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African American literature art and music exploded with creativity in the Harlem section of New York during the 1920s Artists and thinkers like poet Langston Hughes activist and writer W E B Du Bois Sudden Response (EMS, in the Harlem section of New York during the 1920s Artists and thinkers like poet Langston Hughes activist and writer W E B Du Bois

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Harlem Renaissance

And painter Aaron Douglas began to explore their African roots In this book learn how African Americans created their own rich cultural history and identity in the ever changing United StatesAbout th

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E AuthorRichard Worth is the author of several history books and biographies His works with Enslow Publishers Inc include Massacre at Virginia Tech Disaster Survival and Jack Kerouac The Road is Life

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    This book written simply to address a young audience does a good job of introducing the history of the Harlem Renaissance to someone unfamiliar with the term It isn't exciting by any means but does provide a good overview of the main players and major events of the time period The historic photos are a big plus and the book includes a bibliography and timeline at the end for interested readersAs an adult already familiar with the time period I found the book offers tantalizing hints about various topics that inspire me to want to find out For example I hadn't known that Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston had tried to collaborate on a book together but had a falling out Why? This book doesn't really say but it might be an interesting thing to find out about This book covers a lot of people important during the Harlem Renaissance About half I had heard of before and half I had never heard of beforeFor example I'd heard of Langston Hughes WEB Du Bois Martin Luther King Zora Neale Hurston Booker T Washington Countee Cullen Bill Bojangles Robinson Duke Ellington Louis Armstrong Thomas Fats Waller Madame CJ Walker Josephine Baker Alice Walker Paul Robeson Eugene O'Neill Herbert Hoover Franklin D Roosevelt Cab Calloway Billie Holiday Ella Fitzgerald Miles Davis Toni Morrison Ralph Ellison and Richard WrightOn the other hand I'd never before heard of James Reese Europe Adam Clayton Powell Sr Noble Sissle Philip Payton James Weldon Johnson Paul Laurence Dunbar Charles W Chesnutt Jessie Redmon Fauset Alain LeRoy Locke Claude McKay Walter Francis White Jean Toomer Nella Larsen Charles S Johnson Wallace Thurman Carl Van Vechten Ethel Waters Bessie Smith A'Lelia Walker Adelaide Hall Florence Mills Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller Aaron Douglas Richard Bruce Nugent Palmer Hayden Augusta Savage James VanDerZee Charlotte van der Veer uick Mason Arna Bontemps and Alberta HunterIn conclusion the book is rather dull but is useful as a nonfiction reference

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