what I needed

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    What a great read Rachel Hewitt is a force to be reckoned with as Sheriff Tristan McCullough finds out as he assists the wagon train that's headed for Oregon City His whole reason for being here was to find a mother for his daughters not to be discouraged by Rachel the sister of the women he was hopping to marry By the end of the trail the Sheriff is much open to Rachel being that women but with conditions Will Tristan let love prevail or keep holding onto the past?

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